Suits Season Premiere Review: Private Affairs

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Suits is back.

And Suits Season 4 Episode 1 laid everything out on the table.

It seems Mike and Harvey are on opposite sides, taking everyone they care about along with them. This crew is used to fighting enemies outside and inside - but to fight each other is the beginning of a whole new ball game.

And with that ball game came some new equipment for Mike in the form of a new office and his own personal Donna. It's clear life at the hedge fund has treated him well. If only those perks came with a boss who was in his corner, which Mr. Sidwell certainly doesn't seem to be.

It's that dissatisfaction that most likely propelled him into taking Harvey on in the first place, perhaps one of Mike's most controversial moves. And a potentially costly one, too.

And it's from this point on that everything gets complicated.

Donna called it from the beginning: Harvey doesn't know how to be a subordinate or how to let his proteges leave the nest. Or maybe it's just because it's Mike who is trying to call the shots.

Unfortunately for both parties, the consequences of their power struggle are going to have an impact on everyone around them.

The first victim was Rachel, who Harvey used to send a message to Mike that his idea wasn't worth squat. To her credit, though, Rachel did confront Harvey on the matter. It did not, however, prevent her from verbally declaring that she was willing to do what needed to be done for Pearson Specter, even if it was at Mike's expense.

This doesn't bode well for the couple.

Jessica and Harvey seemed on the same page for the most part, perhaps even more so than usual. It wasn't the first time Harvey had arrived home to Jessica in his kitchen, but it was the first time she was cooking for him, too!

With the SEC hot on their heals, it's gonna take some serious maneuvering to get ahead of the curve. However this new player, who apparently already has an in with Jessica, could have some competition on his hands in Louis.

Louis and Katrina's relationship seems to be on the up and up, while Louis is in hot pursuit of the SEC lead gig.

Suits didn't hesitate to bring it's A-game in this reviewer's opinion.

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Amazing season premiere. I missed them characters so much !!!

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This show moves SO fast, if you miss anything you are completely lost! I am glad that I worked in a law office many years ago. It helps me to understand some of the terminology used, and make sense of what they are saying. The actors are perfect for their characters. I don't want to see Mike and Rachel split up, though. I don't like Louis at all, but he plays a really good creepy guy. Reminds me of a weasel or something. Hard to imagine how anyone gets any actual legal work done, with all the conniving and back stabbing that happens!

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Sidwell was so hot on Mike I can't believe he would turn on him in only a few months. And it seemed to come as a surprise to Mike. You would think a (good) manager would have brought it up before being so nasty all of a sudden.

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Not too bad of an episode and agree Mike will go back with Harvey...i hope so cause i'm just not caring for it this way but guess they gotta shake things up for awile!!!!!

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Sarah silva

This was a great episode!
I do not like to see Mike and Harvey on the outs though.
I did like the scene when Harvey and Donna made fun of Mike's vest! Reminded me of the old days!
I had to rewind the first conversation with Harvey and Jessica! Bow chick bow bow....when Harvey did that I laughed out loud!
I also liked their scene at the end! I think Jessica is happy Mike is gone and her relationship with Harvey is better now because of it.
Louis was funny, I really like his relationship with Katrina.
Donna knows what she is talking about and sometime Harvey should listen to her.
They are setting up a Mike and Rachel break up! I do not like that but the creator of the show said he wanted them to break up last season. He also said he already knows what he wants to do with them this season and he is not going to change his mind.
I really liked the opening sequence as well.
Sidwell wanted Mike, he obviously knew he was good but he is not in Mike's corner and I do not like that. I think eventually Mike will no like the job and return to the firm.

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