24: Live Another Day Review: As If It Weren't Hard Enough

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I'm still catching my breath from 24: Live Another Day Season 1 Episode 10.

Navarro, Adrian, the Chinese, the Russians. Jack Bauer certainly has his hands full trying to save the world. 

During this hour, I found myself contemplating a 24 drinking game. If I took a drink every time Jack said Damn It!, ordered someone to, Do it Now! or Out of the Way! I don't think I'd be sober enough to write this review.

But I digress. So much happened this hour it was hard to keep it all straight. 

Let's start with Navarro. I couldn't help but be happy when Adrian hung the little weasel out to dry. Even better was Jack and Kate teaming up to break him. 

And was it just me, or didn't President Heller tell Erik to give Jack anything he needed to break Navarro? I couldn't help but smile when Jack listened to all of Eric's concerns and then told him in this 24: Live Another Day quote

Just so we're clear, I wasn't asking. That was me being courteous.


Kate was the one person Navarro feared even more than Jack - and I couldn't really blame him. Kate Morgan would have gladly killed him and suffered the consequences if the entire world wasn't on the brink of destruction. 

If anyone could understand Kate's feelings of guilt over her husband's death, it's Jack. The man's been through hell and back more than once and knows first hand that revenge only makes it worse. 

If only Mark Boudreau had learned that lesson. After his fight with Audrey, he decided to let the Russians know where they could pick up Jack. As if it weren't hard enough already to try to save the world. Unfortunately, Mark made that call before he realized that Jack was the man in charge of finding that override device. Oops.

I'm afraid that once Mark let that domino fall, there was no going back. 

If he thought that Audrey wasn't going to forgive him before, this may end her feelings of commitment to her marriage all together. 

But poor Chloe may have gotten the worst of the hour. First, everything she believed about Adrian's ideals were crushed when she found out how he intended to use the override device. Then she learned he'd been hiding the truth about the death of her husband and son only to then have to watch Adrian be killed moments later. 

As if that weren't enough, Chloe now carries the guilt for being manipulated by Adrian and playing a role in the possible start of World War III.

I'd say she's having a pretty bad day. 

So you tell us, TV Fanatics, should Erik have stood in Jack's way when it came to interrogating Navarro?


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Eludium q36

I really like how they've put together this run of "24". Plausibility hasn't jumped the shark, and each episode is fascinating, there's no filler eps at all. I wish all series followed such a formula. I also like how this run didn't end with the device's recovery but pushed forward with further treachery. Like, like, like.

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official description of next episode shows jack will take mark along for some sort of field mission and i suspect that mark will die in some sort of self sacrifice to save jack or the mission because i think its the only way writers can redeem him

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Another great episode. I really hope this show comes back for another run next summer. The 12 hour/episode format goes by much too fast but it works nicely in the middle of summer. Great television.

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As to the poll question, Jack got everything he wanted from the interrogation. His plan all along was to set Navarro up, get him out of the controlled environment and then double team him with Kate. He said Navarro knew all the tricks and had to come up with something different.

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