Royal Pains Review: What's Next?

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Evan and Paige need new digs, Divya and Jeremiah consider re-entering the dating world and Hank Bonds it up in Monte Carlo on Boris' behalf.

Indeed, Royal Pains Season 6 Episode 4 was quite the grab bag of plot lines, which made for an interesting hour of television.

Boris’ continued perversion of Hank’s medical services for reasons unknown to anyone but Boris annoyed me for a time, especially when he began to feign dementia.

But, yet again, and in lieu of shouldering any responsibility in his own affairs, he flew Hank to Monte Carlo in an attempt to try and flush out the bank contact.

While it worked, you really have to give it to Hank for blurring the lines even more by exacerbating and straight up fabricating some his captor's symptoms.

And the praise for our Hamptonites doesn't stop there, as Jeremiah and Divya deserve a round of applause for the steps they took towards new phases in their lives - both pushing themselves out of their comfort zones.

It appears my dreams of Divya and Jeremiah potentially getting together have either been completely dashed or temporarily put on hold, as they shared a frank conversation between themselves about the hurdles they faced when deciding whether to get back out there.

Of course Divya would choose to hide behind motherhood, but Jeremiah - inspired by the firefighters they treated this week - decided to take up lifting to potentially impress his new lady friend. He should have left his pickup line at home, though.

Someone who could have definitely benefited from a pick-me-up this week was Evan, whose overzealous Hunger Games theme for Emma's welcome party got he and Paige evicted from their home. I have to say it was pretty entertaining (and initially shocking) to see him and Paige rocking the Capitol style.

Luckily, their therapist had some spare space that they could move into. And it seems the new place will be a great fit... for just them. Not going to lie, I felt kinda bad for Emma, but she seemed fine with the new arrangements.

Overall, tonight's episode was a solid one. Which story line was your favorite?


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The look on Divya's face when Jeremiah was talking about the woman in the bar (do we know her name?), said a lot. I think she's going to realize just how she feels about him.

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Good episode..I would like also to see Jerimiah and Dyvia together even tho he's quirky I really like him. Hank did good with his Bond tactics..and Boris was cool acting far as Emma still wondering what the agenda is!!!!!

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I agree that this was the first decent episode this season. I really could care less about Emma. I too want Divya and Jeremiah to get together.

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First decent episode this season IMO; Hank and his staff being clever and improvising was what hooked me on this show so I'm glad we got to see that; hopefully there'll be more of that instead of this "family fluff." Meanwhile, what's with this therapist who apparently has some SERIOUS boundary issues of his own? And why are Evan and Paige finding excuses to talk with him about every little "breakthrough?"

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