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Suits Review: Coming To You Now

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The war between Harvey and Mike wages on - and this week it got personal.

At the same time, Louis catches onto Jeff and Jessica, much to Jeff's surprise.

Indeed, Suits Season 4 Episode 3 packed quite the punch.

A Show of Remorse?
What have I done?!? Mike looks none too happy in this scene from Suits Season 4.

Perhaps the most obvious blows took place between Mike and Harvey. It consisted of several hard rounds.

The first round consisted of Logan urging Harvey to have Mike investigated. The move forced Harvey to go to Gillis behind Mike's back and divulging his past as a drug dealer---which only lasted a second, by the way---and trying to use the death of Gillis' son by drug overdose to villainize Mike.

Harvey claims that it was the lesser of the two evils that could have occurred, alluding to the truth about his time at Pearson Specter as an unlicensed attorney. Of course Mike doesn't see it that way.

Mike sees it as a personal attack, so he strikes back harder by purchasing the master tapes of Harvey's father, the musician. He's been after them for a while, and it implicates Donna, who was the one who mentioned them to Mike in the first place.

We should have known that Rachel would get embedded further into the matter when Mike's attempt to collect intel on Sanders reveals a deposition Rachel gave in Sanders' divorce proceedings that were eventually halted. I really appreciated that moment between Mike and Rachel where she came to him with the truth. It wasn't that she lied, she only told what she needed to in order to neutralize the situation at the time.

It's interesting in that it mirrors what Harvey did for Mike, though Mike was much more willing to forgive Rachel's perceived transgressions than Harvey's.

Whether or not the chasm between the two once inseparable men is yet to be seen.

One relationship that perceivably went off the rails for the forseeable future this week was that between Jeff and Louis. Let's face it, though, we never expected for them to be besties even from the beginning, but the fact that Jeff keeps scheming to get to Jessica is already getting on my nerves, and it really gets my goat that he's using poor Louis to do it.

Shame on you, Jeff, shame on you. I hope Jessica continues to reject your advances. You don't seem to understand what it took for Jessica to keep her firm, and that's your first mistake, sir.

So, who took things too far this week? Mike, Harvey or Jeff?



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I would not be surprised if Jeff wants Rachel back or it is some sort of pay back to her. He is vindictive towards Mike instead of just winning.
And several times now, he has shut off Harvey like any other entitled brat.
I hope in the end both Harvey and Mike take him down. What a snake...

@ imjustafan

I think you mean Logan Sanders not Jeff.. Jeff is behind Jessica


I don't think what Rachael did was stupid. He did really owe her. I'm just not completely convinced that she is over him even though she said she said no to the proposal. For some reason I don't believe her. Can't put my finger on it, but if she hurts Mike that's it I'm done with her. You could really tell how hurt he was when he read the deposition and it showed me that he really truly loves her and doesn't want to lose her. I think Mike needs to be more appreciative of what Harvey is doing for him cause I think Harvey is taking it easy on him and could do much worse. I don't agree with Logan's "surrogate son" comparison. I think its more big brother


I feel lonely. I think I am the only one here who thinks that a past relationship is a past relationship. Even if on Suits it seems like a huge deal, to me it is not. This is a former boyfriend/lover. That's it. Why should this influence Harvey's client (who chose from the start to move against Mike ) or come between Rachel and Mike or finally upset Mike alone, I sincerely can't see. This all seems blown out of proportions to give a couple of extra stories to Mike VS Harvey for the first time. And it's dragging me down for it seems unrealistic.


I actually think it is Mike's character who is out of line - and not very likeable I might add. Harvey is still trying to figure out ways 'not' to hurt Mike as he struggles to work for his client. Mike has turned into this guy who frankly I wouldn't want to be around. What's missing here is the brotherly affection and friendly banter between Harvey and Mike that so characterized all the seasons up to now. And it's making watching this split season very unpleasant for me. Loved Donna and Louis always remains hilariously Louis.


I love Suits but the act of Luis always being naive and getting duped is really starting to wear thin.

@ Bill

I agree. They need to pull Louis back from the brink of buffoonery. His line last week about eating c0ck for breakfast, lunch, and dinner was just over the top.


I do not recall the last time I laughed so hard at a tv show. The conversation at Donna's desk between her and Louis was hilarious!
"Shut the from door"
"I'm shutting the back door"
Then the other part of the conversation was great too!
I like Harvey and he is great at what he does BUT he did go to far. I say this because I like Mike. If Harvey would have done that to just some random person I would have been okay with it! However he should not have done that to Mike. I know Logan threatened him and Harvey's case was on the like but still, not cool! However Mike proved he was the bigger man in the end and gave the tapes to Harvey. Good for Donna for having that talk with Harvey.
I really like that Rachel was the one to save the day by going to Logan.
I like the Rachel/Harvey relationship that is growing they guys will need her as the middle man for a lot more things.
I really like that Donna and Mike get together for coffee.


Rachel going to Logan to cash in her favor is arguably one of the dumbest things she could have done, especially after just convincing Mike that she loves him. I'm surprised Harvey didn't pick up on it when she told him. It gives Logan a way to eat at Mike in a much more dangerous, destructive way ("I didn't want to hurt Rachel").


I think both Harvey and Mike took it too far, but still Jeff was more sleazy. Ok, so he cares for Jessica, yet he completely doesn't understand how much she's achieved and how hard she fought to keep it. And using Louis like that- not cool, I hope Louis crashes him.
The best part of the episode for me was Donna- her interactions with Louis, Jessica, Mike. And I loved how she was in Harvey's corner all the time but at the same time she called him on his shit.

@ kaitleen

I would relate if this guy was abusive to Rachel, he wasn't. And he was long gone before Mike even met her. So what's the big deal? By the way this seems like the everlasting question of how Mike is going to fit in his new life. If everything he's going to do will bring us back to point one, resolve it and move on or let it implode and end the series. It's getting really boring.

@ d

sorry this wasn't a reply, I made a mistake. :)