Hawaii Five-0 Review: A Hero's Mission

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Titled "Makani 'Olu A Holo Malie," Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 Episode 21 was a tense, heart-wrenching hour. 

It started with a routine traffic accident and possible mugging, which turned into an investigation of a  stolen transplant organ and an attempted murder.

But then a call from an old friend in Afghanistan took Catherine and Steve rushing across the globe to save a young boy abducted by the Taliban.

Hawaii Five-0 likes to be a show that has a little fun on the side in the midst of some very heavy and tragic cases, but it feels just a bit more true to life when you see two of the Five-0 heroes swept up into fighting Taliban terrorists on their own turf - all the way from the beaches of Hawaii to the deserted rural outback of Afghanistan. 

Could those worlds be further apart? 

When a friend from Catherine's past called needing her help to rescue his son who had been kidnapped, she did not hesitate; nor did Steve who joined her on this off-the-books rescue mission to save a young boy. 

As much as we applaud that noble and fearless gesture, it came with a steep price: Steve was captured and nearly killed. Worse yet, he was forced to return home without Catherine, leaving her alone to complete her mission to find the young boy in extremely hostile territory.

It is always fun watching the Five-0 unit quickly and efficiently solve their own crimes. The stolen transplant organ was quickly recovered and just in time to save the life of a plaintiff's attorney suing a major chemical manufacturer in a class action. 

It was a nice win back at home.

But the real story was what was going on with Catherine and Steve and the missing boy. Catherine and Steve should never have gone on their own into Afghanistan, a hostile country where their were vastly outnumbered.

But Catherine and Steve thought they could make a quick, sneak attack and save the boy.  It was a strong plan, just lacking in back-up when they were out-manned and out-gunned. Catherine did rescue over a dozen kidnapped children; just not the boy she was searching for -- the son of the man who saved her life two years earlier when she had been shot and separated from her unit. 

It was to repay Catherine for an act of kindness she had made years before in preventing his son from running into a minefield after a soccer ball --  a soccer ball which she got a U.S. military tank to retrieve from the minefield. 

For that one simple act of kindness was a debt the father repaid by saving her life when she was injured.  So when the father called begging for Catherine's help when his son was taken, she did not hesitate and was on the first flight out. 

But Afghanistan is not a country for one person or even two people to try to plan a rescue mission on their own.  Catherine did save a dozen children, but Steve was caught and nearly executed. 

Fortunately, Catherine finally did something really smart. She called Danny, who very quickly got the military involved and an immediate rescue mission was made getting to Steve just in the nick of time was he was about to lose his head (literally) while being videotaped for the whole world to see. 

But not before sustaining a vicious beating, which was distinctly unpleasant to watch.  Torture scenes are always unpleasant, and seeing it reenacted even on a TV screen just turns one's stomach. 

So it was hard to feel like cheering when the military came in and rescued Steve, killing all the terrorists holding him.  It was not really a cheering moment.  Steve had been brutally and savagely beaten.  In fact, he was taken away in a stretcher barely conscious. Seeing his rescue was simply a time to quietly let the air out of our lungs and breathe again. 

Even Danny, once he saw how badly Steve was injured and brutalized, looked shaken and yet grateful that they had reached Steve just in time.

That moment was a strong reminder that it takes a team to hunt down criminals, and that that team will care deeply if one of its members is hurt or killed. 

Catherine on H50

Perhaps that bond of friendship and near familial love is taken for granted back at home. But on the battlefield, risking one's life takes on a more immediate meaning. The stakes feel somehow higher.

Which is exactly why Steve was so distraught and terrified to hear that Catherine was still out there on her own. Under military guard, he and Danny were not able to stay behind or even to slip away to search for her. 

It was then a great relief when she finally came out of hiding to call Steve and let him know she was okay. 

But the pained expression on both Steve and Catherine's faces was a stark reminder that she was still in great jeopardy -- and Steve would have done anything to be with her in that moment so that she was not alone. 

Alone behind enemy lines and searching for a stolen boy, who may have been taken over the border into even more hostile territory.  So when Steve tells her:  "I love you, you know" and she replies: "I love you too," it is a piercing reminder that she is a world away -- a million miles away.  He cannot just go rushing to her aid again, as much as he wants to. 

