Royal Pains Review: Orphan Syndrome

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It appears that HankMed is once again an orphan organization.

After the shooting that almost put Paige in the crosshairs, Evan was forced to part ways with Ray.

But that wasn't all Royal Pains Season 6 Episode 11 had to offer us, Hamptonites!

After working together to treat a patient, and after Divya escaped Lorena's lonely Argentinean villa, she and Jeremiah made steps towards repairing their relationship, which I lamented over the loss of in my review of Royal Pains Season 6 Episode 10.

What really struck me about this makeup, though, was the fact he took her hand. I find that to be just past the friend-zone line. And it didn't seem like either party was too keen on letting go, either.

Yes, I'm a Sacdare shipper. And until someone tells me otherwise, I'm going to take that as a sign that their relationship could go either way at this point.

One relationship that is definitely over, though, is that between HankMed and Ray. Not only did Evan rightly decide to cut ties with him after Paige almost got shot, Hank decided to drop him as a patient.

Unfortunately for Evan, this means that HankLab will have to close its doors and set up shop elsewhere.

Interestingly, Evan is pursuing Boris as a potential partner for the project, not knowing that Boris is considering expanding his foundation to aid in the research of other "orphan" diseases not unlike his own. One wonders how that won't impact a potential investment.

Another "orphan" who might be in jeopardy is little miss Emma, who is now stealing prescription pads from big brother Hank. This chick was starting to grow on me, now I can't wait for all her lies to be found out and she be set completely straight by someone around there.

How long till this girl gets set straight?


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Paula duffy

Agree with reviewer on rooting for Divya/Jeremiah, which does look somewhat promising. That's why I believe the wrench that gets thrown in is Lorena taking Divya up on her suggestion of coming to NY and with Rafa in tow. That will be something to watch. Also agree with commenter below who is annoyed by Emma story. Unless Daddy Lawson returns to set her straight, it will have been a non-story for the season.

@ Paula Duffy

What would Lorena expect would happen if she does drag Rafa to NY? They'd get married and be a family? Rafa stops jet-setting and skirt-chasing? I wouldn't put any money on that.


Hank and Evan would both have had to be complete idiots (and blinder than Charlotte) to not figure out that Emma was the only one who could have provided the first photo of Hank treating Cinco after his collapse at the first party. The second was somewhat less obvious, as there were many people around, any of whom could have taken the picture. The whole Emma storyline has been a major irritant this season - all the more because it keeps shifting. She's a con artist, she's a sweet girl looking to reconect, she's bad, no she's misunderstood and confused! Hope this doesn't extend beyond this season, at least. Boris was the logical backer for HankLabs to begin with. They only went with Ray to provide another soap opera storyline. But, of course, his commitment to his foundation and its expanding mission will provide complications. And, p.s., you can not set up a lab, complete with MRI that fast - the regulatory hurdles alone are huge!

@ Suzanne

I think both Evan and Hank are on to Emma, based on the look they exchanged when Hank was hugging her. And, yes, I agree that she is getting to be very annoying. I also agree that Boris should have been the go-to guy for financing for the lab way back when... But I also wonder why Jeremiah hasn't considered financing it; isn't he supposed to be rolling in dough?


Well, so much for Abuela Mala (Evil Grandma); the right meds set her straight apparently. Yaay for SacDare--KISS her already you fool!!!!!!! Yaay too for Evan's balls re-exiting his body in walking away from Ray. And good luck to Ray with a potentially homicidal wife--what a classy broad....NOT!!!!!! I can't BELIEVE Hank fell for little sister's crocodile tears. And speaking of crocodiles, can we feed her to one please? I'm LONG over her; now she's just some fly you can't swat. And what's this about Hank turning down a board appointment from Boris? I think Hank needs a CT scan.

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Never did trust the pescription pads missing..I really would like to see Divya and Jeremiah get together even tho he needs space there's something between them..also from preview Hanks girlfriend can see..wonder how that will pan out

@ barbara

Well if Hank's girlfriend is disappointed in his looks, pass him over here. :-)

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