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Eva's cover was finally blown on Awkward Season 4 Episode 10, as Sadie got to the bottom of her lies and deception, uncovering "Amber" for who she really is. 

Sadly, Eva had one final trick up her sleeve: pregnancy. 

Eva's pregnancy feels like yet another con and even when Matty asks her to produce another one so they can be sure, I'm still not inclined to believe her.

If Eva had any credibility by the end of the installment, the pregnancy might be real; however, until Sadie can confirm the validity of Eva's test, I won't believe it for a second. If Eva's lied about everything else this well already, faking a pregnancy is likely the least of her worries. 

It's plausible that Eva finds the pregnancy test back at the cabin with the rest of the senior class. It's not unthinkable that she would locate it when rifling through the trash. So the test could belong to someone in the senior class or even Kevin and Lacey. 

Jenna and Luke, meanwhile, had a good thing going while it lasted. I had hoped their relationship would have gone on a little longer, but with Jenna doing a bit of her own spiraling with Eva and Matty, the timing was right to end it.

Luke was correct: Jenna's still in high school and this type of drama is still going to get to her even if she wants to rise above it. The two of them are in two different worlds right now. 

Nonetheless, I had hoped Luke would've heard Jenna out just a little bit more.

Eva puts up a good smokescreen, but Luke should have deferred to Jenna first instead of assuming it was just high school drama. A little taste of the story Eva was creatively writing through Awkward Season 4 and Luke might have had a different tune when he called Jenna to break up with her. 

At the very least, Eva's lying downfall does bring about the ultimate in truces with Sadie and Jenna. The two have been at a slow burn for the entire series, as they've slowly been warming up to each other. And with the desire to rip Eva out of Matty, they're willing to do the ultimate by teaming up.

Matty's one lucky guy to be able to bring Jenna and Sadie together. 

Sadie's use of her free time after getting kicked off the field trip to expose Eva continues bringing her fun chemistry with Sergio forward too. The only one who really doesn't mind standing up to her and playing with her. 

Lastly, Tamara and Jake enjoyed a rekindling. After spending a night together playing video games, the two bonded again on the slopes. While it remains to be seen whether Tamara and Jake will be together (I don't think they really need to rekindle their relationship since they work well as friends), at least they are beginning to get back to the friendship they had with each other. 

Is Eva really pregnant?


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Its also possible that she is pregnant but she was pregnant before she even got there. She is underhanded enough to pull such a stunt. Last season, Jenna was being a jerk but she was not stupid for falling for the bad guy. Meanwhile, Mattie just looks stupid. He's not only backing Jenna but he's turned on Sadie, the one girl that's always had his back. I like Sadie. But Sergio is the second guy who gets a thrill out of her being bitchy to them. I would rather see Sadie go with a guy who is her equal. They butt heads genuinely at first then come to respect each other. That's better than the guy who gets hot from being yelled at. Or is so understanding of Sadie because he sees her softer side although she has never shown it to him... ever. Val and the bear.... that was just weird. And the guy was a total hottie. How sad.

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Kinda disappointed with the hour episode. Sadie and Tamara were the only real high points for me. Exposing Eva's distant past looked like a attempt to gather sympathy for the character, when they should have exposed all the things she has done to destroy Mattie and Jenna. Don't believe she is pregnant but that's S/L is confusing to me anyway. Don't know if it's something I missed or a crazy time line but when did Mattie and Eva have sex? It was hinted at last episode but never confirmed, and now if she is pregnant, everyone, including Mattie, assuming it's his.
Feel like it was kind of sloppy writing or just lazy. Will have to wait for second half of season I guess to see how they try to button all this up.

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Awkward Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Kevin: Are you still afraid of the lift?
Lacey: Are you still afraid of me ripping your balls off? Because you should be.

Jenna: This girl's a freak.
Sadie: Wow, what an astute observation.