Mistresses Review: The Wrong Man!

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The final scene of Mistresses Season 2 Episode 13 had me yelling WTF?!? at my TV. A pairing that sounded intriguing at the beginning of the season had me cringing by the end. 


Because Scott and Joss are so darn perfect for one another. Although I'll admit that there was a part of me trying to determine if planning their wedding was sweet or controlling. In the end I went with sweet. I think Scott really wanted to make sure getting married wasn't just another job for her, and he really wanted to be her husband.

Then there was Harry…who responded to their horrible fight by kissing Joss and sending her into an emotional tailspin. When Joss returned again, she told Harry their friendship was over. That it had all gotten too weird and they needed a break. All the while her heart was breaking but was that because she was losing her best friend who was like a brother to her or because she was actually in love with Harry?

It was an episode where I wished that Joss and Savi were more open with one another. As Karen asked Joss in this Mistresses quote

Karen: Did you tell Savi he kissed you?
Joss: Are you freaking high? Of course not.

I was wishing she had. Or at least wishing that Savi had told Joss about her moment of clarity. Either one of those revelations probably would have stopped the final scene from happening. 

It was all such a whirlwind for Joss. From her emotional turmoil over losing Harry to the surprise wedding, when Joss saw Harry moments before the ceremony, I could almost understand how she might have thought it was some sort of a sign. I could see why she him to find out why he was there. 

But then Harry was vowing his love for her and she's throwing herself into his arms and onto the sand. And WTF?!?  Leaving her own wedding to work out her feelings for Harry was one thing, having sex with him on sand in the dress she was suppose to be wearing while marrying Scott was quite another.

I like Harry but ugh! Scott and Joss are so darn good together. This is just so wrong! Someone make it stop.

So I'll stop…and move on to Karen who managed to give great advice to all of her friends but screws up her own life on a daily basis. I couldn't believe she punched Ben. If she should be angry with anyone it's herself because she's equally as responsible for having unprotected sex with a stranger as he is. 

Thankfully her test results came back negative but what's the big mystery? My only guess is that she's pregnant and then she'll have to figure out if the daddy is Ben, Jacob, or one of the other anonymous one night stands she hooked up with. Good luck with that.

Then there's April who earned herself a runner up in the WTF?!? department. I figured she and Daniel would eventually get back together but I didn't expect it to happen in the living room of the cabin with her daughter just steps away. That was a little too close for comfort.

On to Lucy. Poor Lucy. Karen was right. Leaving Lucy in the dark and letting her believe she'd lost a wonderful, loving father was the right thing to do. Unfortunately, that choice got taken away and now she's about to enter her teenage years knowing that her daddy was a drug dealing fraud who faked his own death to start a new family somewhere else. Can anyone say daddy issues?

On the up side of it all, we hit shirtless trifecta. There was Scott, Daniel, and Harry. Scott was my personal favorite. If Dom had been included we would have hit the shirtless scene jackpot.

Alright TV Fanatics. There were so many romantic pairings in question after this episode that I wish I could do more than one poll but I'll keep it to the most dramatic.

Who should Joss choose?


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Oh I love love love the Joss and Harry thing! Loved the way he kissed her saying there are no words then the end too. Obviously it will hit the fan now and yes I like Scott (clever writing as usually it's done so the audience hates the "wrong guy" ) but Harry is the only person joss has ever let her defences down with, even with Scott look she was coming up with lists and not being honest. I defo have fallen in love with Harry myself! Especially with his clothes off!


Well if Joss and Harry do get together, that will surely mean his job at the restaurant is done and dusted - so now what?
Savi annoys me ... she's all over the place!
When April and Dom were standing together (when he was representing her), I couldn't help but think what a nice couple they would make!


Thanks for the review Christine, although I have to confess that I disagree about Joss and Harry. I think that they are perfect together and they just needed some time to figure this out. Scott's a great guy, and I hate that he's getting dumped on his wedding day. However, I think that his marriage proposal was premature and that they should have spent more time getting to know each other. I also thought that it was wrong to pressure Joss into having an impromptu wedding, especially since her mother wouldn't be there. Maybe his intentions were good, but I think that a part of him felt threatened by Harry. I know that Karen made a lot of WTF decisions in the past, but I think that her character evolved a lot this season and I loved her phone conversation with Anna. Sadly, she was finally in a good place, when the HIV scare happened. I'm guessing that she's probably pregnant, but I wish the writers wouldn't go there. For me, the biggest WTF award goes to Savi, who has been the biggest mess this entire season. It was selfish of her to even consider testing the waters with Harry, given how much she had hurt him. I hope she doesn't try to win back Dom at some point, because he also deserves better (I hope they keep Dom around next season, even if he isn't dating Savi...I really like him). Speaking of deserving better, I felt terrible for April this season and I can easily understand why she didn't tell Lucy about Paul. I'm glad that Daniel turned out to really care her....I just wish that the two actors had more chemistry.

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I used to like Joss but now I just think that she's super selfish and only cares about herself. There's no excuse in the world to leave your fiancé at the altar to go making out with another man just few metres away. There's no excuse to get with your sister's ex husband without even mention that to her. That is just mean and sick. She's a bad person. That's it. We are humans we can actually control our impulses. I liked joss and harrys friendship... they were like brother and sister. .. but apparently there's no space for friendship between man and a woman in this tv show.

