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There isn't a show currently on the air that examines the human condition as fully as Satisfaction.

Other series have made attempts to dig into marriages gone wrong; Julia and Joel on Parenthood, Alicia and Peter on The Good Wife spring to mind. There have even been extramarital affairs, but no couple has chosen to remain together while so broken.

On Satisfaction Season 1 Episode 4 Adriana tempted Neil with another date. A woman who needed someone special like Neil. It's easy to see the difference between Neil and Simon, although they're both basically doing the same thing. 

Neil doesn't just listen to his dates, but has information often gleaned through similar circumstances to share with them. Since Grace was trying on new clothes, Neil had a fresh perspective about how doing something as simple as wearing new shoes can mean exploring different parts of yourself. He's given real thought not only to his own situation, but the ones he encounters with dates. 

There is no doubt that he still loves Grace. When she undressed in front of him, he was breathless with anticipation. The way Matt Passmore slinks into himself gives me the shivers -- the good kind. He knows there's something to save, and isn't ready to give up hope, even with the realization he doesn't even know who he is anymore.

It's so interesting that he wishes he could go back to that day and not have a melt down and quit his job. If he didn't, he still wouldn't know about Grace and Simon and he'd still be who he was then. But was he happy? He has to admit he wasn't, but wasn't aware of it.

One of my favorite moments was when Neil and Jennifer were talking about her marriage breaking up. 

Do you ever wonder if sometimes you pick different partners so we can hide from ourselves? So we don't have to figure out who we are?


I've never has that particular thought, but now that it's out there, I can't help but see that I have done that. I have chosen people because I thought they might bring me out of myself or change me in come way. That's not a comfortable feeling. It's why occasionally being a "tequila person" and living outside of your comfort zone for a night can open you up to what you might really want. 

I think it's also why people argue. When you glimpse something you're not particularly proud of yourself, you want to lash out at the person you think is causing it. It's easy to choose your significant other, but in reality, it's our own choices that take us to that person and inspire the changes we make.

While Neil goes on dates to explore more of himself like putting on a new suit, Grace is going to Simon to run away from who she is. She hasn't seen the writing on the wall yet. She thinks what she's doing is private. When her feelings are tender or she wants to remember she's a sexual being, she'll look to Simon to fix it because confronting Neil like that seems impossible. If she only knew.

Neil is catching her off guard with his comments like this one:

I like you exploring these different parts of yourself. I don't get to see that much anymore.


She likes it, but past history has shown he won't be there for her if she opens up, if she shows him who she really is and wants to be. That might actually be OK, because Neil isn't ready for that dual exploration yet, either, as shown in this other Satisfaction quote:

Monk: When you can't find the words for the speech, it's because you don't believe what your saying matches who you are.
Neil: Actually, I think I don't know who I am anymore.

Anika is a product of her parents and has turned outside her immediate family for satisfaction, as well. Cool Aunt Stephanie lets her drive, covers up accidents, helps her throw parties, but she's not her parent. It's easier to be cool when there's less at stake.

I loved that Neil imagined himself giving the speech he wanted to give rather than the one he had to give in the courtroom, which ended with Anika giving him the same standing ovation he gave her after her talent show performance. They are so close to being who will make them happy, but can't quite grasp the ring yet.

A few bits about the show just have to make the review but don't suit my rant:

  • It makes perfect sense the FBI would pursue charges against Neil. Honestly, he got off easy. What doesn't make sense is that the flight attendant thought she could sue him civilly. Any passenger on that plane would speak on behalf of Neil.
  • Adriana is so unexpected. I love it! She pops up at any given moment and never misses a trick. Simon taking the sexual route to win her favor was so uncomfortable, knowing how intelligent she is.
  • Is it just me, or did Grace dress cool prior to buying the new clothes? I can't recall a frumpy outfit she wore. Maybe I'm just obsessed with her fabulous haircut and never notice the clothes.
  • That bitch of a project manager shouldn't have been allowed on the property. I can understand canceling her vendors, but taking Grace's plans? I don't think so.

Finally, all of this would be a lot easier to swallow if Neil and Grace got a little somethin' going of their own. Kids busting into the room, coffee spills, everything has interrupted them as soon as they start to connect. I need to see them connect to keep rooting for them. I can do it from Neil's perspective because he's such a multi-faceted character, but I'd like to see it nonetheless.

