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The Vampire Diaries Music: "Home"

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Have you stopped crying yet?

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 closed out an up-and-down few weeks by saying goodbye to Damon and Bonnie. Maybe. Probably. Possibly.

It won't be made clear until October probably.

Elsewhere on "Home," Alaric returned, Lexi nearly returned and The Grill was blown to bits. It was quite an installment, one we'll be talking about for months.

As we do, however, why not download The Vampire Diaries music that helped make the finale so memorable?

We've made it very easy to do so here:

  Song Artist
Glasvegas-finished-sympathy Finished Sympathy Glasvegas iTunes
I-am-strikes-love-is-just-a-way-to-die Love Is Just A Way To Die I Am Strikes iTunes
Lykke-li-no-rest-for-the-wicked No Rest For The Wicked Lykke Li iTunes
Yeah-yeah-yeahs-buried-alive Buried Alive Yeah Yeah Yeahs iTunes
Birdy-wings Wings Birdy iTunes
Lucy-rose-be-alright Be Alright Lucy Rose iTunes
Ash-grunwald-walking Walking Ash Grunwald iTunes

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