JD: You are crazy.
Molly: Maybe a little. But crazy's all you got. Drive fast.

Computer: Would you like a partner?
JD: Heh. Kills me you still ask.
Computer: I'm a computer, I have to follow the rules.
JD: That is how fascism starts. No, no partner.

Mental Health Board: Several drunk and disorderlies.
Molly: Well, I call that a good time, but whatever.
MHB: Burning down your house.
Molly: Not the whole house. And I have learned my lesson about playing with matches. Never do that when you're angry.
MHB: Attacking a Ms. Julie Gelineau with a shovel?
Molly: She screwed my husband and then had the nerve to show up at his funeral. Now, I think I should be committed if I didn't smack her!

John: Can you describe where you've been?
Ethan: It was like I was a bird. Free to go anywhere. And now I'm... not. Did I die?

I don't know what you imagine, some kind of second coming or the care and feeding of your own pet alien, but you don't have a clue.


He lost his purpose


It's your baby? It is not your baby. It's a nightmare.


Dad. He needs our help.


Ethan: You want me to take my shoes off because it's been a long day?
John: I want you to take your shoes off because they're muddy!

Screw it. Screw it, I'm already dead. If you go, I go.


Let's just shoot each other here and save them the trouble.


Ethan is questioning his own existence, John. You don't get much more human than that.


Extant Quotes

I don't know what's going on with you, but you better get used to it because that kid is the closest we're ever going to become to being parents.


Well you know what? I think we always end up where we're supposed to.