Pretty Little Liars Review: You Can't Spell Liar Without Ali

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After the newest installment, it looks like Pretty Little Liars Season 5 is taking Alison in an even darker direction - and I'm not sure that's a good thing.

For the majority of the season, we've been told to suspect Alison and her motivations by every major and minor character while the narrative itself works to undermine those suspicious by painting Alison as a very scared and desperate victim.

The two threads created a nice amount of tension in the story, pitting the Alison the girls remembered (and yet still cared about despite her nasty attitude) and the apparently reformed Alison that no one wanted to trust.

However, Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 10 started unraveling the opposing threads by suggesting that it was foolish to ever consider trusting or feeling sympathy for Alison to begin with.

The installment wasn't all about Alison, but a major portion of it was dedicated to how the other characters handled the appearance of her supposed kidnapper: Cyrus.

Spencer uses this as an opportunity to finally push the girls away from Alison and back to the truth. She's never been on board with Ali's lies, and now she has the perfect excuse to suggest they all go to Tanner before Ali turns on them. But each of the girls resist for their own reasons.

Aria's reason is pretty obvious - telling the truth could have serious legal ramifications for her. But instead of seriously considering what Spencer has to say or even fighting for her own safety, she spends the majority of the episode caught up in her relationship with Ezra and whether or not she should trust him again. Snore!

Let's just make this easier on Aria. No, you shouldn't trust a man who lied to you throughout your relationship.

Hanna would seem like the most likely candidate to support Spencer, but she's suddenly decided to purge the Alison and A drama from her life, along with fried food and a sedentary lifestyle. However, she does involve herself in the Cyrus mystery when Mona's panic attack leads Hanna to discover Cyrus' mugshot in Mona's bag.

Regardless, she seems to be headed in the right direction here.

Emily was always going to the hard sell, as she's mostly been relegated to being Alison's cheerleader. Emily still had faith her friend and genuinely believed that Alison had been brutally attacked. She loses that faith, however, when Alison positively identifies Cyrus for her own reasons, which she refuses to explain to Emily.

Just why did Cyrus confess to Ali's fake kidnapping?

We're led to believe that Melissa stole the Alison's recording and gave it to Cyrus based on that surveillance footage. This led to Spencer having another confrontation with Melissa in which not much is said. Melissa repeats her warnings about the danger surrounding Alison, but this time offers to take Spencer with her when she leaves again.

And she records a "confession" of her own. I wonder when we'll get to see that tape!

But the whole Melissa thing is another diversion from the real culprit... Alison! She meets with Cyrus in the woods after she identifies him to Tanner. After giving him a plane ticket to disappear like CeCe, Alison not-so-subtly suggests that the whole story of their relationship involved her calling the shots instead of being robbed and stabbed by Cyrus.

Quite the disappointment!

Her flashbacks in that basement seemed so real, as did her shame and fear in Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 4. I guess she's more manipulative than I thought.

The whole scene showed a much darker side to Alison (hence the title of the episode), but it actually started making me question Alison's purpose in Rosewood. What was even the point of bringing Alison back on the show, other than to boost ratings?  Unless it's to make the biggest reveal of all: Ali is A.

It seems a little obvious given all the the hints that are being dropped, but Ali has been rather Machiavellian since her return, so who knows?

Is Ali A?


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I've always hoped that Ali would be behind it all. I'm not a huge fan of her and I've always liked the thought that she was torturing the girls from beyond the grave. She most likely will turn out innocent, but I hope they continue to lead her down the dark path.
I think Aria was a little upset that Ezra spoke to Ali because he didn't respect her wishes, (kind of like a test) and she might be a bit jealous of any relationship that he has with her. Ezra and Aria are the main reason I watch the show, so I am not looking for more interference between the two.


so after the great premiere episode, the season had a string of just NOTHING episodes where they stalled the plot and barely progressed the main story which this reviewer then bizzarely gave glowing reviews to, and now when it actually started to progress the plot and get detailed and great again in the last 3 episodes.......all bad review scores (????) XD honestly, why do people review shows when they know nothing about it/don't even like the central story and theme of it???

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@ Mii

Omg you're sooooooo right!!! It was only 3 episodes ago this season started to progress and have actually good episodes! I never agreed with this reviewer!

Sarah silva

Were any of us surprised that Ali new Cyrus and had him lie for her so she could make even more people believe she is innocent?
The brown wig made be wonder how many times she has worn it and pretended to be one of the other girls with brown hair: Aria, Mona, Melissa or Jenna.
I am glad that all 4 girls are on board about not trusting Ali and that they have to confess what really happened. My only problem with that is if they ever confess that Aria killed Shanna I do not see the police just letting her go, especially not Det. Tanner.
I am not sure why seeing Ezra talk to Alison made Aria so upset! She should understand that he is trying to get answers out of Ali too and just like the girls and Caleb he does not trust Ali. I guess we have to have some drama with those two. I did like the talk that Aria and Ella had in Aria's room.
Still do not trust Mona.
I have said all along that Ali is A. Time will tell!

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin's so painfully obvious that she's not A that it's not even up for debate yep, Ali tortures HERSELF.......AND her friends.......AND tried to kill herself with a rock to the all makes so much sense now......??? for gods sake people, the whole point of her character returning is about REDEMPTION. it's the theme of this entire season! oh boy, people who actually think this are in for a rude awakening when the
current and main A is finally revealed

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@ Mii

Who said the rock assailant was A? But it's clear it's not Ali. Makes zero sense. Ali, a victim of A, now outed as Mona, teams up with Mona. Then steals "her" remains. While drugging Emily, and tormenting the Liars as A. As well as trying to get the Liars to lead her (as A) to herself. Alls o she can come home to Rosewood, and still be A. While in their midsts and more likely to get caught. Knowing full well her return would lead to the police questionign her. Nobody as smart as A can be that stupid.


I'm so annoyed with show. Every episode only produces more questions and less answers. And since PLL has been renewed for 2 more additional seasons I doubt that we will learn who A really is anytime. I honestly don't give a crap who A is anymore! I just wanna know when will these girls will graduate from highschool!!!

@ Stormy

thats how mystery shows work, genius. you're the worst type of impatient viewer who somehow wants them to
reveal EVERY big mystery about the show but still somehow keep it going! unreal you can't please idiots like this and god knows why they even keep watching,
you're simply wasting EVERYONES time, including yourselves and most importantly me for having to waste time even responding to clueless trolls like yourself

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I'm sorry, do we seriously have to remind you that you were never actually kidnapped?


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