Continuum Review: The Problem and the Solution

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Are you as lost as I am right now? 

On Continuum Season 3 Episode 12, a lot happens...  but not much of it makes sense. I'm sure it will all be tied together next week, but man this is getting confusing!

There is a lot we know, but much more that we don't. Frankly, that's what makes Continuum so fun - the continual mind frak - so this isn't a complaint. It's more of an "oh my God we have one episode left what does this mean" kind of situation.

Good news! We're not all crazy. Even in this timeline dead Kiera killed Curtis before our Kiera arrived. However, those Freelancer nuts brought his body back to their Lair and some cloaked being laid a hand on his head and brought him back to life "merging" them. Or something.

think the merging is because of what CAlec (we're back to that for now just make things easier with two active Alecs) has done with Halo going into the future. The exact phrase Catherine used when she alerted Curtis to the merging was that it occurred because of the technology inside of "him" which I took to be the cloaked dude.

Along the way Sonya got Julian to play ball. She's making plans. First she's shooting up (it's not what you think, she tells Julian -- what does he think?) and then gives Julian the bad news about the fast forwarding of the corporate takeover and how CAlec is the cause. She asks him to deliver to her a Halo.

When Lucas looks inside he realizes just how much of a human's biology is involved with the Halo; the longer you wear it the longer the connection between the device and brain.

Kiera wants Alec out of his cell. She made the wrong choice. Brad and Kiera battle their way into the Lair and -- HEY! -- they make a formidable fighting duo. They're bantering like lovers and I don't think that's a coincidence. Catherine informs Kiera that she can't just do what she wants because of some space time nonsense. We'll see about that. Apparently the cloaked dude is "The Traveler" from 1000 years in the future who came back and started the Freelancers.

My guess is he was sporting an Alec Sadler produced Halo and it changed his biology, giving him some sort of ability to heal. It seems too coincidental that we'd learn what Lucas did at the same time we learn about this merging-capable resuscitator. 

Catherine gives the order to kill and Brad shoots through two of her men. Curtis follows the ideas of the dreadlocked gentleman (or The in the same I think) and he kills Catherine. Who is Curtis working for, why and who is the cloaked dread-locked dude? We need to know this. 

Meanwhile, Sonya was successful in infiltrating Piron and planting a virus in Halo. On her way out, she is arrested by Carlos. Of course, Dillon wants her shot on the spot. Instead, she's interrogated and Dillon asks Carlos to leave the room. When Dillon says she's out of options, she reveals large blisters on her arms -- she shot herself full of explosives. Buh bye Sonya and Dillon!

Alec isn't happy to have been locked up and wants to escape up north. He's not going to help Kiera. Brad has taken Alec to an idyllic cabin where he and Emily reunite for their trek. Brad and Kiera talk about being happy they are together even if it meant dead Kiera was collateral damage in Brad's attempt to kill Alec (he shot her purposefully, make no mistake) and she worries about Alec's safety. At this point, I'm unclear which Alec he was sent back to kill. Did I mention confusion?

Brad tells Kiera that Alec is her family, so Alec is his family now, too. Kiera Cameron is the key. Damn it!To what? A different future, I'm guessing. All along she has been expecting that one of the Alecs would determine the direction of the future, but apparently she's it. Alec tells her she was the problem and now she's the solution. Cryptic and prophetic.

Kiera's inability to understand how brutal her world was kept her from making choices to change the future to someplace people can live freely. Is that what I'm hearing? It makes sense given all we've gone through this season; how she has learned to see beyond the GCC and understand Liber8 and their objectives despite all she thought she knew. And yet I'm confused. 

I'm ready for the finale. I just know there will be big things looming out there. Dare I say game changing moment lie ahead? Are they ready to create a new timeline with the Toblerone Orange Time Device that Carlos confiscated from Dillon's briefcase? Oh how I want to know right now!

Hit me with your thoughts. I need 'em! You can watch Continuum online to try to put the pieces together. Good luck! 

Are you surprised Kiera and Brad took their relationship to a new level without us knowing?


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From the time chen originally died to the point of him being "brought back to life" was three months.

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Let's bring it full circle...anyone up for the idea that dreadlock-guy may be Kiera's son?

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@ Jason

If he hadn't come back 1000 years... maybe a distant descendant? Or one of Alecs so it will get him outta the mountains.

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It looks like they are gearing up for a major cliffhanger and plot-line reset like they did with the ending of last year's season finale and the start of this season. In terms of the review, Brad's recovery of the Cylinder Item was not mentioned. Hopefully its significance will be covered next week. At this point both Liber8 and the Freelancers look like they have had their plotlines ended. I think most of the other major plotlines are also resolved so it will be interesting to see what happens next week.

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@ BobR

The previews of next episode tacked onto the end imply that Sonya-Lucas's virus gets activated at a most embarrassing moment for (Green) Piron-Alec. So Liber8 is still in the picture, in fact galvanized by Sonya's soldiering on, fighting to her very last breath. Kellog will have to become something else if Piron goes down in flames. There's an unguarded time machine in the late Catherine's stronghold, the only one of three which has a power supply that works. Zombie Curtis Chen has not really had his confrontation/reconciliation with his Liber8 pals he has shared so much history with.

