Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Taking This One To The Grave"

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This is it, PLL Fanatics: our last round table for Pretty Little Liars Season 5 until the Christmas episode.

Below, we discuss whether Mona's death will have an impact on Emily's celebration, what Spencer's arrest means and how his Officer status will affect Toby, among other pressing topics.

Join TV Fanatics Nick McHatton, Teresa Lopez and new contributor Paul Dailly for a discussion about Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 12. Drop your thoughts in the comments!


 Given Emily's enthusiasm for Christmas, do you expect the events to cloud her enjoyment of the holiday?

Nick: Mona being brutally murdered can certainly put a damper on Christmas cheer, but the events might be all the more reason for Emily to solider on and continue to enjoy one of her favorite holidays.

Teresa: Possibly. Although she might be weirded out about the surprisingly warm winter weather this year. Isn't this supposed to be Pennsylvania?

Paul: Doubtful. Emily likes to make the best of situations so I fully expect her to use christmas as an escape from recent events.

Carissa: HA! Teresa, I didn't even think of that. I was watching and thinking they lived in California. What a horrible representation of a PA Christmas! That's enough to make anyone say bah humbug!

PLL RT - depreciated -

What do you think of Officer Toby?

Nick: I swear it was about five minutes ago that Toby decided he wanted to be a cop, and now he's already graduating from the academy. PLL time is wonky like that, but, nevertheless, I love the idea of Toby being a police officer. It broadens the scope of the character and gives him way more to do - which is always a good thing. Additionally, Spencer's arrest will already pull him in two different directions, and I'm excited to see what kind of choices he will make because of it.

Teresa: Kind of makes me suspicious. Most of the police on this show are pretty corrupt, and Toby has had some A issues in the past. This could be a way to make his character, you know, relevant again. Once you're just another boyfriend, it gets easier to replace you.

Paul: It all happened fast. I fully expect him to supply the girls with information they need about potential suspects. It will be a tad more believable than school kids hacking in to government systems to get information.

Carissa: It would be nice if he could just steal department information as Paul suggests. Mona's gone, so Caleb has to take over hacking duties. Maybe this will enhance their bromance.

Share your thoughts on Spencer's arrest.

Nick: The show foreshadowed it well with Holbrook asking a lot of question about Spencer, but I'm curious what exactly they have on her. None of the evidence seems concrete at all but circumstantial. Perhaps they're arresting her to try to persuade her into confessing, but Spencer is too smart for those kind of tactics.

Teresa: Ridiculous. As far as we could see, there was nothing at Radley to connect Spencer to Bethany only to Alison. What kind of judge signs off on an arrest warrant based on the suspicion that she murdered someone to curry favor with the group leader? If the group leader (Alison) has that much influence over her friends, then she might be the one to investigate.

Paul: I think Alison orchestrated this. She is trying to deflect everything from herself. Look at how fast she turned Monas' gang against her.

Carissa: It's kind of ridiculous. The force is just so scatterbrained. One minute they're all over Aria and Alison for various things (fake kidnapping, murder of Shana) and instead they suddenly arrest Spencer. Maybe the police are A.

Mona deduced that Ali was A just before she died. Do you agree?

Nick: It's always been in the back of my mind. Ali converting almost all of Mona's army to her side is most telling to me because it parallels the Minion A's. Ali can have her minions dress up in black, and replenish their ranks, all to throw suspicion off of her and to still get things done. The other big reason that I agree is Mona actually gives a plausible reason why the girls would actually want to be friends with someone as despicable as Ali.

Teresa: Maybe, but I'm too jaded to trust the clues the writers give us. Perhaps the girl we think is Alison isn't really Alison, but Bethany Young with plastic surgery? Nah...that's too crazy. But I will say that Alison's creepy turn this season makes me question every little "truth" she offered up in last season's finale. Did her mother really bury her alive? Could Alison have returned to murder her own mother? It just makes the entire narrative of the series so much more unreliable.

Paul: Not at all. The show still has at least two and a half seasons to go. I don't expect to find out who A is until then.

Carissa: With the nods to twins coming out of the bathroom, I'm guessing we're not skipping the twin theory with Ali all together. Or she's a schizophrenic. Something is terribly wrong with the girl. At least a part of her is A-ish.

Finally, Mona is gone. React!

Nick: So disappointing to see her gone. I've never had any issues with Mona once she came back (mostly) rehabilitated, and I only wish Pretty Little Liars had Mona joining up with the ladies sooner instead of in her final episode. She's been a mostly unused asset to the show, and once she has a hero moment she ends up a corpse in a trunk.

