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Bender Bending Rodríguez is a heavy-drinking, smoking, loud-mouthed robot and Fry's best friend on Futurama.  He eventually becomes the ship's captain.

Bender is voiced by John DiMaggio.

Bender Quotes

Hermes: I'm going to jump!
Amy: No!
Zoidberg: No!
Bender: Do a flip!

Glurmo: Now, over here the Grunka Lunkas are inducing Wumpus berries to release their flavour, using sensual massage.
Bender: Psst, those berries. Those are the secret ingredient, right?
Glurmo: No.
Bender: You positive?
Glurmo: Yes.
Bender: I'm just asking cause they look kind of secret.
Glurmo: Enough! There will be no further questions.
Fry:(raises hand) Why?