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So Kiera has decided that going back (or forward) to her family is not her priority anymore? I know that that future may not even exist anymore but it doesn't feel like Kiera to give up like that! And why? Cause she's met Brad now? Makes me disappointed in Kiera even more!

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@ Rose

Her future was destroyed when either one of two events occurred: (1) When her bunch transported back from the Execution Chamber to (Red Timeline) 2012 in ep-1.01, or, (2) When (Red) Alec-2013 time jumped out of the Red Timeline, ep-2.13, and spawned the Green Timeline, as explained by (Red) Catherine of the still-dying Red Timeline in ep-3.01 which (Red) Kiera barely escaped from. Brad most likely spawned a new timeline when he jumped back 25 years from 2039, but whether he did or didn't, there is no chance that his family or future is the same one as is in his memories. His family was toast before he jumped, making it moot as per Brad. Both Brad & Kiera are widow/ers and their families are non-existent in any timeline unless recreated by strangenesses in Barry Simon's mind. The only CONTINUUM story being told is the one told on videotape broadcast by Showcase and SyFy, and sold at Amazon/iTunes. Anything else is bullsheet.

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The Continuum writers have gotten sloppy. On the screen it says "Three months ago" as Chen is revived, however Chen returns from the future with recruit Brad 12 weeks ago, and Brad trained for his mission before traveling back. On screen Catherine tells Chen he was dead for "months" but it's over two years gone bye since 2012 episode-1.03 where Chen was killed by Kiera's smart-gun user-ID failsafe. Chen was alive in the Red timeline season-2 finale when everybody was in jail, and in season-3 opener episode when (Red) Chen fights (Red) Kiera in the aqueduct. (Green) Chen was in the future training Brad Tonkins before (Red) Alec time-jumped back a week to the green timeline. (Green) Chen knows nothing about (Red) Alec or (Red) Kiera when he lies in wait with Tonkins to ambush (Green) Alec and (green) Kiera instead presents a target of opportunity. Who knows what the writers "thought", the videotaped episodes shown on TV are the ONLY STORY BEING TOLD. The broadcast, and sold on Amazon-iTunes version, is the story being told, not whatever writers thought was going to be on screen. There are a lot of cut scenes in TV-land, and who knows what alternate stories never made the final cut? The sloppiness of not keeping track of time in a time-travel tale is not easily forgivable. Other than that, Catherine's cell is out of the picture. What other cells are there? There's an unguarded time machine in Catherine's slaughtered stronghold, the only time travel device which does not require "fusion" energy power supply. Several episodes of Season-1 were devoted to trying to power the time grapefruit device which failed due to lack of power supply. With the ONLY Guardians cell that we know of destroyed, where now does the Tonkin's future find a stronghold to raid to get technology and records that they used to build their future weapons? Now Tonkin's future no longer exists either. Sonya fought to the bitter end, to her last breath. I'd expect nothing less from her. A new Sonya from some other timeline or getting herself "merged" by the warlock would really cheapen her sacrifice. Travis's reaction to a text saying Sonya's gone was one of the best moment's in the season.

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@ Team+Liber8

The question of when events occur must be viewed separately from when they air in the episodes. Just because an event occurs in a 2012 episode or a 2013 one does not mean that there is a 1 year gap between these events in the story's continuity. Thus the "Three Months Earlier" caption only means that the bodies being stolen (as well as the revival) were 3 months before the events we are seeing in S3E12. The bodies being taken by the Freelancers occurred in season 1 and was a length of time after Chen died (thus the statement that it was months when he was told that he was dead for months before being revived). To see the length of time that has elapsed between events you need to view the episodes to see if they state time spans. The events in Season 3 occur over a time span of (possibly) a month. It took a few episodes to cover the replay of the week that was represented by the backwards time jump. It might be interesting to see a timeline listing of when events occurred in the different timelines.

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@ BobR

Incorrect. The passage of time in the Green Timeline, and in the prior Red Timeline, both roughly tracks the time passage between episodes. One season of CONTINUUM = one year, unless you are proposing that Continuum is still stuck in 2012? Chen's body was stolen from the morgue after being stored for months. It was a big part of the Agent Gardiner sub-plot. The misunderstanding is not mine, but is the sloppiness of the writers who do not watch the episodes that were broadcast written by other writing teams. The characters on VIDEOTAPE, which is the final authority, not theories in your head, say such things as "Paid rent for 3 months", "in coma for 6 weeks", seen getting smacked by a truck fleeing from the scene of Kiera's murder. "SEVERAL temporal disturbances 11 weeks ago". I am guilty of nothing but correctly remembering what others forgot, but could refresh their memories if they so choose.

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All you have to know is that Catherine isn't his disciple. She's his jailer. The great day is coming.


He's the one you told me about, right? The original Freelancer who traveled back a thousand years to start your cult?