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Leroy Jethro Gibbs is the special agent in charge on NCIS.

Gibbs joined the United States Marine Corps instead of attending college. He became a Scout Sniper.

In his free time, he is occasionally shown in his basement building a boat, which he named after his daughter.

Gibbs' age has never been revealed, but it was shown that he was born in rural Stillwater, Pennsylvania. His father, Jackson Gibbs, owns a store (the Stillwater General Store) in the same town.

It has been mentioned in the episode "Frame Up" that Gibbs' father was possibly in the United States Army Air Force because Gibbs refers to a pin-up on his father's P-51 Mustang.

He is named after his father's friend, Leroy Jethro, who was his business partner in the store after having worked together in the coal mines. The younger Gibbs left Stillwater in 1976 at the approximate age of 18-20 and, according to his own statements, did not return for over 30 years.

At NCIS, Gibbs is portrayed as a consummate organizer, disciplined and demanding. These traits often put him in a stand-off with other authorities when pressure is being asserted at his team.

He remains a Marine reservist.

Before the time in which NCIS is set, Gibbs travelled extensively on operations, particularly in Eastern Europe, demonstrated by many flashbacks, many including Director Jenny Shepard.

Gibbs displays a continuous urgency about the investigation he pursues, specifically when being given technical information about, complex subject matter.

The typical response to such information is "Give it to me in English", thus forcing the expert to get to the point, as well as making it easy on the audience.

Gibbs has been married three times and had one daughter named Kelly.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs Quotes

Gibbs: Rule number eleven, DiNozzo.
Tony: I would never date a coworker, Boss. Trust me. I mean, why would you even... That's twelve. Eleven... when the job is done, walk away.

Get to work. Probie.


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NCIS, as been and always be a GREAT show,you have to have the right people to makw the show as good as it is.I wish that I could have a small part with Mark(Gibbs)


Stephanie was wife #3. They were married just 14 months.


i am trying to find out how many boats gibbs has built since the show has been on the air. I think 4 but am not quite sure but i know he has started several on the show. Does Mark harmon have any interest in woodworking


Special Agent Gibbs, what are we going to do with you? Bending the rules, creating new ones... where will it end? We need more like you Gibbs... Mark, you are one cool cookie... onward, and thanks to you, and the team!


Do you want to see a young handsome Gibbs. He has a small acting part in the TV movie Centennial book by Jame A. Michener. He plays a young Lt.in the U.S.Army in the 1800's. out on DVD


gibbs,we could of made some best of times in the final years of NAM,while u threw footballs i was tossing gredades and burning c4 to heat my coffee.....SKI 101stAirborne71.....1st AirCav72 cmbt.engr.


Gibbs has 3 ex-wives but has been married 4 times. Shannon and Kelly,1st wife and daughter than mysterious ex wife #1, Diane, and mysterious ex-wife #3


As far as I know, Mark Harmon is still married to Pam Dawber. His son appeared as the young Jethro when he joined the Marines, and met Shannon. Although he is about 62, he is still VERY sexy. His smile and his eyes just light up any scene he is in. I love the intensity and loyalty he (Gibbs) displays for his team members. The casting for his show is perfect, except Rena Sofer is very annoying. Michael Weatherly (DiNozzo) is a very good looking man, too. And Ducky is perfect! I remember the episode when Kate asked Gibbs what Ducky looked like when he was young, and he said Illya Kuriakin (I'm sure I misspelled that), which was the character David McCallum played on Man from U.N.C.L.E. Funny.


i whatched gibbs on the tv with my dad and he is amazing what he can do. i hope his daughter can appear on the show that will be awsome. so are abby and gibbs boy and girl friend or they just friend on th show.


I am big fan of Mark Harmon,especially as Liroy Jethro Gibbs, but aren't we all...? He's one hell of a man and when on ncis appears any scene with gubbs and beatiful woman I get thrill, he makes simple smile any gestures so full of this ectricity, this unbearable tension that I have to take a deep breath

Can anyone put a valid link to some online movie when I could watch The Deliberate Stranger with MArk Harmon portraying Ted Bundy? I really would like to see this movie DELIBERATELY for Harmon

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