Rizzoli & Isles Review: What is Lost?

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Ugh! It's exactly what I said when this Rizzoli & Isles Season 5 Episode 8 ended because even though I suspected it was coming, I was still wildly disappointed. 

Admittedly I don't know for certain that Jane has lost her baby. It was not said at the end of "Lost & Found" but the title as well as Jane taking a bullet to the vest, being doubled over in pain, and then being hit with a pipe all lead me to that conclusion. 

A Desperate Search

I know many fans weren't happy with the pregnancy storyline. They said it didn't fit with this type of show and a baby definitely would have changed things up but I was looking forward to it. I thought watching Jane go through the joy and struggles as a single mom would have been all the sweeter with Maura and her family and  friends there to help. 

So if Jane has lost her child I'm disappointed, just not surprised.

But let's review the rest of the episode. The introduction of Nina Holiday as Detective Barry Frost's sort of replacement was low key, thankfully. Surprisingly she is not a detective but a crime scene analyst with a back story I'm sure we'll hear more about over the coming weeks. With so little to go on thus far, I'm really not sure how I feel about her. Time will tell.

After all the buildup from last week about Jane finally meeting Jack, it was good to see it happen. Jack is a great guy but it feels as though we've seen very little of him with Maura so far. 

Jack sending Jane his family heirloom autographed baseball was a little over the top. He and Maura haven't' been dating very long and that's quite a gesture to win over her best friend. However, Jane's coffee stain on the ball led to a funny scene with Angela as Jane begged her mother to find a way to fix the stain in this Rizzoli & Isles quote

Remember when I spilled motor oil on my Communion dress. When you were done with it it looked like new.


Well, it looked like new because it was new. Apparently Angela is not the whiz with stains that Jane thinks she is. She simply went out and bought another dress. I wonder how many other things Angela has bought over the years to keep up with the charade.

The double murder was an intriguing twist. That should be a lesson to all spouses who are thinking about hiring someone to take out their significant other. Things can go very, very wrong. 

The way Tasha bonded with both Jane and Maura makes me wonder if we'll see more of her this season, assuming she survives her gunshot wound. 

Jane scrambling to get them both away from the hitman was an adrenaline pumping sequence but the entire time I found myself wondering if it was going to end with Jane being injured and losing her unborn child. It definitely took away from the fun. 

So what do you think TV Fanatics. Were you rooting for Jane to have a baby or for the pregnancy story line to disappear?


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Ummmm she is supposed to
have Agent Dean's baby...so where was he in this storyline??


What's happening?! According to Tess Gerritsen's books Rizzoli married Gabriel Dean, the FBI agent.


I knew Jane would lose the baby because she was constantly putting herself before the baby - it was a stupid story line which made Jane just seem to prove it is "All About Her" All she needed was a cape. I didn't watch the last episode. She offended all mothers by being so blase about her "condition". Way to go writers.


What I didn't like was that she acted as though she didn't care about her baby dying. No sorrow, no tears. I'm disappointed.


Yeah, I think that they took the coward's way out. Jane could have had the baby, the supportive family and done just fine. They let her brother have her nephew.


I felt like each episode the writers were showing her trying to lose the baby. Each time she had a near miss she gave no indication she was worried about it and refused to tell her boss for fear of being put on a desk.


To everyone who is complaining about them not bringing back Casey... Chris Vance, who plays Casey, is busy with his new show for TNT, Transporter, so I doubt he had time. That said, I was firmly in the "no baby" camp. If there were a bunch of other leads to carry the show while she was big pregnant, sure. But there aren't. She's an integral part of it. Could they have had the show go on while Jane sits at her desk or waddles around crime scenes? Sure. But it wouldn't be the same. If they skipped that part of her pregnancy, where she was relegated to desk duty for the most part, and then picked back up once she'd had the baby and was back at work, then yeah, I could see it working. But as sad as her losing the baby is, I'm not broken up about the fact that the character won't have a baby.


Was looking at the description of next week's episode & one phrase says "Jane deals with a devastating loss." I'm thinking that's the baby. Over the past couple weeks, I've wondered when Jane was going to start "showing", even just a little, but Angie has stayed SO skinny, that I wasn't at all surprised when I saw the preview for this week's show. She will lose the baby, but move Tasha in with her. So, we'll get to see her be a mom, but without the "cute baby" factor. :( NOT where I wanted this to go.


no baby , but an hour episode of those 2 camping would have been hilarious. I am sure a dead body could easily be thrown into that mix.


I also feel the show has lost its way this year, partly due to the loss of Frost, and an inconsistent plot regarding a pregnancy and lack of Casey... also new management. Another factor bothering me especially this season is Angie's husky voice. I know that is Angie's natural voice, always liked her Law and Order days, but either the audio isn't set well, or she is lazy with her enunciation.... many of her dialogues are poorly received/heard. I think the whole pregnancy issue was written poorly in each episode, because it almost seemed like she was taking needless risks, more ambivalent about having a baby, than dealing with real issues as a single mom.

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