Extant Review: More Believable Than The Truth

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When Director Sparks said he was going to tell Molly "something more believable than the truth," I had a feeling his explanation would be just as wild as little green men aboard the Seraphim.

Seriously, did Sparks think Molly would fall for a covert program within ISEA impregnating her without consent?

Extant Season 1 Episode 3 continues to withhold answers while making it quite clear ISEA is not to be trusted.

Telling John

This week we learned that Molly was pregnant with Marcus' baby at the time of their accident. I found it interesting that not only has Marcus appeared to her, but now his brother Tim shows up as well. I'll get to all that in a minute though.

So Kern discovers Molly's ultrasound and now they know Sam has been withholding information. I hope they don't kill her off, it's always the BFF that gets the raw end of the deal in these situations. Poor Sam, I have a bad feeling your days are numbered.

The flashback revealed Molly wasn't easily sold on the idea of Ethan joining their family unit. Still, after consistently failing to get pregnant the little bot seemed as good an option as any. "Family is what you make it" John assured her.

Speaking of Ethan, what's the deal with the birds? The little guy has an unhealthy fascination with winged creatures. He certainly took his time building that elaborate trap for the pigeon. He later tells John he planned to play with it but I'm not buying it.

Is this a case of the A.I.'s curiosity getting the better of him and eventually moving from birds to mammals? Will Ethan hurt one of the kids at his new school? That's certainly the impression I get from the uncomfortable parents. A toaster with hair, seriously?

He's not dangerous, he's just different. You don't have to be afraid of different.


It doesn't get much creepier than the Lucy bot Julie was working with. Why did she only have lips anyway? I'll take bird-bot killer over Lucy any day.

Molly heads out to Kryger's place and discovers a strange circle pattern sketched on the wall of his RV. The pattern seems similar to the circles that appear on her tummy from time to time. What does it mean? Any guesses? I'm at a total loss.

At her extremely belated birthday party, not only does Halle Berry look gorgeous, but her post video diary speech was really moving. She's delivering a wonderful performance so far on Extant. I'm reminded why she's an Oscar winner and makes the big bucks.

During the party Sam takes a blood sample and the circles appear again. Almost as if the entity is trying to protect itself right?

Shortly thereafter, Marcus' brother Tim appears and they reminisce about him. I started to sense something was off when Tim asks "ever see him?" Of course, when Molly invites Tim to join the group picture you just knew he'd be missing from it later on. Anyone know why the lights went out?

Molly finally confesses to John that she's pregnant...

Sparks said they implanted something inside of my body. They took our samples with some kind of time release system and then they did all this without my consent.


The couple rejoin their friends for the video diary but Ethan's gone to bed. John scolded him about the bird and keeping secrets. Isn't it amazing how Pierce Gagnon goes from innocent sweet kid to menacing and unstable? He's a rare talent and he'll go far in the business if he manages to avoid the pitfalls of most child stars.

Julie is starting to get on my nerves. While I understand her attachment, her motivation is purely selfish. John wants to nurture the Humanichs so they develop and become independent. For Julie on the other hand, they seem like toys or property. We can expect a major falling out between John and Julie soon.

In the end, we learn Tim was never there. Just another vision like Marcus though why I'm not really sure. While Marcus and Molly were lovers and almost had a child together, what's the significance of Tim?

I like that Molly is finally trusting her husband. She tells him about seeing Marcus in space and that she's losing her mind. Then seeks out Sparks.

Naturally, Sam calls looking for Molly and freaks John out. She then sends Molly a text warning her to get out of the car. Before almost causing an accident Sparks sees the circles vibrating on her belly. What does this mean? I need to know more.

Hey at least Molly managed to escape with John and when their house is raided they're nowhere to be found.

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Will Ethan hurt one of the children at his school?

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Great analysis of the increasingly bizarre happenings. I thought for sure Sam was a goner, but she's still with us. Maybe they'll surprise us by not going cliche. Really, that might be the biggest shock of all with this one.

@ Carissa Pavlica

Thanks, had some big shoes to fill! Glad ya liked it. Did you hear CBS moved the show to 10pm due to low ratings?

@ Henry A. Otero

Damn. It was still the second most watched program of the night in terms of viewers -- 6.43 million just below Big Brother's 6.59, which was about a million 5 above Criminal Minds at 10. Just the wrong demo I guess. That said, CBS has a traditionally older demo, don't they?


I have some theories as to why the lights went out for "the third time this month." Part of our predictions segment at http://extantpodcast.com

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@ Extant Podcast

Will definitely check out the show, thanks!


Personally, I think John and Julie had an affair while Molly was in space. Last week, Julie seemed "jealous" that Molly was back spending time with John and Ethan. After all, John is still a human with flaws :-)

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@ Jan

Jan it does seem like there's some jealousy on Julie's end. It might just be her attachment to Ethan, we'll see. I hope it's not affair, John's a decent enough guy so far.


Check out whats coming up http://bit.ly/Extant1x04

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John is written as way too perfect a husband - where I can I get one like that? Ethan, on the other hand, seems like something out of The Other - totally creeping me out.

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@ Suzanne

Completely agree Suzanne... perhaps there's more to John though. When Ethan starts going bad that's bound to affect his father as well. I'm curious to know more!

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Extant Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

He's not dangerous, he's just different. You don't have to be afraid of different.


Sparks said they implanted something inside of my body. They took our samples with some kind of time release system and then they did all this without my consent.