Franklin & Bash Review: They're All Gone!

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Just hearing the theme music for Franklin & Bash Season 4 Episode 1 made me smile, but there was a lot after the opening that made me less than happy. 

Let's begin with what we've lost. Carmen is gone. Pindar is gone! I kept hoping there had been some mistake. Franklin and Bash will never be the same without their plucky sidekicks and I missed them throughout the entire hour. 

So far they've been replaced by Dan, a new investigator for the firm. Let's just say I've decided to give Dan some time to grow on me. He's weird and quirky but as of this first episode, I'm simply not feeling the love for the new guy. 

Rachel King (Heather Locklear) is also gone. Apparently Rachel embezzled funds from the law firm, framed Infeld and fled to Croatia. 

For a brief, horrifying moment I wondered if Damian was gone as well. Thankfully that wasn't the case. He's just left to become senior partner at another firm.  Like many of the attorneys, he bailed when Infeld was arrested.

Speaking of Infeld, he's now working as a car mechanic which supplied some of the funniest moments of the hour. I loved how his boss kept calling him Stan and that he filled out the customer service survey for the boys before handing it in. 

Before Rachel ran off, she uploaded some malware to Damian's computer, making it appear as though he was was in on the embezzlement scheme with her. When Infeld realized it, he decided to take a plea deal in order to save his nephew…something Damian has no clue about. I'm guessing this will be a season long arc as Peter and Jared try to figure out how to get their boss back.

On the upside, Ellen Swatello, formerly of the DA's office has now teamed up with Franklin & Bash and was stuck doing "weediation" which the boys were all too happy to indulge in. I enjoyed Ellen's screw ball chemistry with Jared last season so I'm glad we're going to get to see more of it.

Thankfully, Peter and Jared didn't disappear on us too. Despite my disappointment at seeing that many of my favorite characters have been ditched, the boys still had their mojo.

Specifically Jared calling out Mason, the wanna-be archeologist on picking The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull as his favorite Indiana Jones movie. That's sacrilege to any true Raiders of the Lost Ark fan. 

And it was great to be reminded of the boys' origins when the student on campus recognized them in this Franklin & Bash quote

You spoke at career day at my sorority. I still have the beer cozy.


Now they get 20% off Botox treatments because they're renting out office space to a plastic surgeon. Maybe they can offer the doctor a free beer cozy in return. 

This episode was an odd start to the season and I'm still reeling from the loss of my favorite characters. Will the newbies fill the void? Are Peter and Jared still man-child enough to keep me coming back for more? Only time will tell.

Which character will you miss the most on Franklin & Bash?


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So glad that Heather Locklear is gone. I always thought of her as a "jump the shark" addition to a show. I guess kudos to her for still acting, but after 30 years I'm tired of watching her in the same type of role, looking the same but older. I enjoyed the first episode this season. I did not watch last year due to Locklear. I figured she was the kiss of death, so I was happily surprised to see it return in a new format, yet again.


I love Franklin and Bash and was so looking forward to the season starting. As the episode started, something seemed off then I realized Carmen and Pindar were gone! They made the show for me and now that they're gone, it doesn't seem as good as it was before. Hopefully, it will get better but it's not looking good.


This is some BS. I could care less abt Rachel King being gone as I never liked her character; but ti just drop Pindar and Carmen w/o any real explanation is some serious BS! Not happy at all.


wow i can't stand pindar, main reason why i stopped watching, i found his character so annoying. now that he's gone maybe i'll check out the show again.


I cried laughing at the "Hore-Aha" courtroom scene, and loved the ending to this episode, especially seeing Jared and Peter back at the old restaurant from season 1, bringing back some of the memories of the Franklin & Bash struggling to make it work. Can't wait for the rest of the season!


Although, I miss Pindar and Carmen I enjoyed this 1st episode of the season. I think Daniel is a great replacement for Pindar. I died laughing when he fell asleep between Franklin and Bash on the couch at work!! The cases provided good, light entertainment.
I also like Ellen being a part of the Franklin & Bash team. There's so much crime and drama offered on other shows, I hope Franklin & Bash continue to survive in the ratings.

@ Excited Fan

They've lost a lot of important character actors, which help create a strong series foundation.Will see how it pans out, I dot see the series lasting past this season..


It's really hard to swallow when they've lost so much of their cast. I don't care about Heather Locklear, I didn't think her presence was that great last season. But Pindar and Carmen leaving really sucks. I kinda figured Pindar wouldn't be around anymore since he's on Silicon Valley now, I just hoped there'd be time for him to do both! And since there was only one super short scene at their beach house, it also has me worried that we'll see less of them at home having their awesome parties. That was always a fun part of the show. I was also scared Karp was gone as well so I was really glad when he popped up! I'm glad we'll get to see more of Ellen as well. Her chemistry with Jared is fun to watch. The show just felt a little off with all the changes. But I'm hoping for the best, as I still love F&B!


well they just lost a viewer

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Franklin & Bash Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

I have a strict no zombie policy in my courtroom.


You spoke at career day at my sorority. I still have the beer cozy.