Pretty Little Liars Review: Waiting for A-nswers

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That's it!?!?

After months of waiting, the Pretty Little Liars return was a quite the letdown, wasn't it?

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 1 involved a whole lot of waiting and not a lot of action or even some great scares. It's true we got a good reveal at the end, but like most PLL fans, I'm hesitant to think that "it really is over."

And just what did we find out?

Shana is A...or at least she's the A that attempted to kill Alison and then shot Ezra. I was definitely suspicious of Shana when she showed up at the hospital acting all sorts of shifty.

It wasn't that much of surprise when she also showed up at the theater, but it was shocking that she was dispatched (from both the scene and the show) so quickly.

But clearly Shana isn't the only A. There was an entire park full of masked and hooded figures taunting the liars in a scene that was supposed to be spooky but came off as rather goofy.

Plus, wasn't Shana scared off by A in Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 18? How does that work if she's one of the A-team? I'm guessing that was the point when the real A recruited Shana for his/her cause... or convinced Shana to avenge her true love Jenna.

Shana's rationale for betraying Alison makes a lot of sense because Alison has made so many enemies I'm surprised she has any friends to help her anymore. In fact, Alison's horrible past lead to one of the other big plot points of the evening: Mona's Army.

After finding out that Alison is no longer undercover, Mona starts preparing for her former bully's return to Rosewood by recruiting anyone who Alison had ever teased mercilessly with a hurtful nickname.

Lucas is there, as is Paige, who seems to decide this club is not for her until a final member arrives - Melissa. This group could turn into quite the formidable enemy for Alison if this whole A thing is going to be dropped for awhile.

However, let's be clear: departing from the central mystery would be seriously frustrating for loyal viewers! I'm not saying that Janel Parrish's Mona isn't awesome to watch in action, but I need a lot more A-nswers first.

I'm probably the most interested in Melissa's secret. She confessed something to her father during Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 24, something that would exonerate Spencer.

So, did she kill that other girl?

My gut says probably not, but I think she knows who did and it's someone close to her or her family. Her father's insistence that no one, not even her mother, can know the truth suggests it might be Melissa. Although she seems to feel a lot of guilt about the other girl's death, she doesn't seem that torn up about it.

But Melissa isn't the only one still holding onto secrets; it looks like Alison still has some left to confess. She revealed CeCe's part in this A-drama to Emily, but there has to be more. No one survives that long on their own (especially as a teenager) without a lot more help.

The season may have started with a disappointing installment, but it did set up some interesting villains for the next season.

Who is going to be the biggest trouble this season for the liars?

Here's your first look at Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 2, "Whirly Girl."


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Turns out Alison was there to save the girls so many times: Emily from the saw, pulling Emily out of the garage, pulling all of them out of the fire, etc. Plus, a girl with Ali's looks, whose picture has been posted all over the nation, would need to at least cut her hair to be less noticable. I am curious about Mona's army—and Melissa's secret and her role in the army. I rather liked the theater set, but I'm amazed that the girls slept and slept soundly.

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Am I the only one whos wondering whats happened too Mrs D. The end of season 4 she was knocked out n buried alive yet theres been no mention of it

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Spindae 2o

Quite underwhelming! I don't know, it's just got boring to be mislead so much, Shana was attacked by A, just a couple of eps ago. The Mona story would be fine if they concluded the A story, but now it's just pushing the A story to the side. Just like the Ezra story did. And what's this shit about just a month passing since the Halloween ep? Will the girls ever exit high school????

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Ugh. Bless you for reviewing this and finding so much to talk about. I had to rewind and watch several scenes more than once to see if I was missing something exciting. I wasn't. Sigh.

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@ Carissa Pavlica

I too would cluelessly whine about one episode of a show that just announced it has another THREE SEASONS left to tell it's entire story....... seriously TV Fanatic, i've read a fair bit of your site over the last few months and you've got some great reviewers who use actual common sense when reviewing most shows but you've had the most beyond wrong/godawful person reviewing PLL now for god knows how long. you've done the equivalent of picking an impatient, clueless whiny crybaby who somehow expects EVERY answer in EVERY episode to review a Lost-like, extremely detailed mystery show where the whole point and appeal of the show is that they give answers and then give more questions! the Ravenswood reviewer definitely wasn't lacking common sense, give this for them to review instead because i'm definitely not wasting my time reading this nonsense again, let alone every week.

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