The Vampire Diaries Round Table: Rest in Peace, Stefan?!?

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Why even waste time with an introduction to this edition of The Vampire Diaries Round Table?

Is Stefan Salvatore really dead?!? That's all fans want to know following The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 21.

And panelists Miranda Wicker, Leigh Raines from TV Fanatic, along with Crissy Calhoun and Heather Vees from, are here to discuss that possibility and a lot more.

Ready to jump in to the debate?


What was your favorite scene or quote from the episode?

Miranda: I loved Damon and Stefan's snarky exchange about saving Mystic Falls. "Time to put on my hero hair" cracked me up.

Crissy: For some weird twisted reason, the guidance counselor telling her husband that she is actually a Traveler named Karl made me laugh deliriously. But serious fave moments might come down to all the Elena-Stefan friend time, particularly the donning of Caroline Forbes Hats.

Heather: I don't know if I have a favorite overall scene so much as a bunch of favorite little moments. Elena doing her hitchhiker makeover and asking if she could feed on someone was such a breath of fresh air for a character that's kind of been lacking in the personality department this season.

Leigh: Damon trying to handle the town himself just entertained me. I like when Markos was describing the travelers and Damon said "you just described all homeless people, aging hipsters and Matt Donovan." The world's on the brink of falling apart and the guys still rib each other.

Do you hope Stefan is truly dead?

Miranda: Absolutely...not. NO WAY. That can't happen. Damon and Stefan's relationship is as important to the story of The Vampire Diaries as any other, if not the most important. So no, no I don't hope he's truly dead

Crissy: I really, truly hope not. It would be bananas insane if he was gone gone gone. 

Heather: Not even the people who are constantly complaining about Stefan want Stefan gone because then they would have nothing to complain about.

Leigh: Absolutely not. He's one of the three principals and I agree that his and Damon's relationship is far too central to the show.

Damon and Elena kissed again: Hooray or Enough Already?

Miranda: I'm planted squarely on the fence about this. I always let out a squeal of delight when those two kiss because Damon and Elena are magical together, but at the same time, can we just...let them be together? 

Crissy: That was probably my favorite Damon-Elena smooch of the season. High stakes. Heightened feelings. Callbacks to the last episode. Two thumbs up for me.

Heather: I just don't see why them kissing is a big deal at this point, I guess. You can only have so many posed, swelling music, epic kisses before it's all a bit rote. I'm far more interested in what a comfortable Elena and Damon is like.

Leigh: Like, it was sexy but we don't always need a big lead in. Just let them decide already.

How does Markos compare to pass villains?

Miranda: He's creepy in that over-the-top, not-creepy sort of way. No one compares to Mikael.

Crissy: He's creepy in that over-the-top, not-creepy sort of way. No one compares to Mikael.

Heather: I am giving Markos major side eye. He's been quite one note so far. But props to Damon for making him more interesting last night.

Leigh: I really haven't been a fan of the Travelers. No one compared to the arrival of the originals back in the day.

Make one bold prediction for The Vampire Diaries Season 5 finale.

Miranda: Miranda: Bonnie will die - or real - and everyone else will come back.

Crissy: All spirit magic will actually disappear permanently from Mystic Falls, and season 6 will just be called The Diaries, because no more vampires! (Zero percent do I think this will happen.)

Heather: Yeah, I think we're getting a few surprises back from the Other Side before it's gone for good.

Leigh: Mystic Falls is over and season 6 will take place in another world entirely.


Stefan was the only reason I stuck with this show that has become utter non-sense. Cannot stand Damon and Elena, I kept watching in the hopes that Stefan will finally get Elena back somehow but I see no future for them now since the former is pretty much dead. If however he comes back by some act of creative liberty (that frankly TVD exploits to no end), I really hope Elena wakes up from her Damon-drugged stupor and finds her way back to Stefan.

@ hannahh

Totally agree with you.


Ok my favourite scene has to be Elena adjusting her self to flag down that truck (sorry just thinking what every man is thinking) another great scene was seeing Caroline distraught with Stefan laying on the floor dead right at the end so powerful and a great cliffhanger for next weeks finale. As its the final episode i keep reading about some old faces coming back but unsure who. Are we going too see the originals or are we going to see everyone Damon and Stefan has killed to keep Elena safe question after question after question
as for Damon Stefan and Elena that love triangle is cool i think when Damon is with Elena Stefan gets jealous and when stefan is with Elena Damon gets jealous but what will Elena do when she finds out Stefan is dead
whats mat and jeramy up too apart from being Damon's little helpers
whats Caroline going todo can she sort this whole mess out
whats going to happen when stefan and Enzo come face to face on the other side we know them two don't get on
what can Bonnie possibly do now knowing her only hope of finding the spell has gone off to oblivion
there are still so many questions and so many answers still to work out. ever since thursday my minds been on overtime wondering what if this happens or what if that happens i guess we will be left guessing until thursday night bring it on vampire diaries I'm ready what else can possibly go wrong lets see if you can shock us even more in the final episode. well thats just some more of my thoughts about next week can we dig any deeper or are we just scratching the surface but the question everyone wants to know is who is going to make it into season 6 come on mrs Plec drop some hints please

