Dance Moms Review: Nia for the Win

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The closer nationals get, the more intense Abby becomes on Dance Moms.

Refusing to be anything less than the best, she makes it clear that any ALDC member who wants to be considered for nationals better bring her A game in the weeks ahead. Losers go home. Winners move on.

A New Strategy - Dance Moms

That said, Abby initially turns her focus to the youngest members of the ALDC on Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 24, pitting Mackenzie, Tea, and recent outcast Sarah against each other to determine who will represent the ALDC at nationals. So who’s still in the running by the end of the hour?

Maddie! Maddie, you say? But she wasn’t even given a solo!

Well, in classic Abby fashion, Abby pulled in ringer Maddie to perform last minute to ensure the ALDC would beat “turncoat” dance mom Jeanette and her daughter Ava, who competed against rather than for the ALDC this week after what happened at last week’s competition.

Not surprisingly, this move upsets the other dance moms who think Melissa and Abby robbed Mackenzie of the chance to prove she was ready to compete at nationals.

Alas, their outcries were all in vain, because Mackenzie wouldn’t have come in first even if Maddie hadn’t competed. Mackenzie’s mature blues routine came in third, behind Ava’s second place contemporary number and Maddie’s award winning routine.

Cue big grin from Abby, who never has a problem tooting her own horn when it comes to being right.

But what do you think? Did Melissa rob Mackenzie?

As far as Sarah and Tea are concerned, Sarah did come in first in the petite category for her emotional lyrical routine, “On My Own.” But that wasn’t enough for Abby, who thinks Sarah still needs to learn independence to be worthy enough of nationals.

Abby does have a point here. Sarah did win fair and square, but if she can’t even sit down with her fellow dancers in the back of the bus without crying for Mommy, is she really ready for nationals?

One thing is for sure…Tea definitely isn’t ready for nationals. Her kitschy musical theater number, titled “No Cry Babies,” landed in fifth. Ouch.

And yet, the real winner of the episode turned out to be Nia, who was given the lead in the group routine, an ethnic-themed contemporary number called “Tribal Council.” Abby was looking for a Cher-like performance from Nia, who had trouble emoting throughout the episode.

That is, until the actual performance, when Nia sold the number and helped lead the original team to victory.

Bottom line: Nia deserves a shot at nationals. Unlike Sarah, Nia has more than proved herself on the ALDC team, and it’s finally time Abby took notice. 


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Abbey is the worst teacher that has been on T.V I think she picks on Nia Chloe and if this was how her mother taught dancing shame shame shame poor Kendyl too Maddies not all that by the way get a clue Malissa last of all you suck Abbey


Abby is a narcissistic child abuser. Why isn't anyone from CPS pulling the plug on this woman?


Abby must have colossal clout in Hollywood because I can't imagine taking my daughter to a place like hers where, if the face doesn't fit she'll be treated like a second class citizen and constantly put behind the very obvious favourites, without the prospect of getting away at some point to somewhere better.

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