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Angela Montenegro is a key character on Bones.

She's a specialist in forensic facial reconstruction at the Jeffersonian Institution and is best friends with Temperance Brennan.

Angela is an artist. She maintains the lab's three-dimensional graphics and computer simulation system. In terms of her personal life, Angela is bisexual.

Angela Montenegro Quotes

Angela: Hey Dr. Oldhouse. I wasn't wrong about Clark, was I? He's, tightly wound but-
Nora Oldhouse: Dynamite, Ms. Montenegro. A briefcase bomb.
Angela: That's what I thought.

Angela: So let me get this straight: To be together, then it has to be all about the future.
Hogdins: Yeah.
Angela: So, this, right now, this is together?
Hogdins: It was a moment. A great moment. But, all great moments are passed.

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"In Bones We Trust" I think that should be on the coins now, time for a REAL change!! =^..^=



Mike, it is LOSE, not Loose. Loose implies the opposite of tight. That should help you remember it. =^..^=

And are you as happy as I am that they finally DID marry?? Only a couple of things out of place in that episode: They let a coven full of arson causing "witch" murderers go free based on ergotomine poisoning (which has MUCH more hideous side-efx than just "spells" and is also NOT a precursor to LSD), you see, ergotomine poisoning used to cause whole villages to rise up and slaughter the rest of the village, as well as KILLING those who ingested it.

Sloppy writing, Hart, really sloppy!

The other thing is this; when 'The Miracle' was almost yanked from Wendell's hands (his scholarship) and Bones funded his, + 3 more scholarships for interns...where are the rest of the teams new interns?? Always wondering, that's me!!


Angela is my most favorite character on Bones, even though I love them all.

She is so talented and comical. But, she's also the most human of everyone! I like how she's there to put her two cents in and remind everyone that they are dealing with a murder of a human being.

Get back with Hodgins, Angela! He's smart, hot, rich and he loves you. What have you got to loose???

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