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Caroline Dries Teases The Vampire Diaries Season 6: Where is Home?

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We have many months to wait until The Vampire Diaries Season 6 premiere on The CW.

But as fans try to think of ways to spend their Thursday nights until the return of this drama in October, Executive Producer Caroline Dries is at least here to offer up a few teases and tidbits.

Where will each character find him or herself this fall? How will Alaric get along with Enzo? And can you imagine a dark Caroline Forbes?!?

Follow this link to read the full interview with Dries and scroll down for a few spoiler-iffic excepts...

Huge Gasp!
Elena gasps for breath in this startling scene from The Vampire Diaries finale, "Home."

Can you go home again? The anti-magic boundary will continue to play a role moving forward as we begin to explore this notion of what it means to go home again… we’ll see the effects exile has had on everyone and see that everyone is handling it differently and personal journeys will form. Some will be fighting for a way to save their home, others have given up or moved on or found peace with it.

A new rivalry? We are very excited about Alaric’s return and plan to incorporate him in Elena’s life, hoping to give a type of parental touchstone to her... Enzo, as we left him, is still a bit of a loose canon wild thing and I can’t wait until the two butt heads.

A different Caroline? The feelings behind [her] feelings [for Stefan] are something we get to explore in season 6 as we watch how her relationship with Stefan plays out. Any time we turn a character dark it’s fun because it’s a change of pace for the writers, actors and viewers.

Dries also teased a “very fresh place” for both Matt and Tyler, while confirming that, yes, we’ll be seeing Bonnie and Damon again on Season 6.

So you can breathe easy now, TVD Fanatics.

What are you most excited about for next year? Do you want to see Caroline and Stefan hook up? Don't you wish Bonnie could have brought Lexi back?!?

Discuss all these developments and many more in our Vampire Diaries forum!

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Caroline is going to the Originals to be with Klaus. No way Caroline ends ups with a guy that is her best friends one true love. Damon ends up with Bonnie in the books, notice the song called The Birdy Song that was played when they were facing the end together? Besides everyone knows that wild crazy passionate love burns out quickly and slow and steady wins the race. Caroline will probably leave and go to the Originals after things fall apart btw her and Stefan and her and Elena because of course she'll realize she can't compete with Elena because Stefan will always love her. This is why Elena and Damon will be separated next season to give Elena and Stefan a chance to come back together and Bonnie and Damon will grow closer. To be honest I'm over Damon and his redemptions and his fallbacks and his redemptions again. Who wants to be with someone that will go full maniac whenever things get rough? The only time the 2nd guy getting the girl has ever worked out was on Dawson's Creek. And well there will never be another Joey and Pacey relationship again in the history of TV. He and Elena are kaputt for the very reasons they broke up. She's tired of always having to reel him in when he gets his feelings hurt. No way she chooses Damon over Stefan in the endgame. Otherwise choosing Damon would have happened much much later in the series. They put Damon and Elena together to show why it doesn't work. So she could see why it doesn't work. Stefan and Elena broke up because of Elena being pulled to Damon and being seduced by his bad boy ways. Elena and Damon broke up because of Damon going off the deep end. Do you see a pattern?


I have a question I hope someoen answer. I was re-watching Season 2 the penultime episode where Jenna died. How come Elena alrealdy was killed by Klaus in S2 and she has vampire blood in her system from Klaus and Damon and she in S2 and even in S3 she never turned into a vampire until the end of S3 where she died and Damon feeds her again otherwise she would have died. Why is that? Anyone with the answer.

@ Confused

she didn't turn because Bonnie made a spell ,so Elena can back to life without becoming vampire and uncle John (Elena's father) sacrificed his life in order to the spell work ( life for life ) .

@ Confused

You have to have enough blood in your system when you die. Meredith gave Elena Damon's blood in the hospital.


i love the fact Alaric is back but im not to sure how to take Damon being back in some way or another .!! i truly hope he is not just a ghost for the entire season .i love the idea of Caroline and Stefan and im so glad Tyler is still on the show to .Truly hope this isnt the end of Delena Damon would and has done anything for Elena .


I agree with Bara a Stephan needs a new love interest enough with Elena and caroline. He can remain friends with them but not as a love interes. He needs a new fresh start with a new love interest, maybe a new witch, anyone but a new lady. I do though like Delena. But I do nto like Stelena or Stekaroline. I love Matt character develop more he has always been under utilized, he needs to be out there more, also jeremy. The show need also new stories. For example what if after all these hundreds of years, Damon and Stephan find out that they have another sibling. Wouldnt that be neat? Maybe a vampiire or a werewolf sister?


The actor who plays Lexi is on another show...get over it people. Stefan and Caroline...barf. No chemistry. And the love triangles - surely the writers are paid enough that they should be able to generate drama and interest without reverting to yet another tired boring yawnfest of a love triangle. At this point they may just as well throw all the characters in one bed and let them orgy out. It's disgusting and almost incestuous how many have played in each other's sandboxes. I watched the finale with hope only to see it spiral down the drain with the fake Damon death and whiny Elena making it all about her yet again. So, sad to say, deleting my tivo entry to TVD and moving on to something actually interesting that doesn't rely on massive eye rolls to get through one scene to the next commercial break that can actually be creative enough to find something other than sex to keep the audiences attention for more than 5 minutes. Put a stake in me...I'm done.




The most exciting thing in season 6 for me is ALARIC , now he's back as a recurring character , I am sure the writers must have interesting storyline for him .
I really hope Stefan and Caroline just stay friends , and I would love to see Stefan falling in love with a new character .



@ samantha

me to they have alot of chemistry and a deep seeded friendship .


We want Stelena back! Please give us true love back! SE is endgame! ! !


Hate the idea of steroline and I wish stelena would happen again. Season 5 was really jneventful.