Spindae 2o

1. Fav scene?
Stefan passing through Bonnie, best scene no brainer. It was so powerful, the look in therir eyes, the momemt, Carolines cry in the background. Thumbs up!
2.Stefan Dead?
Stefan is dead as much I'm blond, not even close. But the thing is as what will he and Bonnie come back?
3. Delena?
I would say just let them be. Let them be together cause it's gettinh old to watch them go back amd forth.
This week I felt he was a villian for the first. Markos barely interacted with the main characters. I still hope someone breaks his neck next week.
5. Game changer?
- kol comes back and kills little Gilbert and moves on to NOLA


I was rooting for Damon and Elena during the first two seasons, but truthfully, I don't feel it with them now. I'd prefer her with Stefan, but either way just decide already. If she's going to be with Damon, then be with Damon and stop giving us false hope that there will be a reconciliation with Stefan.
As Stefan is the main reason I watch this show nowadays, I certainly hope he's not dead. I would be completely surprised though if he is and can't be brought back. There is no way they have killed the character off for good.


I agree with you guys, I would like to see Damon and Elena together in S6 without the on/off drama. Just let them be for a while! I'm guessing from all the spoilers Damon switches places with Stefan though and is dead in the finale.

@ Anna

Thanks for the spolier alert there.......nice one!!


ok let me start by saying i had never herd of the vampire diaries until my niece said watch it so i did i watched season 5 episode 12 and i was hooked so i decided to watch season 1 all the way back season 5 ep 12 it took me 2 weeks to finally catch everyone up and i do love the program and never want it too end in my opinion i I'm not sure if i think or i hope as it stands stefan is dead and damon has no clue yet but I'm not sure damon will cope and he's gonna blow his switch out of mystic falls all the way to the other side and because stefan is now dead and the curse is broken they can go back to mystic falls and get rid of markos and kill all the travellers as for enzo he still has issues with a few people but right now all he wants is to get back to being human/vampire i keep reading about twists and surprises and with rating falling i think the final episode (home) is going to leave us that far on the edge of our seats everyone of us is going to hit the floor in a total mess of tears and relief (hopping) i can't wait to the final but i will miss it until season 6 starts and thanks for a great season 5 vampire diaries


I havent watched the episode yet but reading comments and reviews Im starting to believe that Mystic Falls is gone and in the news season the stories will take place in another town, so there will be new characters that come and we will find out the new things good or bad this new town will offer to the mystic falls survivors and how our main characters will get use to it.. Like new paranormal characters and what are their powers. Maybe we can see a new villain (not Markos) a villain similar to Klaus, he has been the only good villain that had ever been in Mystic falls I want a new villain just like him or at least very similar. What about a villaness? A woman who is as powerful and bad as Klaus. New kidn of witches.

Sarah silva

I can not recall the conversation because that whole episode is now a blur, but I do remember laughing when Damon was on the phone talking to Marcos talking about homeless people and Matt Donovan! I really hope Stefan is not dead! I have been team Stefan since episode one and I was sure that Julie Plec and co would never get rid of one Damon, Elena or Stefan. I really hope he comes back. I am a little surprised that there is no interview with Paul Wesley, that is giving me hope! When Moira died on Arrow there was an interview the next day with Susanna Thompson! If Damon and Elena are going to get back together yet again, then let it be for good! I have been team Stelena but Damon and Elena when they kiss it is pretty passionate and steamy! I find Markos really annoying and want to punch him in the face! LOL Mystic Falls will be taken over by the Travelers and we will get a new town next season where whomever of our group survives will move too. The idea of Bonnie dying and Stefan coming back is fine with me, however my wish is that they find a way to kill Markos and he goes back to the other side, everyone that has died since Markos came over will be alive again. So that means Enzo and Stefan. Well Sloan and that girl that helped Stefan and Elena too. Then maybe all the Traveler spirits will be released and Tyler will be back to normal!


Leigh: Mystic Falls is over and season 6 will take place in another world entirely. This was my prediction after seeing the episode.
Then for the series finale epi of Season 6, Elena wakes up after the car accident with her parents and they are standing there along with Aunt Jenna, Uncle/Daddy John, and Jeremy/Caroline/Bonnie


The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 21 Quotes

If Caroline was here, we'd have a full catered buffet by the side of the road...and a rainbow.


You have Elena participating in squirrel slaughter?


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