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Talk about shaking things up! In Continuum Season 3 Episode 12 Kiera realizes her past mistake and makes plans to set things right.

Feeling the need to create change seeing the future she loathed coming forth at a more rapid pace, Sonya takes drastic measures causing the deaths of more than one central character.

Brad is firmly on the side of Kiera Cameron, believing her the key. He is not alone in this sentiment, and when Kiera thinks she's found a way to set things right, all that she thought she knew is thrown back in her face.

If you think this sounds confusing, then you better watch Continuum online. We're heading full speed ahead into the season finale!

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This is easily the best series on TV. I quite watching tv series a while back. This is sophisticated, well-acted, and very relevant to social events occurring right now. The use of time travel to evoke our own sense of time is extremely clever. I think a lot of sci-fi fans are preoccupied with the idea of time travel rather than the shows focus on ideas about how what we do effects the future. Until the last year or so Global Warming was about the future, suddenly it's here in the present. The show also addresses the issue of mind set. How can reasonably intelligent people deny global warming. How can Kiera not see what is going on? In her case, it's the chip in her head. What's our excuse?

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Continuum Ratings have not been wonderful this season on SyFy, which leads in with lowbrow wrestling fans who don't want to think deep after a six-pack watching grown sweaty half-naked men grapple each other in practically every possible way. If you want to drum up some buzz to help get season 4, this is your chance to SAY SOMETHING or Twit it.

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Continuum Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

All you have to know is that Catherine isn't his disciple. She's his jailer. The great day is coming.


He's the one you told me about, right? The original Freelancer who traveled back a thousand years to start your cult?