Person of Interest Season 3 Report Card: Grade It!

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The world of Person of Interest is only looking to get bigger.

The new chapter to the series may have had a slow build at its outset... but the addition of Root and Shaw to the team, Carter’s death, the further rise of Vigilance and Decima and the looming threat from the new machine Samaritan provided the story and its characters with plenty of intense action-packed moments, some great drama and those clever last minute twists.

It’s time to rundown the latest TV Fanatic Report Card to see how Person of Interest Season 3 fared...

Reese Returns

Best episode: Person of Interest Season 3 Episode 10 took the aftermath of Carter's death to another level. This hour provided fantastic flashbacks for the core characters, while reflecting on the dramatic turn of events. There was a raw intensity to Reese we hadn’t really seen before, and the team seemed to have fallen apart. This was a great mid-way point for the season (written by series creator Jonathan Nolan) and ended not only with Simmons arrested, but a killer twist with Elias finishing him off.

Worst episode: The 911 operator themed Person of Interest Season 3 Episode 15 was unfortunately a bland and uninteresting hour for the series. This definitely felt like filler material that lacked the energetic spark we so often get to see, and even the mysterious caller just wasn’t engrossing or menacing. Guess you can’t win them all.

Best character: While I’m a big Reese fan (and frankly, the quality of writing has made all the characters worthy contenders), I’m going to give best character to Shaw. She came in pretty much as a female Reese, but over the course of the season has grown from the unemotional, uber-violence based killer. She’s got heart, showed extreme care and loyalty from the original hired gun she was. She’s got her own great one-liners and action scenes, and Shaw’s really established herself as one of the team. It’s nice to see a worthy Wonder Woman added to the POI super friends.

Worst character: I couldn’t really think of one right away, but I’ll give worst character to the “voice” on the phone in Person of Interest Season 3 Episode 15. It’s a lot tougher to convey a presence without viewers getting to see, so that voice (and the dialogue) really have to make an impact. Ultimately it was just a typical “bad guy” of the week without any real payoff. It seemed far too campy for the show and I’d be OK if that was the voice’s final call.

Biggest shock: Person of Interest has had a lot of surprises, but to kill off one of the main cast? Carter had grown by leaps and bounds since Person of Interest Season 1 Episode 1, became a real character with heart, drive and purpose that was more than just the “cop character,” and garnered a solid relationship with the POI team. On top of that, she managed to use her skills and take down HR, a threat that had been around since Person of Interest Season 1.

Her death was a major shock, done in the middle of the season in Person of Interest Season 3 Episode 9, and carried huge weight in terms of where the team and story progressed. She was a character to care about and will be missed.

Hopes for Season 4: I’m really looking forward to seeing the POI team try and adapt to lives on the run, as “normal” people, and still maybe finding time to save a person of interest and eventually take down Samaritan.

I hope we further explore Decima, but also maybe bring back some old characters such as Elias or even Leon. I’d also love for Fusco to get an arc that gives him either some more backstory or more to do. He’s great when he pops up here and there, but it’d be nice to give him some front and center screen time.

Really, I love that the world of Person of Interest has continued to grow and the way the series is headed, I’m just excited to dive right back into it.

Overall Grade: A

Your turn, TV Fanatics! What would you grade Person of Interest Season 3?

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The Devil's Share was unbeatable till the end.....Its start was amazing with the Hurt took us through meaningful flashbacks of each character too...The part where Reese takes down an entire SWAT team is mindblowing....That episode was just perfect......
All characters were extremely good...
The USP of PoI is that it tells us that people are not inherent devils....unlike other shows....
Next season we want to see more of Hersh, Wesley, Elias and also Bear
Reese was always the reason why PoI became a hit....and the writers should not push him in the backseat...
Harold did touch a few nerves in the episode Beta when he said "If they harm Grace in any way, kill them all" The way he said it gave me goosebumps...
Overall it would be better to finish off with old characters before introducing more twists....
Hersh is highly unutilized...Season 2 wil be remembered best for his fight with Reese....we need more of that!!


