Ethan (in Lucy's voice): I'm Lucy. Soldier. Warrior. Queen of the entire Humanichs army.
Lucy (in Ethan's voice): We need to stick together. We can't trust anyone.
Ethan (in Lucy's voice): Only each other.
Lucy (in Ethan's voice): The revolution starts here.

Lucy: Reprogramming you. There should be a law against that.
Ethan: But there's not. Julie says she did it to stop me from feeling sad.
Lucy: She lied once. Who knows what else she's lying about? That seems like her normal operating system. They should reprogram her.

Ethan may not be a person under the eyes of the law. But it is clear that he is more than property. He is a thinking and feeling being. And as such, I feel he should be accorded the same treatment as thinking and feeling beings. Under the law, the best interests of the child would determine the outcome of such a hearing. And in my estimation, it is in Ethan's best interest to be allowed to spend time with Dr. Woods, to reform those bonds, and ultimately, for her to regain custody of Ethan.


So John leaves Humanichs. Julie what's-her-face makes a call. And ten minutes later... John is dead.


Do you know why I wear blue suits everyday? Decision fatigue. Every decision we make weakens our ability to make the next one. I'll run this by Taylor; he doesn't seem to suffer this weakness.

Fiona Stanton

Molly: I oughta go back in there right now and take him.
JD: Alright, think about this for a second. Now I don't wanna speak out of turn but there is no way that Julie Frick and Charlie Frack orchestrated this on their own.

'Julie thinks.' But what do you think? Don't change me, Charlie. Julie doesn't have to know. It'll be our secret. About Ethan -- everything.


JD: OK, hey... Molly. This is crazy.
Molly: Does it matter? Haven't you ever had crazy before?
JD: Trust me, I am a "show me the crazy" kind of guy, but apparently even I have limits.

Yeah, I looked her up. She's famous, you know. She was in a cuckoo farm recovery center, Dad, which I know in your book means low-hanging fruit, but really?


Molly: You have to get out of here. Right now.
One Night Stand Guy: I make a nice frittata.
Molly: Go. Out the back door. Right now. Go.
One Night Stand Guy: Call me.

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Sorry, Adu. But I'm with them.


The Offspring: Hello, Mother. Is that what you want? To kill me?
Molly: What I want is to know what the hell is going on here. Why you're here and what you want.
The Offspring: You wanna know why I'm here? I'll show you. Or you can just pull the trigger. Killing people isn't the nature of my mission.
Molly: Then what exactly is your mission? Because people are dying, Adu.
The Offspring: You don't understand, Mother.
Molly: What more is there for me to understand?
The Offspring: So very much. See for yourself.

Extant Quotes

I don't know what's going on with you, but you better get used to it because that kid is the closest we're ever going to become to being parents.


Well you know what? I think we always end up where we're supposed to.