Pretty Little Liars Review: Seeing Clearly

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As we inch closer to the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars Season 5, the installments are supposed to be gearing up for the so-called "Fatal Finale."

But they seem to be slowing down, don't they?

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 9 resolved some of the issues raised last week (mostly relating to Hanna), but until the end, we were left with very little to carry the story to what is supposed to be an exciting conclusion to the summer season.

Based on this episode, do you have any idea who's meant to die?

I didn't pick up on many clues, although most signs seem to point to Alison. And yet Hanna has been quite the loose cannon lately.

However, her mother finally commented on her drinking when her flask fell out of her purse and Spencer made her plea to Caleb (Hanna's enabler). And now Hanna and Aria have made up as Ella is forced to confront Zack's wandering eye.

Maybe Hanna's on the mend?

Emily and Spencer have been threatened and nearly stomped to death recently. But Emily is too much of a badass to let A get the best of her. Just check out the scene when she confronts the manipulative Sydney.

(Side Note: How weird was it that Sydney and Jenna were wearing almost the exact same outfit? I get that Sydney feels bad for Jenna, but is that enough of a motivation to terrorize Alison? Maybe she is telling the truth and is just in Rosewood to support Jenna.)

As for Spencer, I'm pretty sure the writer's depend on her to keep the story going. However, she does have possession of some very incriminating photos of Alison courtesy of Noel. Their insurance could end up being their death sentence.

Odds are the only people in danger are minor characters. Or possibly Alison. Although she has been a major force in the show, she hasn't really been an active part of the series until relatively recently.

For the most part, this episode continued exploring an idea that's been on the surface of Pretty Little Liars Season 5 the whole time, but wasn't really addressed head on until last week. Can anyone ever really trust Alison?

Even the people she depends on, like Noel and Shana, seem to turn on her, mostly because she is likely to do the same if it suits her needs. We've seen that she's willing to do quite a lot to save herself, especially after she admitted to asking Noel to break into the Marin home just to strengthen her status as victim (check out this week's Pretty Little Liars Round Table to discuss just how far she's willing to go).

But now there's a new twist to Alison's story. Some guy has shown up in Rosewood claiming to be the kidnapper that supposedly doesn't exist. Who is this guy?

It looks like, based on next week's promos, that the girls assume he's working for A... but what if he's also working for Alison? Would she be willing to bribe/blackmail/threaten/cajole someone into making a false confession? Or could their be some truth to Alison's kidnapping story?

Most of all, should Alison positively identify this guy as her kidnapper?


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I think caleb is the new A...he's been acting weird since he came back...not telling why he went 2 ravenswood and he might defend hanna infornt of zack..but how can he let her and himself get drunk soo much...he also dnt care abt exams etc.. anymore...and he s nt telling hanna abt ravenswood


Well By Tha Fatal Finale I Think Hanna Shouldn't Be Killed Off They Should Kill Ali Off I Mean I Love All Tha Liars But They Would Make A Huge Mistake Killing Hanna Off Because Hanna Is Tha Most Loved Liar On ABC Family And Plus If They Kill Hanna Off Tha Show They Would Drop They TV Ratings And They Won't Be Able To Make Any More Seasons Of Pretty Little Liars Js

@ Daja

It's really difficult to read a post that's not in proper sentence case. I'm sure you had something good to say, but it can't make it through.

@ Carissa Pavlica

oh the irony coming from a TV fanatic reviewer XD have you guys EVER heard of proof reading/sentence structure??? you haven't ; )

Sarah silva

I was really hoping that Zack was not going to be a bad guy. That is was just another manipulation by A. While we all know A had something to do with it, it does seem like Zack did hit on a young girl before. However how does A know that as it happened in Europe, is this A the one that Zack hit on and if so is it because she came on to him and she manipulated that situation to make Zack seem like a bad guy? I did say last week that Zack being a creep would pave the way for an Ella and Byron reunion and it sure seems like that may happen. One question, where is Mike? Shouldn't he have been at the house and in the episode helping Aria and his mom with the party?
When Alison saw the guy that reportedly kidnapped her, the look on her face did not seem like the one of terror when you see your kidnapper, (just another thing that proves she as not really kidnapped)it seemed more of an OH CRAP, more lies I have to cover up, type of look.
It was also very convenient that the same recording that Noel had is the same confession that the guy gave, or at least it sounded similar.
I did love Spencer going to talk to Caleb and her telling him that she always thought they were a great couple because they brought out the best in eachother, really made Caleb realize that drinking their issues away was not the way to handle things. It also appears that Hanna is done drinking as she was pouring all the booze down the drain. I also like that Aria went to talk to Hanna, it looks like things are okay with them again. YAY!
I liked Emily and everything she said to Sydney!
The only thing that bugged me was that Emily did not question why Jenna and Sydney were wearing the same outfit. They were up to something, Sydney at some point is pretending to be Jenna!


