Mistresses Review: Sexy, Smoldering, Secret Agent

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We all knew there had to be more to sexy, smoldering Daniel when April dumped his lying, cheating butt a coupled of weeks ago - but did anyone expect him to be working for the FBI?

Talk about going above and beyond to get the job done. I'd love to read the reports he filed on exactly what it took to get those listening devices planted in April's home. 

However, let's back up a step as we review Mistresses Season 2 Episode 10

Last week's stalker turned out to be this week's FBI agent knocking at April's door and I loved how Savi pointed out that April has been committing fraud for the last year by keeping the insurance money and cashing the social security checks for her not-so-dead hubby. Playing nice with the FBI might be a good idea…

That is until Karen runs over with her crazy-eyed conspiracy theory that the Feds have bugged April's house and phone. As nutty as Karen looked when she said it, she turned out to be right, leaving April yelling, "Hell, no!" as she stormed into Fed headquarters to lodge a who bugged my 12-year-olds bedroom complaint, only to find Daniel in an incredibly unsexy FBI windbreaker. Where's a low slung towel or a tight fitting Henley when you need one? 

So was Daniel really  in love with April when they got all hot and bothered with the paint or was it all a part of his master under the covers plan?

Moving on to Karen…the good doctor had a sleepover, with her patient. We're pretty sure slumber parties are a no-no in the doctor / patient handbook. But as Jacob sweetly and naively put it, it's just who Karen is. So when Anna called in the middle of a panic attack from her sleazy apartment, Karen picked her up, brought her home and ordered Pad Thai. 

Oddly enough, this whole new twisted form of therapy got an I love you out of Jacob. Well, he can't say he didn't know what he was getting in to. 

In a weird fit of jealousy, Harry tried to sabotage Joss by making her doubt she's the kind of girl Scott's mom and grandma June would like. It was really mean and I was so relieved when Harry called to apologize, even though it came close to giving Joss a self destructive meltdown. 

Thankfully Scott's mom loved everything that we do about Joss and gave her miniature soaps to prove it. One of the sweeter moments was Joss and Scott in bed as she tried to explain that since her mom was rarely around, she didn't understand why it meant so much to Scott to have his mom like her.

If I had a family that big who loved me that much I would definitely care what they thought.


Later, Joss flies into panic mode once again. Things are just too good. What is wrong with Scott that no one snatched him up before now. Harry redeemed himself with this Mistresses quote

Maybe he was just waiting his whole life for you.


But the biggest aww moment was when Scott gave Joss an amazing pair of heels with Grandma June's wedding ring inside. He even got down on one knee. The best part was that Joss didn't hesitate for a minute. She looked as happy as we have ever seen her. Fingers crossed these two kids make it down the aisle.

Because as Joss and Scott were building a life together, Savi and Dom were falling apart. 

Taut, tan Toni turned out to be way more treacherous than Dom ever expected. When she hit him with sexual harassment charges, he never saw it coming…

I told you you wouldn't see it happening. You'd just suddenly find yourself here, on the losing end of this game.


Please tell me that Dom and Savi take her down before the season's over. 

Just before it all hit the fan, Savi told Dom about the visit with her Dad. That she tries so hard to be indispensable to men because she's completely disposable to her own father. That being with Dom was something new because he doesn't need her, he just loves her. 

I'm saying that I need to learn how to be with someone who just wants me. I really want that someone to be you.


When Dom hugs her you can see in his expression that he knows how badly he's screwed up. It's painful to watch.

I've always liked Dom because he's always been open about his feelings for Savi. Sleeping with Toni was a huge mistake made out of hurt and anger. 

Where Dom was all about Savi, Savi explained that she couldn't be all about Dom. "I was also an ‘us’ with Harry, so there were consequences and wreckage." When Dom says, “We never had a chance, did we?” my heart broke for both of them. 

Are Dom and Savi completely over? It still feels like there's more ground to cover here. They never seem to discuss the baby they lost and that feels like a huge part of their issues. 

But you tell me TV Fanatics, do you hope that Dom and Savi have a second chance?


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I love Joss and and Scott together. Please don't screw it up with mixing Harry in the loop. I love Joss and Harry's relationship as friends, business partners and ex in-laws. Nothing more... Please! I think Savi and Harry need another chance...

Sarah silva

So my prediction weeks ago about Daniel was right! He has been working undercover and that red head is his partner not his wife! The times he said he was out of town, he was working and I am sure out of town looking for Paul. The show really through us for a loop when Daniel said he was married to the red head, but I always knew that was fishy. So that also means that Daniel originally went after April to see if she was in contact with Paul, but then he fell in love with her. I think after all this is over April will be with Daniel.
I am so happy for Joss, I have a hard time enjoying her scenes with Harry because I keep saying DO not hookup with eachother. I really hope she will marry Scott, I really like Scott.
I also hope that the tears in Harry's eyes were his realization that he wants what Joss and Scott have and that he had that with Savi and wants that with her again. It has to be the reason Brett Tucker is remaining on the show, which is great because I love him!
When Dom went to Savi's house I was sure she would tell him she forgave him and that she wanted to work things out, but then once Dom opened his mouth and said all the things he did, I found myself saying out loud.."Savi he is not the one for you, dump him". I am glad the both realized they were not meant to be.
Toni is a beyotch! Well we all knew that.
I am not sure if what April is doing is smart, however Jacob said he loves her and supports her in taking in Anna. So we will see where the Anna storyline goes. I have a feeling Anna will become all single white female on her. (Just using that analogy).


When it comes to Karen...all I want to say is 'why you so dumb, Karen?!'. Sleepovers, seriously? I get that she cares about her patients but this is too much, not to mention totally unprofessional. But I guess she just hasn't learned from her mistakes. I know Dom screwed up and totally got played but...well, I think it's good Savi got a taste of her own medicine, I can't really feel for her when she was the cheater first and hurt Harry so badly. Plus, like April logically put it, they weren't really together 'together'- though I guess it's no consolation for Savi. I just kind of hope that in the long run, she would get back with Harry, now that he's all on his own and doesn't need her either. I loved Joss and Scott's scenes, they belong together and I hope Joss and Harry's misinterpreted feelings for one another won't hurt Joss's chance at happiness in the long run. They are great friends and just that, hope they realize that.

@ kaitleen

I couldn't agree with you more. I'm hoping and praying Joss and Harry don't end up together or even go there. That would be so wrong!


Dom is right, they never had a chance. she cheated on her husband with him and Harrys ghost was always hanging around.

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Mistresses Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Karen: I have a guy. A PI I used last year with the Elizabeth situation.
April: Well there's an endorsement.

I'm saying that I need to learn how to be with someone who just wants me. I really want that someone to be you.