Doctor Percival "Perry" Cox is a doctor at Sacred Heart in Scrubs played by John C. McGinley.  Dr. Cox keeps a rough exterior and is very sarcastic even though he's always making his decisions to best help patients.

J.D. always looks up to Cox as a mentor but he preetends to hate J.D., even though he deep down things he's a good doctor.  He is an avid sports nut and frequently is seen wearing a Detroit Red Wings jersey.

He was the interim Chief of Medicine after Dr. Kelso retired and before Dr. Maddox took over.  He is expected to take back over this season.

Perry Cox Quotes

Dr. Cox: You know, Paige is a silly name.
Paige: Perry's worse.

Dr. Kelso: This is completely unacceptable!
Carla: Well, you said find him a room!
Dr. Kelso: Not my office, dammit!
Dr. Cox: He's your gardener, for God's sake!
Dr. Kelso: I could have both of you suspended...
Dr. Cox: You made your own bed, now your underpaid gardener's gotta sleep in it!

Scrubs Quotes

Lady: Love your Hairmet.
J.D.: Love yours!

Carla: This guy's sick.
J.D.: Thanks.