Royal Pains Review: The New Normal

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Summer is always officially back in session when Royal Pains returns to USA Network. 

It's been a long winter for our favorite Hamptons crew, wrought with growth and change fully on display in Royal Pains Season 6 Episode 1.

Coming back to the Hamptons, you almost wouldn't recognize HankMed!

Divya had her baby, Evan and Paige have clearly gone to marriage therapy and Jeremiah... well, he's just Jeremiah!

The team was clearly able to hold down the fort in Hank's globetrotting absence and the cohesion formed between Jeremiah, Divya, Evan and Paige is evident.

If you'll remember from Royal Pains Season 5, Divya and Jeremiah became roommates, with the latter vowing to help her through her pregnancy. I reveled in all the times Jeremiah tended to Divya, either without her having to ask or informing others of her pregnancy and delivery plans.

Striking, also, was the distinct step away from the seemingly romantic tension that permeated the relationship between Jeremiah and Divya, no doubt likely a result of their cohabitation. I can't say I missed it all that much in the grand scheme of things, but  it certainly caught my attention!

The romance was far from missing between Evan and Paige, who suffered some early marital struggles in Season 5. Therapy has seemed to do them wonders, as I never thought I'd see the day Evan offered to help decorate headbands!

It's clear that Hank's absence took a bit of a toll on Evan, but it seems like his growing relationship with Paige and his love for the new addition, Sashi, certainly helped him pull through.

Hank was feeling like the odd man out with his namesake company colleagues. You had to think he would have expected things to change rather drastically without him there for the day-to-day, but somehow it still seemed to take Hank by surprise.

I have to say it made me a little upset. I'm not even upset that they thought it necessary to explore how Hank would respond to exiting the scene for a bit, but really over the fact that he left it for another one of Boris' shall-not-be-named purposes.

It's just getting a little overplayed and I'm not sure that the so called "objectives" Boris so desperately wanted Hank to participate in will contribute to his personal growth in any way. That's frustrating from a storytelling perspective and has me asking "So what?" as a viewer.

That point aside, it was really nice to see Hank using a guitar strap and the neck of an electric guitar for medical purposes again. Welcome home, Hank!

Also, a shout-out to Bethanny Frankel for her cameo. I'm not sure what it was about... but I'll take it!

So, whose story are you most excited to watch unfold this season?


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Avatar new her dad was plus on previews its a dead give a...way..I did like how Hank stood up to Boris...I think they did the flashbacks to fill us in on birth of baby etc. And i do like Jeremiah

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I thought that Divya and Jeremiah seemed CLOSER than ever. More like a couple and less like friends. I thought he seemed to have accepted friendship and she's falling in "like".

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Bring back Jill Casey.

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Welcome back doc. Next week sesstra

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Well, apart from the "medical case of the week", which is what drew my interest in this series to begin with, it was a pretty lackluster beginning to a new season IMO. The repeated flashbacks nearly made me reach for the Dramamine, and I could have done without seeing Bethenny Frankel who's apparently "too cool" for a theme party these days. And while I won't spoil it, the big build-up as to Emma's identity was just silly. I think we ALL know who she is by now--the melodramatic cliffhanger was unnecessary.

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