Teresa: Poor Mona. It was obvious at the start of the episode that she was going to be the one to die. I had hoped she could've made an escape, but that final shot of her lifeless body was way more depressing than any of the other dead bodies on this show.

Paul: This wasn't a shock by any means. The character has been so underused recently. She is one of the strongest characters on the show. I wouldn't have believed she was gone if we hadn't seen her corpse.

Carissa: I think it was a terrible waste to involve her so dramatically in one episode only to kill her off. We've waited for her to take a more central role, we've hated her when we were supposed to and we should have had more of a chance to warm up to her. I hate the idea. Kill Melissa or Cece or another useless character.

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so if they killed off an irrelevant non-regular character everyone would have complained about the "Big Death" being a cop out but when they kill off a huge main character you whine and whine about how it
should have been a "useless character" moronic hypocrite much? XD


what I learned from this round table anyone who's name ends in SA is a total bitch who should
stop watching/cluelessly commenting on this show X )


1. Christmas: Unfortunately for Emily and the girls I don't think Christmas will go well for them this year considering that instead of a special Halloween episode we are getting a special Christmas one.
2. I would like Toby as a cop. I think it'll be hard for him with Spencer in jail...he's gonna want to help and the cop are gonna keep a close eye on him because he's Spencer's boyfriend. So it'll be hard for him to peek at files. There definitely won't be hacking (just because he's a cop doesn't mean he automatically knows how to hack).
3. Spencer's arrest: see my comment in the review. It's a baseless arrest.
4. Ali as A: again see my comment for the review. it's definitely plausible, but who knows.
5. Mona dead: Not happy. She could be a bitch, but I liked that bitch. She was underused and it sucks that when they bring her back to the forefront, it's only to kill her off. Couldn't you bring back Jason and have him die? The man may be hot, but he's annoying and useless.


Thank you for mentioning the weather! This has bugged me from season 1. I
grew up in New England, and we certainly did not run around in
sleeveless shirts and dresses all year round. Plus, jackets were a
necessity, usually starting in September. And then in winter-winter,
scarves, gloves, hats, etc. Granted, you usually wear the same coat or
coats all winter, so finding new ones for each episode would be
unrealistic. Wait? Did I say that? When has realism ever stopped this

@ Gaudior

They don't "live" in New England they "live" near Philadelphia and winters in PA have been mild enough to be dressed like that in November! I've lived in PA all my life and still live here so I should know how the weather is! I've had to open my windows plenty of times at Thanksgiving while cooking because it was so warm outside!