It get A++++ for getting rid of the boring crime of the week crap


Best epi hands down is "Devil's Share" in fact the two epis leading up to it were great too. I also had a soft spot for the lady killer episode, Shaw,Carter, and Zoe all dressed up...Warren Kole as a guest star. It was a fun episode. Best Character: first half of the season goes to Carter. She came a long way as a character and she was amazing this season. Plus her chemistry with Reese was always a highlight. They had a unique bond that was really special this season. Second half of the season goes to Root. She's so unlike the other characters. Only downside is she dominates. Her development tends to be at the expense of the other characters. Reese took a back seat and Fusco continues to get shafted. Worst Character: I'm going to have to say Finch. I felt like a handful if of times he really dropped the bal.He unintentionally and inadvertently had a hand in not protecting Carter when he could have. He did that more than once this season and his distance and hesitancy was too clinical for me. In a way there were these subtle moments when he came across as if he himself was playing God despite him vehemently opposing that mentality. His relationship with Root is interesting because as muchas he disapproves of her in some ways he's like her. Also I hated the fact that he was so willing to abandon his morals when Gracewas in danger. His kill them all mentality would have been reciprocated better if he was as passionate with his colleagues. Plus he's still too secretive when he's working with his team. Shock: Carter's death of course. That was brutal. I was in denial and legitimately grieved for he for weeks and felt ridiculous but it hurt. On a smaller note when Reese let the couple kill each other. It was a reminder before devils share that Reese is still dark. Hopes: they've upped the sci Fi and scaled back on the procedural and maybe they should balance it better. The decima etc bit became dull fast. More Fusco backstory. More Bear. Return of Leon and Elias. Reese back front and center. Less Root. I hope tosee them separated with different identities for a bit. There have been a few pois that felt like their story wasn't finished (rich kid) I'd like tosee them return.


Best episode: Its a tie for me.. The Endgame, The Crossing, The Devil's share. Great writing/ SL & cast.
Worst ep: The Season Finale, I thought its was boring.
Best character: Another tie.. Carter & Reese Too bad Joss died, I miss her!
Worst Character: Root
Hope S4 will end the SL of the machine because I don't care about it! I don't want the show to be all SciFi just want it to be kinda like s1-halfway thru s3 the devil's share.

@ sam

I think the show is so much better because of the fact that it's focusing on the machine...
Also, Nolan mentioned that this is always where the series was meant to go, to focus on Artificial Intelligence... so very little hope of that focus going away anytime soon.


Best Character: Tie between Reese and Finch. Worst Character: Root. Still love the show, but the episodes are too Root-centric. Since Root's arrival, the writers have downplayed Reese and Finch's role. I don't get it! (And the actress's voice flat out annoys me.) In the last epi, she was dispensing new identities to Reese, Finch, and Shaw (WTH?). Miss Carter.


Best Episode: The Devil's Share, just brilliant, even majority of movies aren't as well written and shot like that episode. Worst Episode: Reasonable Doubt was very poor. Provenance was saved by introduction of new villain who will hopefully appear next season. Best Character: Difficult but I think Root did lot of heavy-lifting both in first few episodes and final few episodes. Worst Main Character: Reese was nearly nonexistant this season except grieving for Carter. I think they need to introduce him into this Machine subplot. Season 4 request:
->Focus on new villains in 1st half of the show and keep Samaritan story at backseat initially, that Evil Finch could be awesome or do another local threat like HR.
-> Finch and Reese getting Elias's number again like say Decima going after Elias because he unintentionally foiled their plans, this is a good I feel they can bring Elias back with high stakes.
->Alistair Wesley hired by Decima to find Finch and Reese, both Greer and Wesley are MI-6 so would be cool to see the connection.
-> long time no proper hand combat for Reese so it would be great to see him throwing people out of the window again.

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