Criminal Minds Season 10 Premiere: Welcome, Kate Callahan!

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We've alaready seen the first photo of Jennifer Love Hewitt on Criminal Minds.

Now, CBS has given us an idea of what brings her agent into the fold next month.

The network has released the official synopsis for "X," the Criminal Minds Season 10 premiere that airs on October 1.

It will find the team investigating a "series of murders in Bakersfield, Calif., which have left the victims unidentifiable" and it will also find them welcoming "Kate Callahan into the BAU fold," as she assists with the case-solving efforts.

And looks very pretty while doing so!

Look for Kerr Smith to also guest star on the season opener and get another look at Hewitt in the role of Callahan now:

Kate Callahan Debuts - Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 1 airs at 10/9c on Wednesday, October 1 on CBS.

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Well here we are on episode 12. Gave her a chance. She was OK on ghost whisperer but completely different kind of show. This is an intelligent show and her character just doesn't work for me. Sure hope they killl her off in the season finale


I am so disappointed! Jennifer? Is she going to speak to the dead victims to help them get past their suffering? Are you deliberately trying to kill a great show CBS?


save some money, u don't need another character, ruin the show why don't u, this is gonna be worse than Elizabeth Shue being cast on CSI! JLH cannot act!


It would be nice to watch the show with Jennifer in it first, before judging her so strongly!!

@ Jody Filipchuk

I agree so many people on here have her typecast from the roles she has already done.....They have the show written off cause she is on it...I say give her a chance.....


I'm happy to give JLH a go see how she fits in!


Only reason I wouldn't love Criminal Minds is if there was no Dr Reid


I think JLH would be better as a 70's Charlie's angel. When I think of her with a gun that's what I see. In the 70's she would be good but I'm not overly excited to see her on CM


I have a problem with this: the criminal minds fans have been supporting this cast for seven to nine years, depending on the character time on the show, and there are six of them, Hotch, Morgan, Reid, JJ, Garcia and Rossi. Why the CBS think we need another character? Why not let the six current characters to get screen time and interesting stories? We've been following those six characters for years, and that is the reason why this show is still around. The spin off failure demonstrated that it was not a matter of tv-show formula, but a cast ensemble that charmed the audience. Of course, different viewers may have different favourites, but these are the ones we want to see, not yet someone else new who would be taking lines, screen time and relative importance for the cases that could have been addressed by one of those six options we already have. The CBS tried and failed twice trying to involve someone new along these last three seasons, and yet they are taking the same road again? Unbelievable.


I personally don't want to see her on there either. No hate, but for some of us, this is our favorite show, and we don't want it to change. Sometimes one actor can really change the show. And it's not jealousy either, JJ is freakin' beautiful, and no one is complaining about her being on the show. JLH is talentless and not pretty at all.


How to kill off a good show. Put JLH on it. Gonna miss Criminal Minds. It used to be such good show.

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Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 1 Quotes

Just because everything is different doesn't mean anything has changed - Irene Peter.


Hotch: You ask me how I leave it at the office? When you solve it, let it go.
Callahan: Easier said then done though, right?
Hotch: Sometimes.