Here are my thoughts on tonight's episode: The show should really change it's name to "So Many Red Herrings, So Little Time". The show loves to make Noel look shady every chance it gets but I really believed him tonight. He doesn't trust Alison and he is worried she is going to turn on him. The only question is, what does Ali have on him that is so big that he needs to black mail her to keep her quiet? did Noel manage to get to Spencer's lake house before her and hide under the sheet? Jenna and Sydney continue to play up their similar looks, wearing the EXACT same outfit to the eye doctor, but again like Noel I believed Sydney when she went to Emily. I think her story of meeting Jenna at her school was true and that they grew close that way. She had loyalties to Jenna when she met Emily and from what Jenna probably told her about the girls she probably thought they were all evil. Jenna told Ali that Ali herself was the reason Shana turned, not Jenna. Now this make no sense to me because Shana and Ali have known each other since they were kids, Shana must have known who Ali was. So what could Ali have done that was so bad that Shana would turn on her enough to want to kill her? My heart broke for Ella when she found out about Zack, and even more when she admitted this wasn't the first time and that she had just tried to look past it. Ella is such a great woman and she has been repeatedly treated like crap by men, it is horrible. But it seems like their is a Montgomery family reunion in the mix. When Aria went to Hanna at the end I forgave her completely. After she explained that it wasn't about not believing Hanna, which it clearly wasn't because she was immediately sketched out by Zack after that and there was nothing to indicate that Hanna told the truth, but more about just wanting to believe Zack loves Ella. I completely understand her wanting to believe this. She wanted Ella to be happy so bad. Caleb Rivers is back my friends. I don't know if it was Spencer's talk with him or him finding out about Zack but whatever it was Caleb softened for the first time since he has been back and I think before we know it he will be back to the Caleb we all know and love. So A hired someone to corroborate Ali's story? This really sticks out in my head as an Aria is A clue. If there are really two seperate A's, uber A/black veil, and big A/original A than I am gonna assume that hoodie's A is the original A/big A, so that A we saw at the end tonight was big A. If A is Aria then she is not going to want the cops to figure out Ali is lying because then it will come out that she killed Shana. Otherwise what is the point in not getting Ali caught? Just wanted to point out as well, wasn't that a nice red coat Mama Marin was sporting?

@ kandi1212

red herrings on a detailed MYSTERY SERIES???? what an outrage!!!! *rolls eyes* jeez, some idiots out there XD

@ Guest

Yeah but the point is we literally never get any answers anymore EVERYTHING is a red herring. I understand the use of red herrings I am not against it. They are necessary to keep us guessing but at some point real answers need to be given.

Sarah silva
@ kandi1212

I personally do not think that Aria is A! I think it is Ali. Especially since Hanna is the one person that has been vocal about not liking the fact that Ali is back from the start. Ali would have every reason to want the girls to turn on Hanna for that reason!

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

really? so hanna not liking ali is enough indication that ali's A? and Aria is A theory has always been stupid. how did they even come up with that one??

@ kandi1212

im surprised everyone believes Sydney when she says she's only there to support jenna. does everyone not remember when she sat down and plot with mona?

@ passerby

Passerby I am not denying that she plotted with them but I think she did it because Jenna convinced her that the girls were horrible people. Her staying silent in the doctors office when Emily questioned her really makes me think she was telling the truth to Emily. Like I said I'm not denying that she is shady but I think that Jenna gave her good reason to be and at least in Emily's case she is regretting it.

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Alison: You're a little loud.
Spencer: You're a little crazy!

Spencer: Hanna cannot be stumbling around the halls of school like she's on a bender in Cancun.
Caleb: Hey, what's wrong with Cancun? Don't knock it til you been there.

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