Revolution Review: Never Making it to Idaho

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So long and farewell, Revolution.

After its cancellation a few weeks ago, Revolution Season 2 Episode 22 was given the distinct privilege of being a series finale )when it was probably never designed to be one). 

Surprisingly, though, it did a very good job of wrapping most of the storylines up. 

Aaron was able to finally complete his journey of being able to save Priscilla from this new world they find themselves in, does so in a way that does not change him as a person or bring him to a darker place.

Using his voice, he slowly coaxes Priscilla out of the dream like state, keeping watch over her until she finally does wake up from the dream and the fake reality to which she was subjected. Priscilla seeing the nanotech's plan to make a completely mindless world where people just walk around aimlessly has some definite vibes from The Matrix, but, like all things nanotech on Revolution, it always sounds good on paper.

However, like all execution so far, it probably would not go very far. 

In that sense, I'm glad that I will never have to be subjected to watching the nanotech ever again. Since the middle of Revolution Season 1, they have been nothing but a drain on the story trying to be told.

Ultimately, the nanotech was the anchor dragging Revolution down. There was plenty to wonder and do after the power went out for a second time, and the beginning of the season showed that promise, as the nanotech worked its way back into the story and its screen time ended up weighing down the stronger elements. 

The larger arcs of the series were nicely tied up, though, as Charlie gave her blessing to let Miles really give it his best shot with Rachel. Itmwas a great moment between the two of them when Charlie has fully accepted Miles into her life, and, after all that has happened, at least she wants to make sure one of them doesn't worry about the future and the what-could-have-been's.

There's been theory of Charlie being Miles' daughter, and while that could have been in the cards at some point, I'm glad they kept their relationship niece and uncle. 

Monroe, meanwhile, continues his love affair with Miles. Of all the relationships, this is the one I am going to miss the most. Monroe is willing to brush off Connor if it means he can regain Miles' trust - and that choice is rather telling. At this point,(again we may never know for sure) it seems clear that Monroe harbors more than friendship and brotherhood with Miles.

There's more to that love and it's within reason that Monroe is completely gay for Miles Matheson. 

With the Patriots being completely wiped out by the end of the summer, and Monroe seemingly helping the Texans take care of all the pieces, it looks like some of the old Monroe Republic could end up coming back into his hands. 

Are you disappointed Revolution is over? 


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Should continue this story. This was a good show.


Without nanotech all Revolution would have ever been is a period piece soap opera. I would have checked out long ago.
One of the great scenes of any show in the last two seasons was when they used the one of the pendants to get those military trucks running and Giancarlo Esposito was riding in that Hummer lifting his sunglasses while Lionel Ritchie's All Night Long(All Night) was playing over the rumble of the diesel engine.


I was tired of the nanotech story but I feel like the ending could have been better. A lot of unanswered questions.


They should have kept it around for one more season to not end the series like that.

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Revolution Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

Yeah, you're a real Meryl Streep.


Rachel: How can you be so sure?
Miles: I'm trying something new: prayer.

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