Those tears in both their eyes were the tears were felt in our eyes watching them.  Their declarations of love were just as much a goodbye as they were going to get.  Catherine alone, across the border, attempting to rescue a boy stolen by terrorists.

It's a suicide mission at best -- and they both knew it.

Perhaps fate will deal them a kinder hand and miraculously Catherine will make it back safely.  But this is the real world (for them anyway) and the odds are against it. It is a cruel nod to how this episode opened, the entire Five-0 team at the poker tables, throwing their money in the pot with such ease and carefree laughter. 

But you cannot gamble in the real world and expect to win.  If fate is kind one day, it may not be the next -- and they had already tested fate by rescuing the boys and the miraculous rescue of Steve from the Taliban compound. 

It will be a roll of the dice to see if Catherine can rescue Amir's son and get out with her life, and those odds are not good betting odds.

So our hearts were torn at the end of this episode.  Children had been saved. Steve had been rescued.  A transplant patient received his stolen liver.  But Catherine was still far from home and searching for a stolen boy. 

This round at the poker tables had been favorable for some, but not all.  In this next gaming round, Catherine's hand may not be so favorable and we just hope and pray that she is dealt a winning hand again.


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I love the character of Catherine Rollins.She is a great addition to the show and to the team. She is Mac Garrett's squeeze. They are a nice and cute couple.They reach out each other and they care about each other. It won't be the same without her. I think I won't see the show any more. Andrea


I really hope to see Michelle Borth and Catherine Rollins back on season 5.


Another character leaves the show due to a bunch of haters who can't stand anyone coming between their beloved McDanno. The intolerance of some fans is unbelievable and the fact that Lenkov listens to these fans is even more unbelievable. I can't understand fans who campaign for a character to leave a show purely because they have no interest in them. I'm sick of how female actresses are treated on this show and I've really no interest in watching anymore. Just want to say that the acting was amazing from both Alex and Michelle and their characters were always great together.


I hope that the writers in the new season will follow up Steve issue with the CIA for withholding information about the INTErl and the source (Catherine) I mean I bet the CIA wont give up just that easily and wont pursue Steve in some way regarding this. It can be a good drama and plot to follow up in the new season and not leave the story unfinished as some times it has been done in past seasons with other stories, they do not continue or follow up. This new twist could be interesting to follow up and see how Steve will handle and defend himself regarding this situation and who will back him up and who wil not.


The directors and producers need to get there act together or O'loughlin want get to see his final season 7 because the show will die of very very soon get your heads out of your butts and listen to whats said


I was torn on this episode I thought it was acted brilliantly but I thought the story had a lot of holes. I mean when the taliban intercepted Steven and Catherine and she rescued the children they were standing right there and yet the Taliban doesnt go and round them up again that would not have happened. They would not have just taken steve and left without looking around for those kids because they were important to them. They just rode into a Taliban infested area just the two of them on horseback just like that ...so unrealistic. My husband was special forces army and a lot of the stuff on this episode was just crazy unrealistic. I realize that TV shows have to stretch the truth a little bit to make it entertaining but for me this episode was totally ridiculous plot wise. And the biggest thing I have a problem with is that Steve and Catherine characters were dating what on and off for five years and they've never said I love you until that moment? I really wanted to love this episode I was so looking forward to it but it just fell flat for me but the acting was superb!!!!! And it's still my favorite show!!!! :0)


Im gald Catherien is gone. She never really had that chemistry with Steve or even with the team, Steve care for her sure and protect her but LOVE her? I never seen a public display of affection between those 2 like a loving couple. She was just a filler when Kono was gone and made her part of the team to fill that void was the biggest mistake the writers did, as her character started to fall from there and the tiems she was on she really was like a supportive role or just to make up and fill a scene. In this her last episode when she told Steve she had to go after the boy I did not see her any love emotions towars that I mean I felt her dry, she sure said i love you to Steve but her eyes and expression was like she did not feel anything by leaving Steve, on the contrary Steve was in pain sad and anguished leaving Catherine out there alone and who know what could happen to her in the danger field. Peter said she was going to leave as a hero. Hello. What hero? A hero must had been she sacrificing herself for Steve or dying saving the boys life, which ultimately that was the whole purpose of the mission to rescuethe boy, that is a hero, not saying to Steve im going after the boy and rescue him and I dont know when I be back so sayonara Steve !!, cause as Steve told her or mention her, that could be acquire by sending the military in the search too and back her up it be much easier to find the boy but she wanted to go alone acting like this Super woman where she can handle anything and like I dont need help thing. That was dumb! I hope she wont return and find another man she can fall in love to in the process and dump Steve hehe!!

