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Revolution Review: Miles' No Good Day

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The aftermath of Jason's death and the escape from Austin on Revolution Season 2 Episode 19 proved that even Miles Matheson can have a bad day.

Poor Miles. Around every corner there seems to be yet another death trap waiting for him.

First, he's derailed by Shit Happens; then he's sliced open by the final Texas Ranger; and finally ends up trapped in a basement. The unfortunate series of events does make Miles think about his life and question his choices.

It paints a picture of how much Charlie and Rachel have changed him.

Miles continues to question his choices, but he realizes that his poor choices do not outweigh his love for Rachel and Charlie. He's willing to live with those bad choices and let them continue to run through his mind if it means he can get back to this surrogate family that he is now a part of.

The man is willing to cauterize his wound and set a fire to the basement to get out; it's clear that Miles' choice is by blood not by friend.

It's unfortunate that Monroe has not gotten the memo that his boyfriend/best friend doesn't love him in the same way that he does because Monroe continues to try to prove himself to Rachel.

However, Monroe planting a kiss on Rachel is just annoying; Monroe wants to use it as a way to assert his power over her, but it only serves to make Monroe look like even more of a jackass in the situation (if not borderline sexual assault).

If I were in Rachel's position, I would just cleanly shoot Monroe's head off at that point.

The highlight of the episode were the interactions between Tom and Charlie. The guilt of what she's done to Jason weighs heavily on her and she comes to a point where she can't fight it.

It's a powerful scene when Tom and Charlie both break down over Jason's loss. The two of them are usually the emotional bedrocks, unwavering no matter the situation, but not even Tom can hold back his grief. It's a welcome change for a man who disregarded his son during his life.

The low point, once again, belonged to Nano Priscilla. These scenes are an absolute chore to get through and do not offer anything of substance or value to the plot.

Rather, they serve to disrupt the plot and pacing of the show, dragging Aaron through the mud. It's unfortunate that Revolution Season 2 did not go through with killing the nanotech because, honestly, watching the nanotech hound Aaron for pizza is not how I want to spend my precious Wednesday night.

Are you sick of the nanotech?



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I agree with most of the above... a great episode but not my favourite.
The scenes with Tom and Charlie were 1 of the highlights but I also enjoyed the Bass / Rachel scenes... I think it was a fitting culmination to the building angry tension between the 2 - I also found it very enlightening that only moments after the tension was released they shared a moment..2 people worrying about someone they care about. Not sure where they're going with the kissing thing though... ( I think many people forget that before the 'matheson/monroe 'republic' bass was a nice sweet bestfriend who hadn't done anything wrong until he cracked and went a bit nuts'....:( The nano tech hmmm not sure if I want it gone (it's the general underlining premise of the show) but I'm hoping they're going to liven it up or put some kind of fresh spin on it because I love Aaron and they're killing him with his storyline...I feel the same with Connor...he is boring me already!! & as usual I just love Miles...can't remember a scene I didn't like him in :)


The episode was good but not my favorite. My favorite part was the scene with Tom and Charlie. I really liked how they both broke down because they're always such strong characters but it was nice to see their emotions. Miles was really having a bad day I don't think anyone is that unlucky but that all changed when he realized he had something to live for and that gave him the strength to blow up the wall and climb out of the basement. The scene where he cauterize his wound was cool and I couldn't believe he was going to do it I just thought that would hurt like hell. Are we ever going to get rid of the nano tech? I seriously can't stand this storyline it's totally pointless and should have ended and long time ago. Can't wait till the next episode.

@ marissa

yes the scene with charlie and tom was simply amazing, freakin esposito is a amazing actor in every way! i mean u can just feel his pain, its simply amazing

@ Teaj McGaha

Giancarlo Esposito is an amazing actor, loved him on Breaking Bad, even though he was a bad guy. The scene with him and Charlie was very touching.

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