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Kiera: Is he safe?
Brad: He's your family. He's my family.
Kiera: Not the family I was trying to get back to.
Brad: I know.
Kiera: The strange thing, aside from all of all if it, is that if you hadn't shot me, I never would have found you.
Brad: Kiera Cameron. You are the key.

Sonya: Fight or flight Protector. They're both bad choices.
Kiera: You don't believe that.

Alec: Who are you?
Brad: Different timeline.
Kiera: Different future.
Alec: So nobody in this car is from now?

Whatever it is you believe, Catherine, I don't.


Sonya: I've told you that you're important and that you'll do great things but you don't seem to believe me.
Julian: That's because most of what you say is psychotic.
Sonya: Put it together. Different messengers, same message -- Kagame, Travis, Lucas, Garza, ME....
Julian: Let's just get you out of her, alright?
Sonya: We're time travelers, and not just us. Kiera and Jason, too. We all know you as Theseus.

Kiera: Rescuing Alex is what this time needs.
Brad: Maybe, but I believe in Plan Bs.
Kiera: Way to communicate.
Brad: It's like we're married!

Carlos: It's using it to collect information. Information that you want to use to track down criminals before they commit crimes.
Dillon: I need help. I need better survellaince. Some of the shit that's gone down in this city? I need better weapons.
Carlos: Whatever.
Dillon: Yeah, whatever. You're gonna keep busting my balls on this, aren't you?
Carlos: You better believe it.

Brad: Now you know I love it when you play rough, but is that really necessary?
Kiera: Now you're my prisoner.
Brad: Don't overdo it.

All you have to know is that Catherine isn't his disciple. She's his jailer. The great day is coming.

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