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Awkward Review: Changes

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As Awkward Season 4 Episode 9 came to a close, there was only thing that needed to be said: 

Eva needs her very own send button. 

Awkward Season 4 gave Eva a relatable arc. She's the new girl and she's just trying to make friends at her new school and that kind of situation makes her very relatable, someone to root for.

Along the way, though, as she takes the compromising (albeit innocent) photo of Sadie and Matty, her intentions become clear: she's just looking to cause trouble. Her friendliness is just a ruse. 

Eva wants to nab Matty, the hottest guy in school, and she's not willing to let anything stand in her way. Not Matty's friends... and certainly not Matty's ex-girlfriend Jenna. The interesting twist is that Matty's behavior with Jenna - coupled with his adoption issues - are putting him in a situation that's close to Jenna with Collin: isolation. 

Eva is hoping that by getting Jenna as jealous as possible she'll do or say something foolish to seal her deal with Matty. If she can get Matty or Jenna to move on from the other, she'll be successful in nabbing him all for herself. Eva's only miscalculation is that everyone can see through her bovine feces (thanks, Tamara). 

Jenna's final middle finger to Eva is this gem of a quote: 

Here's the deal Eva, things aren't great between Matty and I right now, but I know Matty McKibben and he would never f**k you in my bed. So I don't know what kind of game this is you're playing, but count me out. But, hey, nice try.


Jenna knows she doesn't need to play Eva's game, yet she can still win at it. Even Sadie is impressed with Jenna. 

Sadie's arc this episode was smaller in comparison. Her usual scathing remarks at Val's high school reunion were nothing out of the ordinary (although she does have some great chemistry with Sergio), just an opportunity to open Lissa up just a little more by confronting and ordering Sadie around for a change, further echoing the theme of the installment.

Lissa sees that Jake has changed without being around Tamara and that he is no longer following her along and losing himself in the process. 

The unfortunate reality is that while Jake is now detached from Tamara, so are his stories. He's once again a side character to Jenna, Matty and Tamara, really getting nothing of his own once out of the core three's orbit. So while his progression away from Tamara has been a good one for his character, he's not being used very well. 

A Few More Thoughts:

  • I really like Luke. He's a better fit for Jenna than Matty is, but I fear that he's going to shot down in favor of Matty.
  • Tamara has a last name!
  • Nice to see Val and L-Dog get some time together at her high school reunion. I'm slightly disappointed the didn't pull a Faking it and pretend to be a lesbian couple.
  • Kevin bombarding Jenna's wall was amazing.

Will Jenna get sucked into Eva's games? 



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I REALLY want to know the real actor's name who plays Sergio.

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It's Niko Pepaj. You're welcome.

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What I want to know is, does anyone know who the actor is that plays Sergio?

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