Royal Pains Review: Risky Business

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It seems everything revolved around Ray Mazzarino on Royal Pains Season 6 Episode 6.

He has his hand in a little bit of every HankMed associate's life. He's helping Evan and Jeremiah find the space HankMed needs to expand, enlisting Paige's help to decorate and Hank to treat his head chef.

Roots, hard work and family are great tenants to build a business on, but from what we've seen of Ray, I'm not sure HankMed should be putting their stock in this guy.

It's definitely a little scary to see how much influence he's gaining the potential to wield with HankMed.

Think of this: If Evan should decide down the line that this deal with Ray is bad news, all his new capital and equipment for the diagnostic center critical to keeping HankMed open is dependent upon Ray. Without it, HankMed is sunk.

To keep HankMed under his thumb, Ray could very well threaten Evan with directing clients of Paige's new business elsewhere. They are trading being independent contractors paying more to use Symphony's services for being under the rather oppressive thumb of Ray Mazzarino in more areas than just HankMed.

I know what I'd choose.

I'd also choose something else because there is something seriously about to happen in Paige and Evan's marriage. It seems the attitude he gets around Ray, however sudden and out of nowhere, is that of a dominating partner. He needs to back off and let Paige do what she does best; it got her where she is today and she seems to be doing just fine.

He constantly jeopardizes his marriage to her and I can't help but think it's going to take a toll eventually.

But even while there's some serious heaviness going on on the business side, there are still some nice moments for relationships going down.

Among them, Hank and Emma are quickly becoming a favorite. While I totally believe she should fess up to leaking info and photos to SnarkHampton, I really enjoy the dynamic between the two. It was really intriguing to me when she brought up the fact that Hank doesn't really have anyone to bounce things off of. Do you think that's true?

I also enjoyed Hank and Divya sharing a moment on the patio when he gave us a recap of Divya's growth over the past few seasons and her decision to incorporate tradition into her life - and Sashi's - on her own terms. It was also clearly a great way to center Divya's thoughts on Sashi's nanny and what the real problem was for her.

Topping my list of best relationships, though, has to be Jeremiah and her new lady friend. She is adorable! Not to mention the fact she's getting Jeremiah to loosen up and change his perspective a bit. I am still trying to figure out what her purpose is in the bigger picture of things, but I really like seeing where this is going.

But here's the real important question: should HankMed do business with Ray, or is it bad news bears for the team?


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I think Jeremiah and his new lady friend is pretty straightforward. She is there because Divya takes Jeremiah for granted. Having a woman in his life that is interested in him seems to be a new experience for him. This new relationship seems healthier than his long suffering, unrequited relationship with Divya away from work. I expect Jeremiah's horizons to be expanded, and Divya to experience some unexpected jealousy.

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@ John Sheffield

I think Divya is going to realize that she's in love with Jeremiah very soon.

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Not a fan of Ray..not trusting him at far as Emma she's going to get in trouble with that guy..he has ideas for her and not good ones..glad to see Jerimiah loosening up actually smiling

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Ray Mazzarino is bad news for HankMed. That is one controlling guy and that was more than obvious with his conversation w/Evan about becoming partners. It didn't sound like he was giving Evan a proposal to consider - more like - this is the way it's going to be.
When will Evan learn not to push Paige too far?? She goes along with a lot of his ideas, but when he interrupted her prospective business transaction and rudely took over - wow!
Love that Jeremiah has placed his interest somewhere else besides Divya.

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Who is the actor who plays Ray?

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Paula duffy

Evan returned to behavior from early seasons. He needs praise and love and he thinks Ray's is genuine. Stupid! Then there's Emma. What's her game, cause there clearly is one.

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@ Paula Duffy

Emma is just a younger version of Evan or Eddie. It would be really nice if the writers to just let the characters catch on, and work on rehabilitating her. Evan might be needy and self deluded, but not as much as Eddie was (although Evan would resist the comparison), but he probably was a male version of her at some point. If he had gotten to The Hamptons, and found his own way in (without Hank's coattails to ride on) he would probably be doing the same kind of stuff. Eddie has gotten burned and guilted into to being at least somewhat reformed and ought to know the signs (probably the reason they didn't have him around for long so far, this season). Hank, being the rebellious member of the family, ought to pick up on the patterns he has been around, for all of his life, and think up some way to bring it up.

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Oh Evan EVAN EVANNNNNNNNN....You have sold your soul to Il Diavolo. Coupla weeks with some guy from NJ and suddenly you get all nostalgic? Sum'n tells me Boris is gonna have to bail you out...and you'll be grateful for it. As for this imperious attitude over Paige's business dealings, Get. Over. Yourself. As for what I liked about this ep is what I always like--the medical heroics--and this time, it was Divya's turn to be Medical MacGuyver--good on her!!!!! Oh...and cute "manny" too--I was hoping he'd stay. :-)

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