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Tonight was a testament to all the ways the concierge business can go wrong.

Symphony is trying to push HankMed out of the market by quadrupling their lab and testing fees. Some patients are faking their illnesses, others are having their medical mishaps exploited.

And all of these examples took place during Royal Pains Season 6 Episode 5.

Saving a Patient

Is it possible? Could HankMed really be in its final days?

It was certainly starting to look that way when Jeremiah delivered the sobering news to Evan. But, in true Evan fashion, he had a few tricks up his sleeve - or so it seemed.

Here were the three times I thought HankMed would get a financial backer to cover the cost differences:

  1. The (suspected) mob family. Ray Mazzarino was able to hand Hank a stack after saving his life. One might have thought he might follow through on the offer to "put the kids" through school by offering to buy into HankMed or something. At least they got him on retainer!
  2. Ricky White. If his legs are his life and Hank saved them, doesn't that technically mean Hank saved his life and Ricky could put up the cash? I would think so; but apparently the writers didn't agree. I digress.
  3. The poser former ballerina. Now if there was anybody who should be putting their funny money to good use, it should have been this lady! Nice catch on Emma's part that she was lying about her affliction just to collect cash.

But since Emma is in the mix now, how about we talk about the little stunner that was her nose rub? Yes, her nose rub. It was that tiny tell that may have actually given away what many have suspected from day one: that she was in it for the long con. Could it be a misdirect? Possibly.

It is a little disappointing, though, as I was in the process of signing up for Team Emma when she slipped up. I loved seeing her and Hank bonding, assuming it wasn't an act.

What certainly wasn't an act was that Paige and her boss, Berger, got fired! I wasn't sure what she was going to do next, especially since, at the time, it appeared HankMed was out of options. Lucky for Paige, though, Mazzarino doesn't stick to the establishment, and Lawson & Berger (or is it Berger & Lawson) might have a chance to make it.

So that only leaves us with the final question of what HankMed will do next. Do they have what it takes to start their own hospital? Will they call it a concierge hospital?

While we wait for answers, you weigh in on who you thought might foot the HankMed bill.


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Both Jeremiah and Boris seem like pretty prime candidates for investing in a Medical Facility to me. Although my bet is Boris needs somewhere invest some funds, and his own medical centre is within his Interest... plus he owes Hank quite a few favors!!

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The Emma storyline is tiresome. Asking a man who's "yakking" up blood to swallow not one -- but two! -- nitrile gloves far exceeds the boundaries of my imagination. Paige & "Bergere" are caricatures of themselves, as is Ray in his paisley silk lounging robe digging into a hearty breakfast after eating gloves. Right now my favorite thing about Royal Pains is the scenery!

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Paula duffy

I'm with the reviewer on having switched sides on Emma. Shaming the guys for checking on her ensures she can operate alone and she's just all too smug. Maybe Ray's the new Boris as far as a patron for the business. Wouldn't be the first time a business took dirty money to operate. But this is Royal Pains where good wins out over bad. A mess, for sure.

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I think Boris would help with funding as he owes Hank a great far as Emma I'm stjll finding her untrustworthy..

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Bet Jeremiah wishes he spiked that coffee with clinical-strength laxative.

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Jeremiah is wealthy enough, he could set up a lab and he'll do it. The other option is Boris.

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They wouldn't need to start an entire hospital; they could just built an imaging center with a lab. After the initial cost (which would be several million dollars for a CT and/or MRI) it would probably turn a good profit. They wouldn't have to get an MRI to start out with, its not an everyday study so they could still take those patients to the hospital. And not just hankmed could refer there, private doctor's offices could use it, too. If you are getting a study done as an outpatient an imaging center is a lot cheaper bc you don't have to pay the hospital overhead. Not that they would ever approach him, but I'm sure Boris would help out. Also, isn't Jeremiah pretty loaded. I can't remember the exact story; but I thought he inherited a significant amount of money from a former mentor. Oh, and I think Emma was feeling guilty about selling the story about the snowboarder to the shark Hampton (?) site.

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