@ LauraDelRey

The same here, Joss was my favourite character but now? I wouldn't say she's a bad person but what she did was really bad. I can understand why Harry wouldn't care that he's getting it on with Savi's sister- she cheated on him so he feels he's excused. But how could Joss do that to her sister? You're right, she should have more control than that.

@ kaitleen

Exactly! And what about poor Scott? I mean I knew from the beginning that she wasnt going to marry him... but leaving him on the altar waiting for her while she's having sex with another man?? I really liked Harry and Joss friendship... but its all gone now.


I totaly agree! Joss is perfect with Scott, he suprises and is as freaky/crazy as her. Joss has now everything and is now in destructive mode, she trying to destroy everything she worked for at any cost no matter who she hurts . But at one point i new because the show calls "mistresses" and not "Happily ever after", My guess is that she going to marry Scott and She is going to have Harry probrally as a "mister".

@ missau324 .

Oh gawd, if she still married Scott after that I think I'd vomit. Also, after being hurt by Savi, why would Harry then go and sleep with someone who's engaged? He could have stopped the wedding without sleeping with Joss. He could have admitted how he felt and then let her come to the realization that she doesn't want to get married and deal with that situation. The last scene undid all of the character development for Harry and Joss over the past 2 seasons. I'm pretty sure I had an aneurysm during it.

Sarah silva

I said if they went there with Joss and Harry that I was going to be so mad! They went there and I am mad!
Scott was perfect for Joss and I can not believe she would do that to her sister!
I did not like that at all.
I bet Karen is pregnant.
April will have a tough road ahead too now that Lucy knows about Paul, but at least April wants to be with Daniel....YEAH!
I read that if we get a season 3 April and Karen may side with Joss.....of that happens I will not ne happy!
Hmmm it is hard to choose between a shirtless Daniel, Harry and Scott but I choose Scott too!

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@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

How can someone side joss? I don't get it. What kind of person acts like that? She made a fool out that poor Scott. She hurt him in the most awful way and what she did to her sister wad just disgusting. I would never even consider dating one of my girlfriens' ex boyfriend imaginr my sister's husband. ..

@ LauraDelRey

I probably would, but not out of the blue. You wait some time (not like what? Two years after a divorce from a 13 year relationship or something like that?) and you TALK ABOUT IT first, you make sure your friend/sister is ok with it. You don't just go with it.


totally love harry and joss, i hope the writers shows the struggles and how when some people are meant to be together, it'll work out even when everyone and everything else is against them!

@ kristel

Joss and Harry are wrong on soo many levels


I totally love Harry and Joss!! was sooo against it at first, but the built up was so retable and something that you would least expect, but it happens. LOVEEEE IT. quite cringy and controversal but it shows some things are just meant to be, even if its off a rough patch

Danna iuliana

I totally agree with this review. I don t understad what some fans see in this couple, it's not like they shared this big love but outside forces pulled them apart. Also, Joss is ruined for me,there is no excuse for her cheating and leaving Scott at the altar. That's the worse thing you can do to a man to whom you were professing love just a few days ago. Never liked the paring of Joss/Harry and the writers aren t making it easy to like them, after what Joss did to Scott and her sister. I can t root for this couple, it seems like Joss made her choice based on who had better abs, other than that there is no depth to this couple who all of a sudden realize they have feelings.

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@ Danna Iuliana

Joss just acted in an awful way. Unspeakable. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.


NO! I wish I could unsee this episode. Totally agree with your review (and title). Ok, maybe Scott rushed Joss into this wedding but if she wasn't ready, sleeping with Harry surely wasn't an answer. When Scott showed up at Harry's doorstep I really wanted it to be because Joss told him everything and he wanted to beat the crap out of Harry!
I hate that the whole change that Joss went through was undercut in a few minutes- she's done exactly the same thing she did a year ago. She hurt someone she loves, she cheated and she acted impulsively without regard for consequences. The worst part is, I don't think there's a chance for Joss and Scott now- I mean, sleeping with someone else RIGHT BEFORE your wedding is kind of unforgivable.
I get that this 'development' will make for a very dramatic season 3- if there is one-but I want to see Joss making up for her mistake-and that mistake's name is Harry.

@ kaitleen

There's a huge difference between sleeping with someone, and that someone kissing you and you backing off of it... Joss didn't sleep with Harry, she turned him down. Joss didn't cheat

@ kaitleen

You are totally right. Joss is so selfish I mean how can you sleep with your brother in law while your fiancé is waiting for you at the altar? Even if Scott wasn't in the picture sleeping with your sister's ex husband just feels do sick. Can't a man and a woman just be friend? I feel so sorry for savi.

@ kaitleen

For me Harry and Joss make a much better fit..I do feel sorry for Scott tho. Thought the ending was romantic ..Harry saying he was crazy in love with her!

@ Barbara

No it is wrong Harry and Joss should never be together because he was married to her sister, the end. The writers sorely ruined many characters with this one episode and regardless of if the show comes back or not I'm done.

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Mistresses Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Karen: Did you tell Savi he kissed you?
Joss: Are you freaking high? Of course not.

oss: Did you just dangle Grandma June's mortality in my face?
Scott: Yeah.
Joss: You bastard.