Dr. Byron Orpheus is a necromancer and Dr. Venture's friend and tenant on The Venture Bros.  Dr. Orpheus may not have the ability to raise the dead, but he's certainly a nercromancer in every other sense of the word having a direct portal to the necropolis in his daughter's closet.

Speaking of which, Dr. Orpheus has a cute daughter, Trianna, that Dean Venture crushes on major.  Orpheus is probably the most competent, powerful good guy (besides Brock Samson!), but mostly uses his power to help him cook breakfast.

Dr. Orpheus Quotes

Dr. Orpheus: I am known to men as Dr. Orpheus. And mine is to conceive and control the delicate arrangement of the cosmos!
Dr. Venture: They give out PhD.'s for that?
Dr. Orpheus: Junior college upstate, communications major and minor in women's studies

Evil has struck the House of Venture! The air reeks of an ill wind! Yay, though I have smelt it, that have dealt it!

Dr. Orpheus

Venture Bros. Quotes

Brock: Someone is in my car!
Hank: Now that's a super power. He can do that from 10 states away.

Venture and I have been engaged in a deadly game of cat and also-cat for years!

The Monarch