Royal Pains Review: Runaway

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Just when you thought you had it all figured out, Royal Pains Season 6 Episode 3 threw you for a loop.

We thought Emma was only in the Hamptons to reunite with her long-lost father, but now we have reason to believe she's actually running a con.

Which side do you believe, fellow Hamptonites? Let's break it all down!

There's a pretty strong argument that Emma is there for the right reasons. After all, she did come to the Hamptons and stay in a motel and tried really hard to put on airs that she was rich. She may have told a few white lies - mainly that she was underage - but not once did she ask for money outright, denying accusations early on to that effect.

Playing devil's advocate, though, Evan let it slip that he may have paid her to actually hang out with Eddie R. This is definitely troubling, if only for the situation of uncertainty it caused. Perhaps it was her plan all along.

Then again, it doesn't seem like the payment offer extended to this new situation, which she would be free to exit at any time. I know I wouldn't; they have some pretty sweet digs, but if it was really about her and her mom trying to con Eddie R., this setup only really benefits Emma.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see, which is also true of other evolving situations on Royal Pains Season 6both of which have Jeremiah at the center.

So Jeremiah has found a new spot to occupy on the daily between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. It was certainly a quiet spot that seemed conducive to work, but now there seems to be a nice girl that might very well develop an interest in our socially awkward but lovable HankMed Medical Director.

Then again, Jeremiah may be lying to Divya about her and Sashi overstaying their welcome, both in word and action. We know it won't be long before that secret comes out.

What are the chances he still harbors feelings from Divya that extend beyond friendship? We might not know for a while, but right now it may suffice to say that some distance will make his heart grow fonder.

Lots of relationship twists and turns, but one important question remains: Is Emma running a con on the Lawson clan?


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This season has not begun auspiciously. The interesting medical problems of past seasons seemed contrived this year...a young woman suffers a heart attack with no real explanation. Jeremiah spends his life on the computer and no longer sees patients. Divya thinks the world revolves around her baby and now we have a 17 year old sister added to the mix. The strength of this show is the concierge doctor aspect and it is taking a backseat to soap opera problems. Can an evil twin be far behind?

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@ Ginger

AMEN!!!!!! The whole "MacGuyver of Medicine" aspect's been diluted out and we're left with this fluffy family "intrigue." If you're gonna go for intrigue, Boris' storyline seems a lot more appropriate for that, yet he's nowhere to be seen, although..... ...Hank did leave a message for Boris about Monte Carlo and the promo for next week's ep does show Hank away from the Hamptons so MAYBE next week will be a tad more interesting.

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SMH..... Is this what this show has become? Some lowbrow soap opera in a highbrow enclave? Two boys named Judd and Nelson? Seriously? Paging John Hughes..... I fear this show may be circling the drain.

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