True Blood Photo Preview: Is There Hope?

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Is there hope for Bill, Eric and everyone else infected on True Blood Season 7?

As we found out on True Blood Season 7 Episode 6, the surprising answer appears to be yes... in the form of Sarah Newlin.

This (possibly) rehabilitated nemesis believes she's the cure all with Hep V are searching for. How will she come into play this Sunday?

The network synopsis for "​May Be the Last Time," says Sookie will be looking for a miracle as she tries to save Bill, while Eric and Pam will hone in on Sarah Newlin and Adilyn and Wade will seek protection from Violet.

Only four installments of this epic drama remain, so click through pictures below from True Blood Season 7 Episode 7 and get an idea of what to expect from one of them:

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the true chemistry is between Sookie and Eric? I know that the writers aren't going to give the fans what they want, but let's be real. Many viewers are tuning in for Skarsgard's great portrayal of Eric, as well as his snarky side kick Pam. The most touching moment of the season was when Eric and Sookie met and he just held her and played with her hair. The best comedic moments of the season so far have been the Ginger/Pam/Eric flashbacks. I wish the writers liked his character more because it would be great to see the Viking vampire win it all in the end.

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True Blood Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

This isn't about capture and kill anymore.


Okay, so there's a fully stocked fridge with snacks. Sling is over there. Nipple clamps on the bedside table with some erotic oils and handcuffs. Dildos and toys are on the wall.