Covert Affairs Review: Love What You Do

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Could Annie really leave the CIA?

Not if she has anything to say about it.

Through the course of her mission, she got into a car crash, but that was just the trigger to force her into confiding in Auggie about her heart condition. That and other key moments of Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 4 felt like they were there in order to propel the story forward. It was as if there was a checklist for the writers to mark off as each event happened.

Annie and Auggie received the identity of the Postman from Roger and then it was case on. Annie went after him and messed up multiple times. She was caught tracking him and then got into a convenient car crash. There had to be a better way to force out her secret than a contrived car crash, but that's how it happened.

Annie confided in Auggie about her heart condition not because she wanted him to know and help her, but because she was forced into it. His trust in her and ability to stand by her side after that is a little bewildering, but he's fiercely loyal to her even if it's not reciprocated. It had to hurt that she went to Eyal for help instead of him when the symptoms first presented.

After trailer about Eyal's return, I was disappointed that he showed up in a flashback and his appearance was so limited. He's a rock for Annie, just like Auggie. She wouldn't be the woman she is today without either of the men, in fact, she'd likely be dead. Both Eyal and Auggie would do anything for her and have done so over and over again.

With the addition of McQuaid to her life, I'm intrigued to see if he's able to withstand her control and influence or if he'll also fall under her spell. He keeps trying to get her to let him in, but she's held strong so far. Does she really need another man to help and protect her? That's not at all to imply that Annie needs a man, but she does need a strong support system to succeed in her position.

The awards ceremony was another awkward event in the episode, because the characters decided to attend at the last minute. That made it feel just as contrived as the car crash. It would have worked better if it was an event that everyone already planned on attending. 

The threat to the CIA if intelligence work is outsourced felt authentic and real, it was just the means that the storyline was introduced that felt forced. The party also provided the framework for Calder's secret relationship with a Senator's prostitute to become public, while Auggie moved his relationship with Hayley forward.

Arthur's push for the government contract won't be good for his marriage. He's potentially taking work away from his wife and giving it to McQuaid. Of course, a bonus from the deal would buy a lot of diapers, so maybe she'll forgive him. If the deal goes through, I wouldn't be surprised to see Covert Affairs shift away from the CIA.

Annie's cowboy attitude would be better suited for a job working for McQuaid than with the CIA. She'd be able to get more done, while working for Arthur again. There wouldn't be anything stopping Joan from joining them too. Auggie and Calder could remain at the CIA to provide that perspective. It may not happen, but it's fun to consider.

For now, Annie's job is secure at the CIA and she has new leads to follow in regards to the Chicago bombing. Since Wilson was handled so quickly, I hope the next phase of the investigation requires them to dig deeper. Plus, McQuaid still knows something he's not letting out, at least not yet.

Did Auggie make right decision to alter Annie's medical records?


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Looking forward to Paris adventure. Enjoy all the theories on WHO is responsible for the Chicago bombing..........Many posters think McQuaid has key info. I think he wanted to make sure that no one in this company was involved or connected as Borz once worked for him. My bet is on someone who you would not suspect who has access to key the call gal, Sydney. She has been hooked up with Caulder and many high profile guys, like the Senator. No secrets are ever safe............the CIA will discover Annie's .................what will her future that time, she will have figured it out......."Can I have it ALL????" One thing that I really like this season is that Annie has a serious medical condition........................that the producers highlight this and how Annie deals with it. I believe McQuaid will see to it that she see a specialist and she gets it under better control.

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McQuaid, can't decide if he's a hero or villain. Two scenarios. He could be the one who is behind the bombing so that he can get more business as he did with the contract Pierson gave last night through Arthur's networking/sweet talking. He did spend time with Borz why? To make sure Borz could not lead the CIA to him. Or perhaps McQuaid is a good guy and he knows more about Borz' history than he let on? I have a theory that Borz was involved with Lexington Global post his time with McQuaid. I think all the leaks will eventing link back to Henry Wilcox and his master plan to bring down the CIA. . . after dying, someone else is putting his plan in motion and McQuaid is onto it. Eyal was tracking Khalid last season and clashed/fell out with Annie over it, I wonder if he will show again through Mossad to investigate Khalid's involvement. He ties some entities together, but who? Henry knew about Khalid, Rivka and Eyal as well. . . Lots of foreshadowing from ER doc, Eyal and Auggie. . . re: Annie needing to consider her life. . . I think some major stuff will come soon. . .

