The Vampire Diaries Review: The Beginning of the End

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I wanted to start off this review with a little "Save the Doppelgangers, Save the World."

However, the end of The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 21 has left me pretty speechless.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

After escaping from Markos, getting drained of almost all of their blood, Stefan and Elena slowly hitchhike their way back to Mystic Falls. Now that Markos has enough of their blood, the spell has begun.

Travelers are dying left and right, including Maria the woman who saved Stefan and Elena. Maria's husband, Julian, has taken up permanent residence in Tyler Lockwood's body - but in the last few days it seems like Julian has flipped sides now that the travelers have it out for him. 

That was, until Stefan broke the news to him that Maria had died at the hands of the witches. Everyone's been hearing that Caroline would witness some horrific event and the second Julian started to flip out, I felt like I saw a car accident happen in slow motion.

Stefan Salvatore's heart was literally been ripped out of his body. 

Gathering myself from my state of shock, I ask...what does this all mean?

We all know that death doesn't exactly stick when it comes to The Vampire Diaries but the other side is disintegrating slowly before our eyes. Bonnie and Enzo's plan to use Maria is now kaput since Maria vanished into the darkness. Now what?

That scene when Bonnie saw Stefan show up as a ghost was painful. We can't lose Stefan. Yet the preview (below) for the finale looked almost lighthearted with the group preparing for war and Damon's usual humorous quips.

You have Elena participating in squirrel slaughter?


What I'm left with is a major state of confusion. It seems to me that Mystic Falls is kaput and whichever cast members remain will be in a new place next season. Or will they simply all be dead and on some version of the other side?

I'm assuming all magic is not eradicated because how will the world of the witches exist on TVD and The Originals? It's a pretty crucial part of both shows. 

What's most interesting at this point is how the travelers' spell takes away the magic of vampirism leaving all of our resident vampires in their pre-vampire states, ie: Elena choking on water, Damon shot.

I'm leaving you all with the question on everybody's lips: Is Stefan really gone?

Here is your first look at The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 22, "Home."


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In an article I read online, Caroline dries specifically said, "Who ever dies in these last few episodes are gonna and are not coming back." If you don't believe me, search it up.


what I don't get right that paul said he ant come back right but in season six you can see him and carline sitting on a bench kissing Stefan so is he come back or not


Dude!! A preview is a FUCKING SPOILER!!


i love Delena but i dont want Stefan gone !!! i doubt very much he is gone forever i hope not


Stefan's death scene was so so so so so so heartbreaking ,Caroline screaming with the music it was so tearful, I watched several time and I cried on every time .


It's so funny how almost nothing happenned in this season and then everything happenned in this last episode.
I was not shocked with Stefan death, all the spoilers and 5x22 synopise gave it away. What was surprising was how he died. I've seen these characters almost dying so many times that I couldn't believe he was actually dying like that.
And because deaths never sticks in TVD I only felt sad when i saw Care crying.


Let's all just admit it. After so many close calls, we were pretty shocked they killed Stefan even if he will come back from the dead. TVD surprised me, we did ask for it.

@ Aykme

Tru dat.


What if the one who dies is Matt? Noone has even mention Matt could be a target as well


Paul Wesley's Tweet:
“Stefan is done-zo. Sorry guys,” Paul tweeted after the shocking episode aired.


Yeah...I don't know about that. I'll believe it when they actually stick by it on the show. There have been MANY misdirections put out before just so there would be no spoilers.

Leigh r
@ TVfan

I feel like if he were truly leaving there would be a more formal announcement from Julie or someone. Even a more formal announcement than that tweet! He also posted it before TVD even aired on the west coast which was super lame of him.

@ Leigh Raines

I agree on the formal announcement but they usually wait a bit after episodes air to make statements like that. BUT, I still won't think he's gone until we do hear something from the show runners. He's in the central 3... they can't really lose him or they really will send at least half their fan base away. (all Stelena fans and myself who prefers Delena but I honestly don't mind either couple as long as its interesting)

@ Leigh Raines

Oh man that IS crappy. You would think he would know better... At least wait until both coasts have watched it!


Is it just me, or does Bonnie's plan still kinda work? All she needs is a traveler with knowledge of the ritual and an axe to grind. Gee, I wonder who could fill that role...

@ JK

do you mean Katherine ? I'm confused...

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If Caroline was here, we'd have a full catered buffet by the side of the road...and a rainbow.


You have Elena participating in squirrel slaughter?


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