Hart of Dixie Review: Anything's Possible

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Following the nostalgia of Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 20, love was still in the air this week.

When drunk Earl was discovered to be sober, Zoe took him on to help him find love. Just as Annabeth was about to have it all, Lemon's life was set ablaze, ruining the perfect moment. 

On Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 21, Lavon tries to booze up a city worker in order to get Bluebell's name more recognition. 

Zoe's Help

First off, in case you missed the amazing news, Hart of Dixie was renewed for a fourth season! That is right, Hart of Dixie Season 4 is happening! Congratulations to both cast and crew of Dixie for their continued success. Also, congratulations to the fans who continued to support Dixie! It's going to be another great season!

Moving on to the episode...

I have to admit, I was very under whelmed with this installment. For an hour that was meant to lead us into the season finale, it seemed too slow. There were very few things that held my interest. 

Usually, I really love Magnolia. I love her sass and the trouble she brings for Brick - but in this episode, she was just unbearable. Not only did she act like a 12-year old, she was mean to Rose. After all of this time, Magnolia is still a stuck up mean girl. I figured they'd ship her off to school and she'd find some kindness. 

That said, I guess Magnolia Breelend wouldn't be herself if she were to be kind. However, Rose is the greatest. After Magnolia bullied her a bit, she still managed to be on her side. What a lovely gal! 

Another thing I wasn't into was Lavon and George's storyline. I could really care less about Lavon and his ridiculous ploys to get Bluebell noticed. Really, though, why does George keep getting sucked into this? Better question: who keeps voting for Lavon?

To top off the nonsense, Davis was going to propose to AB! Seriously? Doesn't it seem a little fast for an engagement? I understanding "knowing when you know," but this proposal seemed a bit rushed. We haven't really had time to process their relationship or fall in love with it yet. Too much, too soon.

Elsewhere, Earl was in love and it was adorable. The one thing that I have loved about Zoe was that she's always believed in Earl when no one else did. She helped fix him up both cleanliness and health. She boosted his spirits and helped him stay sober! 

I'm Earl Kinsella and I have a lot to offer!

You sure do, Earl. You sure do. 

The best part about Earl and his story was that it brought Wade and Zoe back together. For the first time in a very long time, we got a glimpse at how great they are for each other and how well they work. This was the best part for me. 

At this point back in Hart of Dixie Season 2, I never thought that I'd like "Zade" back together - but it's been so long and they've both grown so much, I feel they're ready to be together again. Wade isn't the same guy from Season 2 and Zoe has evolved as well.

Overall, this episode was so-so for me. Most of it was a miss but a couple parts were a hit. One of the most enjoyable moments was seeing Lemon tell off her grandma. It felt so fulfilling to me to see her squirm.

Last week, we were shown a possible rekindling between Zoe/Wade and Lemon/George but we didn't get any of the latter and that disappointed me. The past few episode we've been building for George and Lemon, it didn't feel right to leave it completely out of the picture.

With Wade's depature on the horizon, will Zade come back together again? Or will we the roles be switched and he's gone while Zoe stays in Bluebell over the summer? Even if they don't get back together anything's possible, we still have all of Hart of Dixie Season 4 to look forward to! 

Do you think that Wade will move away?


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hope season 3 ending with lavon and lemon and wade and zoe
hope AB stay with Davis lemon belong with lavon and tansy come back for george and Ruby for lavon I hope that lavon will marry lemon are Ruby in season 4 and not AB lemon and lavon still love each-other you can see that in epo 17 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm very excited that HOD is coming back for season 4...but am disappointed it won't be back for a full season.. Mid-season...really???!? I'm hoping that season 4 is so good, that CW will want to bring it back for a full season 5


What if Lemon went to open the new branch of the Rammer Jammer for Wade? Now that her restaurant will be closed for repairs....maybe George could actually do something for a change and oversee that.


Quick Point: For Lemon who is obsessed about perfection, safety etc etc. The place does not have any fire extinguishers nearby? Bzzz unlikely :)


good comments...LZ, I agree about George...I am glad that George/Zoe angle is dead, but do wish they would give George more dimension. I'm also posting some thoughts I shared on a different site because I think they are relevant and hope they are "heard." ; ) I hope that the show rises to the occasion for their 4th season: I agree that this was a tough season for Hart of Dixie, but things have vastly improved with Joel, Vivian and some of the other distracting characters out of the way. HOD has pulled it together the last few weeks and gotten back to their bread and butter--Zoe & Wade. My hope for the finale is that Zoe's "I love you" is not some kind of tease without substance, as it's high time that these two characters got on with their relationship. Let the viewers see their relationship progress together! My hope for the 4th season is to see both these characters and their relationship develop in a way that is satisfying and fun---rather than what viewers have had to put up with this entire season which has been full of sideways energy, shallow relationships, and unbelievable/unlikable characters. I hope that the writers and producers will honor the main characters enough to give them wings....a chance to develop in a fuller way WHILE maintaining the light humor and sweet southern charm. I hope they realize that it doesn't have to be one or the other, that it can be BOTH. This season I feel like they've erred too far on the side of too many corny subplots and novel characters. I was delighted to see CW give this show a 4th season and hope the writers and producers will listen to viewers and get this show back on track. It has a great premise, a super cast, and so much potential!


I consider Hart of Dixie to be my guilty pleasure. The writing can be cheesy and the acting a little questionable but it more than replaced The secret life of the American teenager when it went off the air. That being said I'm honestly surprised it managed to get a 4th season when there are a lot more deserving shows out there. I'm not trying to hate on the show as I am a fan I'm just expressing my surprise. While you can't really compare a show like this too say something like Community which was just cancelled, it really makes you wonder what audiences want. (yes I know the networks and age groups are different but still) I also wanted to comment on George's character. When the writers decided to take him out of competition for Zoe's affections they know longer had an original/main character to pair him up with. His stories became the 3 subplot for any episode, these plots are usually more of the throw away zany adventures. Pairing him back up with Lemon will take him out of his current social siberia and make him a fixture of the main cast again. Less side stories with Lavon and more leading man material (Wade style).


The Earl/Wade/Zoe segments of this episode were wonderful and what I've been waiting all season to see. The rest of the episode seemed to be edited for people who have short attention spans. The pacing was frenetic. I think one storyline could have been omitted to bring a more leisurely pace to the remaining ones. The coming attraction was as good as the episode.

@ Jill

Omg I thought it was just me. Why did it take the end of the season to get rid of "no chemistry with Zoe" Joel? Zoe and Earl are great together but when you put in Wade the entire dynamics of the entire show becomes the thing that drew me in in the first place. Joel was such a bore that I was about to remove the show from Tivo season pass. This was by far the best show of the season. Can't wait for next week. If they don't get Zoe and Wade back together the show will not make it through season 4.

@ Diane

I think Zoe needed Joel to get over what Wade did to her. I liked Joel as a person and although he and Zoe didn't have much spark, I do think that he healed her in a way because it's apparent that Zoe no longer harbors hatred for Wade because of what he did. I think Joel and Zoe were a little bit too drawn out, maybe by a couple episodes, but she needed him. :)

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Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 21 Quotes

I'm feeling things I've never felt before and this time it's not gas


That's the thing Zoe, you and me, we don't do things together