@ Good

I guess you are one of these cat/Michelle haters she been good this show I just hope she has not be replaced by alex o'loughlins troll


I think this whole attitude of “people are jealous of new female characters” is ridiculous. It actually seems like people really like to explore the personal lives of these characters. Steve, in particular, has had the longest relationship of anyone on the show. As Steve’s girlfriend, Catherine was interesting and allowed for some good character arcs with him. But once they put her on the team they basically ended their personal relationship, the 2 of them barely spoke! And they didn’t really give her anything interesting to do that the other team members couldn't do. The show has brought in a lot of supporting characters who are really fun and interesting, but there are also other characters that you can tell they try to force in, with no clear direction. Catherine was a casualty of that.

@ Alex

I agree a full 100pc michelle has been made a scape goat her and steves character was awesome together maybe 1 person thourght it was to real and had something to say

@ Alex

That is not a fault of the character/actors. That is the fault of the writers. They have NO idea how to incorporate new characters into the mix. They make them feel awkward and outside the group. Kurtzman/Orci clan have huge problems with multiple characters and interactions of their storylines. Virtual every project, they have done is a reflection of this including their movies. Go see the Amazing Spiderman 2, the character interaction is awkward and understated. Either they will give you too much or give you too little. However, the actors do give a lot to what they are given. I will say they have the luck of getting really good actors. Which is why it is so disappointing when they are not given good material or their story-lines obliterated for no reason other than bad character development.

@ Alex

I totally agree. When catherine showed up here or there it was fun and light and I enjoyed the interaction between her and Steve's characters. Five mins here and there. And then they made her a series regular the chemistry died snd she didn't fit in anywhere really and it just didn't work. Her character just started to fall flat. And the chemistry between Steve and Catherine's character disappeared


I like Hawaii Five O but their propensity to avoid change is going to back them into a corner for cancellation. However, this is nothing new for the Orci/Kurtzman clan. They do this to every show they have. They lack inconsistency, they are FULL of plot-holes and they decimate the development of their characters. Honestly, how hard is it to incorporate another female into a police team? The Closer had about seven major characters, NO problem. To be frank, the Bad Robot team is getting on my nerves. The only thing they are good for is live action. I am not speaking on just Five O, the list is endless. Fringe, Lost, Alias, Almost Human, etc, etc. They will destroy Sleepy Hollow next. I am getting to the point that if I see their name . I don't want to see it. I won't even talk about their ABSOLUTE need to send their people on searches for the Holy Grail with clues or puzzle boxes along the way. I wish they would just STOP that. This is not Pirates of the Caribbean. There BIGGEST problem is that they are to spread thin. They have multiple movies franchises, numerous TV show projects. Even the Whedon clan doesn't have this much work to do and expect quality screen time. The next person to go will be be the Captain and then eventually the show like all their other shows. Six seasons is the max for this group, don't get attached.

@ Aykme

Bad Robot is responsible for Person of Interest and that show rocks!


This episode was so intense to watch I hardy could watch the torture scene's. I really don't understand why it is always Steve who have to say good bye to a loved one this time it was Catherine after a relationship for many years they finally said the magic words I love you to each other a bit to late for me because we all know Catherine is not coming back and It will not surprise me when we get to hear they found her body in a episode next season. It seems to me when you are a lead character on a crime show you never will get a happy ending. Something that is really pissing me off. I am gonna miss Catherine and wish Michelle the best of luck in the future. The writers finally made up their minds Hawaii Five-O has become now a testosterone heavy show no woman is allowed to come between Steve/Danny. Not something I am looking forward to Steve and Danny are best friends nothing more wish some fans would understand that. Alex acting was outstanding the entire episode he pulled out an emotional, believable and heart wrenching performance in this episode wish we got to see more of this side of Steve. great job Alex!! kudo's to Michelle to.

@ Lena

Always Steve that has to say goodby to a loved one!!! Chin doesn't count.

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