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I agree. It felt forced. Almost like a check list. But I enjoyed it anyway. What I didn't understand was them not making use of the car crash for more than a blood test. It looked like, and for a few minutes I thought it was, an attempt on Annie that failed, but apparently it wasn't. That was strange. The writing isn't as good this season. The first episode was the best - terrific in fact. The second had a lot of character introductions that did nothing to move the story forward. The third was sort of a filler of sorts. This one moved the story but not smoothly. I should check to see if they have a whole new roster of writers. I'll watch it anyway and hope things improve because there are opportunities to save the season where the story is now.
Three of the five most important people in Annie's life know her 'secret'.
All three are honoring her request to keep it a secret. Auggie knows that Eyal
knows, but Eyal and Ryan don't know either of the other two know. It's huge that
Auggie knows and did something proactive to support Annie: he hacked the
hospital medical database to keep it a secret. That might, probably will, come
out later on. There has to be a plot related reason Annie has myocarditis. They
wouldn't use that, a potentially career-flaw, if it didn't have a purpose. There are a number of intriguing possibilities open to the show. Just to mention a couple that come immediately to mind: One of them is that the DPD discovers a leak within McQuaid's
organization. Annie might end up telling Joan about her heart condition as part
of a plan to be fake fired from the DPD and employed by McQuaid as a double
agent (that might be a rather stormy meeting - maybe Auggie is involved as well
because he is still her handler). Arthur might not know she was fake fired. Or, Annie could volunteer to fake resign because Joan is getting close to
her secret and become a double agent in McQuaid's organization in an effort to
prolong her career. Discovered by McQuaid, it would put her in the same sack as all other "lying SOB" spies in McQuaid's eyes, but that probably wouldn't
bother her that much as long as she still has Auggie's respect. Another is that Pearson is outsourcing domestic spy stuff because she is
corrupt, or a traitor, and thinks she can protect herself better because she
will have a 'yes' organization that she can control charged with the
investigation. It could backfire on her if McQuaid is really a patriot and
willing to lose $50 mil to do what's right. This could be combined with either
of the first two where Pearson is the problem, not a leak in McQuaid's
organization. What they are doing with Calder is a mystery. Joan very bluntly pointed out his mistakes, how obvious they are to anyone watching, and exactly what discovery would do to his career. Unspoken, but very much part of the conversation, was his comment to her that a "Spy's place is in the shadows." He's anything but at the moment. He's
about to commit an "Arthur" on a grand scale with out the safety net of decades
of experience and a history as a successful DCS. That could end up with him at McQuaid Security sooner rather than
later. Now we come to McQuaid. Me thinks the man doth protest too much. Every
single episode he makes a point of telling people, sometimes more than once, how
patriotic he is, how important it is to do good things for his country. Real
patriots, like Arthur, Joan, Annie, Auggie, don’t ever feel it’s necessary to
say that. Not even once. This is a red flag to me. It should be to Arthur as
well. Arthur doesn’t reveal much of what he’s thinking to anybody including
Joan, or at least he has been less than forthcoming with Joan on more than one
occasion. Not so much since baby-Mac showed up, but Arthur is Arthur, his basic
character isn’t going to change. So it is entirely possible we end up with some of the earlier possibilities
realized in an organization that Annie realizes is selling the U.S. out. By that
point everybody but Annie, and maybe Auggie, will be drinking the McQuaid
Kool-Aid. That could end up with her having to save the day yet again. My three choices for major villain, of the characters we know, are Pearson, McQuaid, and McQuaid's second in command. There could be someone else that is funding this betrayal.
I’m interested to see how it goes.

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It is a very bad decision for Annie to work in the field with her heart condition. I'm surprised Auggie was so willing to help her hide her health records. It's just as Eyal said that it puts her at a definite disadvantage.
I think McQuaid is going to cause problems for more than Arthur.
It appears that Calder is willing to lose his position over his love interest.

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I think we are seeing the beginning of the end of the show.

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I for the most part live for those moments when Eyal appears. He's easily my favorite recurring character and there is never enough of him. I, too, was disappointed that he only appeared in flashback and briefly. They didn't even have that easy, deep, but fun relationship with all the fun and cute bsbter. Perhaps because of the seriousness of the visit but that never stopped them before. Excluding the warm embrace and his overuse of neshama their interactions were stiff. I hated thst. It's my favorite pairing outside of her and auggie. I'd love to see Annie, joan, and McQuaid working together. That'd be interesting. I don't understand why Annie feels like this job is all she has to the point where she's jeopardizing her health.

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