Venture Brothers Season Finale Review: "Operation: P.R.O.M."

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With Dean and Hank having graduated earlier this year, it only made sense to end the season with a prom. However, just like all things Venture Brothers, "Operation P.R.O.M." had more going for it than you'd expect.

Indeed, this week’s one-hour season finale had so many game changers, it's best to break it down by item:

S.P.H.I.N.X. Picture

Henchman 21: Henchman 21 (Gary) quit the Monarch after working with SPHINX and realizing he has more to offer than just being part of a bumbling organization. He also has rid himself of 24’s ghost. It will be interesting to see if he comes back as a member of SPHINX, OSI or on his own.

Sgt. Hatred: Hatred had becomes the boy’s bodyguard and, as of this episode, he no longer has the giant red “H” on his face. Now he has a blue “V” for Venture. He also learned that his girlfriend princess tiny-feet is much more into S/M that he thought.

Dean and Triana: Poor Dean learned that Triana has a new boyfriend who is able to play the cool card and the sympathy card at the same time. Sorry, Dean, you never stood a chance.

Molotov Cocktease: Molotov and Brock finally had their last fight, as Molotov first said she was giving up the “bad life” and was in love with Monstroso. Second, she said she would rather die than let Brock arrest her and last we saw of her, the limo with her and Monstroso exploded after it went backwards off a cliff.

OSI/SPHINX: We knew that OSI had orders to arrest any SPHINX member and that the two agencies have not gotten along (especially since most SPHINX are ex-OSI).  But this episode was a big game-changer as Col Hunter Gathers was left in charge of OSI and the General shot himself into space to find a cure for his cancer.

Overall, a really good episode, as the credits ended with the notice “Venture Brothers will be back.” So it looks like we will get a fifth season of Team Venture. What did you think of this week’s season finale? Read through the best quotes from the season NOW!


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>> Glad they of rid of moltov and triana, crappy characters. Yeah, that show has way too many women. Dr Girlfriend and... well, I guess I'd like to revise and extend my remarks, that show has way too many womAn.


24 comes back, 21 kills the monarch, and doc further assembles the new team venture (brock, hatred, triad, gary, pete, billy also maybe princess tiny feet and shore leave, somehow the ghost of 24 might also switch sides). Glad they of rid of moltov and triana, crappy characters.


Best part? "You know what I think? F*** you!"


one of the best season finales ever ... epic !


Best episode todate. This had me laughing more than I have previously.


After seeing this episode, I kinda thought that if the show didn't continue it would be more like a series finale considering the way it tied up some loose ends. Still, I loved this episode and I pray we only have to wait until late 2011 to see new episodes.

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Venture Brothers Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Dean: What's our mission?
Dr. Venture: Your mission is to have the best damn home-school prom 500$ can buy!

Agent 21: Uh let me guess, Sphinx Headquarters?
Shoreleave: Was it the giant sphinx?
Agent 21: No it smells like out of work OSI D-bags.