James Scott Leaves Days of Our Lives

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James Scott has ended his eight-year run on Days of Our Lives.

The actor and NBC both confirmed yesterday that Scott is exiting the series on which he's starred as EJ DiMera.

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"We are saddened but supportive of James Scott’s decision to leave... to take some personal time and pursue new projects," NBC said in a statement. "His contribution to the show has been tremendous and we wish him the best always."

Soap Opera Digest broke this casting news and wrote that Scott taped his final scenes on Friday. They will air throughout the fall.

Via his own statement, the actor extended “a heartfelt thank you to NBC, Sony and Corday [Productions], particularly Ken Corday… for graciously supporting me in my decision…. To the unbelievably loving fans, I can’t begin to express my gratitude for your love and support."

In January, Alison Sweeney announced her own departure from Days of Our Lives.

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I am really saddened to hear that EJ is leaving the show. I love him so much and I agree that it would be nice to see him and Sammy with the kids ride off into the sunset. We love you very much James, May God bless you in your endeavors and prayfully we will see you again. You will be sorely missed. All my Love.


So thrilled and happy for both James Scott & Alison Sweeney!! They have been a tremendous force on Days of Our Lives together and in Daytime period. These two, their characters of EJ & Sami, and the Supercouple that they are brought Daytime into a whole different era and showed that they are on a different level and in another league of their very own! These two are just remarkable together and have been the only Daytime Soap Supercouple to take over the #1 spot and the thrown of being the new greatest Supercouple ever in the Daytime Soap genera replacing Luke & Laura. There had not been any two actors and a couple great and superb enough to take over the thrown, until EJ & Sami/James & Alison! They are incredibly talented and superstars in the Daytime Soap world and its time for them to move on and forward to much bigger and better things! They are so incredible, so charismatic, and super talented with chemistry together that is just off the charts amazing and on fire, that they could even have their own prime-time spin-off show together! And you don't get two actors, characters, and a couple that is just that amazing and great to have and say that about...but these two are and are tremendously wonderful together and so exciting and entertaining to watch! So, they are very much ready for prime-time, a spin-off show of their very own together about the two of them, their excitingly and mysterious devious and scheming ways and their mafia family, their businesses, their extremely romantic, hott, sexy, passionate, strong and fierce romance and marriage together, and them raising their children and future heirs of the DiMera empire! It would be one great and exiting show starring the two of them and their children. But can't wait to see their future projects! They need to branch out from Daytime soaps, they're way too big and just super talented right now to go to another soap, I know Alison won't...and he doesn't need to either. They're amazing actors and really make you pay attention to them and what they're doing, so they definitely need to branch out into much bigger and better projects like primetime shows and films! I will definitely not be watching the show any longer without Alison & James, they were my entire reason for watching DAYS in the first place, and without them there's no need for me to continue, they ARE the show! And I wish them both all the best of luck in their future projects, whatever they may be, and will be there watching it, supporting them, and cheering them on every step of the way! Love James Scott & Alison Sweeney! Love their characters and their Supercouple love, story, and romance as EJAMI!!! So excited and happy for James & Alison and for EJAMI and can not wait to see more of what's to come for their characters together until they leave, and for James & Alison in the future away from Days of Our Lives! They terrific and are so ready for primetime and the movies! Can't wait to see them in things in the future! Will miss them deeply on DAYS but I'm also so very thankful to have had them and their great acting and chemistry together for all these years, and being the Supercouple of the show and the new era and generation! And wishing them nothing but the best and the greatest of luck in their very bright futures!


I hate to see him go but I hope this means that Sami, EJ and their kids can head off into the sunset together. Fans deserve to get that happy ending.


Hopefully this means EJ and Sami can both together and have a happy ending

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