Given Emily's enthusiasm for Christmas, do you expect the events to cloud her enjoyment of the holiday? I think Emily will be the one to rally the liars. They have all been through so much and Mona's death is definitely going to be weighing heavily on all of them when Christmas rolls around, especially on Hanna. I feel like we can trust Emily and her insane enthusiasm for Christmas, to really help the girls forget, maybe if only for a minute or two, that they do have things to be thankful for and celebrate. On a different note though, something dawned on me the other day. We have seen no other character even mentioning Christmas, and it was only Thanksgiving during the finale, so there was plenty of time to be decorating for it, so it is a coincidence that A seems to love Thanksgiving too? I had heard that there was supposed to be a huge clue to fans during the finale on who A was and the only possibilities in my mind are the blonde hair (but that could have been a wig), the snow globe (a possible Jenna clue), or the fact that A seems to love Christmas just as much as Emily. Oh and the liars not being dressed for November Pennsylvania weather? No surprise their. The liars never dress for the weather and they are always dressed for different whether conditions. One will be wearing a dress or skirt, one will be wearing a sweater and jacket, always just fascinates me. But I will say, I live in New England and sometimes in November it isn't frigid cold so long sleeves and a light jacket could do. What do you think of Officer Toby? I completely understand that we are given absolutely no sense of time on this show, but really, he finished the police academy in like 3 episodes? That is crazy even by Pretty Little Liars standards. However, it does explain the total lack of competence in the Rosewood Police Department. What do you expect from people who became cops after a month tops. All that aside though I think Officer Toby is going to be a great thing for the Liars. With Calebs tech skills, Toby's inside access and Ezra's stalking ability the men of PLL are going to be a force to be reckoned with. How did everyone like the little false suspense over whether or not Toby was going to die? I don't think anyone thought for even a second he would be the one to. Maybe if the accident had happened in the last minute and we hadn't gotten the trunk scene of Mona's body so we didn't know for sure she died then it would have been super suspenseful because everyone would have been trying to guess if Mona faked or death and Toby died in the accident or if Toby lived and Mona really died. Made for a super comedic scene though getting to see Tobster in a full blown leg cast and then looking like he was going to throw himself out of the wheelchair when Spencer got arrested. Share your thoughts on Spencer's arrest. 10000000000000000% ridiculous. The police had no concrete evidence to link her to Bethany's murder. There whole entire reasoning hinged on the fact that ALISON wanted her dead, yet they clear her with a simple polygraph. The polygraph can be tricked. Alison specifically says "I had nothing to do with Bethany Young's DEATH", death being the key word. Melissa is the one who killed Bethany as she died from being buried alive. So even if Alison was the one who hit her over the head she didn't have anything to do with her death technically. The fact that the cops didn't go into specific questioning makes me believe that Holbrook is the infamous Beach Hottie and was protecting Alison, and that is why he didn't wait for Tanner to show up. Ever since the finale of last season I thought it was strange that he recognized her voice, and a fan of my PLL Facebook page brought up to me that it was really strange that Holbrook never mentioned the fact that he spoke with Alison on the phone, when he called the theater that Shana was killed in. Plus then he goes over to her house later, again without Tanner and gets all cozy with her and we don't hear their conversation. Quite suspicious. Veronica Hastings is going to the rip the Rosewood PD a new one when she gets the chance. Mona deduced that Ali was A just before she died. Do you agree?
I have seen sooooooo many people jumping on the Ali is A bandwagon but I for one do not buy it. It was stated in this episode multiple times that she is A yet when it comes the time for A to do some dirty work we don't get to see their face just blonde hair? By them saying she is A, if she really was that would be considered a reveal, so why hide her face if we supposedly found out she is A? Unless we see Ali in the hoodie confessing to being A I will never get behind her being A. Finally, Mona is gone. React! Idiots. Absolute idiots. PLL has killed off its share of characters but none of them as important, or as beloved as Mona Vanderwall. She may have been crazy, but she was driven there by the Queen B. No one was more complex than Mona, more interesting. She held so many secrets and probably held the keys to finding out who A really is, and then they take her from us. And to give her that death? That was a complete injustice to her character. The fact that I thought, and I know A LOT of other people thought this too, that she faked her death until they showed her body in the trunk, it didn't give me any time to mourn her death. The second they showed her body I was beyond upset but I didn't have time to process it before the episode was over. This episode should have been the beginning of a great new partnership between Mona and the liars. Just disappointed.


I made a comment in the review post regarding the weather. Growing up on the East Coast, they were not dressed well enough. By Thanksgiving, it can get quite cold. That really irked me.
I think it's interesting that Toby has joined the police force, however there is no way he would've graduated that quickly. And who is also to say that he would get a position on the Rosewood police force. They will just so happen to have an opening? I do think however that this turnaround is because it will somehow help Spencer. I'm sure her parents could be a big help as well.
I always thought Alison would be A, but since the writers are now trying to lead us in that direction, it makes me think she isn't. I prefer the idea that she has always been A though, so I hope they continue on the path. I don't have a lot of faith in it, but I'm still hoping...
I'm not sure exactly how they made a connection to Spencer, which does lead me to believe that Alison is the one who orchestrated it. I do think she set Spencer up whether she is A or not.
I will miss Mona. Especially since she turned out to be such a help in the end.

@ Shannon

Have you been to PA lately? We've had plenty of winters where you could be outside in November dressed like that! Winter isn't the same anymore! A lot of times it doesn't even snow until late December early January!

Sarah silva

Given Emily's enthusiasm for Christmas, do you expect the events to cloud her enjoyment of the holiday?
I do not think so. LOL about the weather when yes they are supposed to be in Pennsylvania. What do you think of Officer Toby?
When I watched the episode and we see that Toby graduated the academy, the first thought I had was that it happened super fast. Is there a special on month course?
That being said, I like that he is a cop. He will help the girls. Share your thoughts on Spencer's arrest.
I felt bad for Spencer. I do not think for one moment that she killed anyone. Mona deduced that Ali was A just before she died. Do you agree?
I have said for weeks now that Ali is A, time will tell. Finally, Mona is gone. React!
I never thought I would be sad if Mona died, but I am. I really liked her this episode and then she gets killed!

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Caleb: What is wrong with her?
Hanna: Read her boobs, the girl loves Christmas.

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