Satisfaction is an adult program. It's written for people who have been around the block, who have done things that haven't made them happy. For people who are searching for ways to dig out of where they've landed in the middle of life  and want to be happy with their partner or with themselves as they start fresh. Sure, it can be uncomfortable to watch, but what great TV isn't?

The journey can't be quick. Real discoveries like this take years. We expect our entertainment to do the impossible, but this is one hell of a ride. So tell me, readers, are you satisfied? Hit the comments with thoughts on this week's episode. You can watch Satisfaction online if you've missed any installments.

Is it time for Grace to learn the truth?


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I agree with you pretty much. I am hoping they don't go down the "Nip Tuck" route, making everyone a degenerate. I'm afraid they're going to make Grace into a sleazy character. When she came out of the dressing room and saw the guy gawking her she loved it. They need to have Grace start connecting with Neil and start to work out issues even if they still stray from time to time. Didn't Neil say home life was getting better? But this week they seemed to go the opposite way?.. In a normal world Grace would have waited for Neil to come home the night after she met Simon and said look, I can't take the neglect anymore. We need to communicate, or I'm out of the Marriage. Instead she goes to Simon's address, what was she thinking was going to happen? She's just going to have a cup of coffee. Plus, I would have liked to hear that conversation. Grace saying; This is my story and I need a man. Then Simon; Ok but it's 1000 an hour?
Then when Neil caught Grace most men would have stormed into the room and said what's going on; and then thrown up on the floor. I realize that they needed to create a story line, but, I would like them to start creating realistic scenario's. Grace going back to Simon after her boss said "speaking of screwing, How's your friend Simon" A normal person would have said oh my God Neil's and my daughter are going to find out and would stay away. Plus, what kind of song would Anika write if she found out.
Also I don't believe Simon loves Grace. She's close to 40 he's 25. He picked her at the bar because he thought she was a good mark. He's trying to pay Neil back for sticking him in IRS trouble. Grace on the other hand seeking comfort in a Gigolo, a supposedly smart women what is she thinking. Seeing him while paying kept her emotionally dethatched. But now emotionally? . He had no qualms about sleeping with married women. She's going from the flame to the fire. I can't stand them together. Neil is at least trying, they have Grace starting to care and get more realistic or I'll be disappointed.


Thanks for a great review Carissa, along with your own personal reflection, as that is why I have invested the time into this show, having been in a similar situation as Neil. I however wasn't able to hold it in, which is making me question how much longer I can continue watching, since I find that the longer Neil sits on what he knows, it not just makes his character unbelievable given his love of his wife, but it just takes this marriage that much closer to a tragic end.
I give the show credit, because as much as I detest cheating spouses story line's, I also find my head just spinning afterwards with so many questions and thoughts. So since it's still spinning, I'll just give a couple quick thoughts on last night.
Neil taking another escort date was disappointing, but I am still wondering if he was kinda blackmailed into taking it. I also enjoyed his tequila induced therapy session with his date. Just wished it hadn't ended with them having sex His attempts to see Grace in a new lite and give her more of what she needs; while still dealing with the fact she's still in a six month affair, says a lot about how far he's willing to go.
Grace I believe has all but checked out of this marriage. Even her daughter, and her sister are starting to see it .Her leaving Neil and their daughter, during the community service, family day ,was I think symbolic of where her head is at. Those few romantic moments that always seem to be interrupted are great but why couldn't they be restarted, in the bedroom, at the end of the day. I truly believe that had Grace been more open to returning Neils kiss after spilling the coffee, Neil would have never went on the date. Then she runs back to Simon. I saw nothing between her and Neil that would make her run back to yet another emotional night of sex with Simon, and by the way, this wasn't a business visit by any means. Neil has been nothing but charming to her this week, which means she's now so emotionally connected to Simon, I see little chance for Neil to save this marriage, if she continues this any longer. I get she may also been driven back to him because she seems to need the attention of a young man, and also out of jealousy, because the younger boss, bragged about doing him. All reasons that show she's mentally checked out for what I see as very self centered reasons. As I have said before, I think there is still plenty of stories lines here, without either one of them still having extramarital sex, but it looks like it's a lot more of the same next week.
Just me repeating myself again, but the longer these secrets go unexposed, and all the extra marital sex continues, this story ends only one way and it's not pretty. The secret needs to come out now, even if Grace isn't ready. Thanks for letting me rant

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Satisfaction Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

I like you exploring these different parts of yourself. I don't get to see that much anymore.


You don't have to give up everything to find out who you really are; just an evening.