After getting drunk on the porch, J.D. ends up in Vegas with the Blue Man Group.
Say goodbye to the cast of season nine of Scrubs. We'll miss them and they ain't coming back for ten.
The Scrubs medical students say their thanks to the family of their cadavers during the season nine finale.
Cole ends up making a T-Payne style rap for after he hears the outcome of his cancer test.
A picture of the beautiful Elizabeth Banks as Dr. Kim Briggs, the mother of J.D.'s first child, Sam.
A picture of Keith Dudemeister, Elliot's fiance for a bit.
Kim gets to spend time with the mysterious floating head of J.D., aka the floating head doctor.
The beautiful Elizabeth Banks begins her long recurring role on Scrubs as Dr. Kim Briggs, a urologist at Sacred Heart.
After returning to work after his forced leave of absence, Dr. Cox seems to have lost his signature confidence.
Struggling Dr. Cox hits the bottle extra hard after the death of three patients.
J.D. just grabs on to the roof of Cox's porsche to hitch a ride.
J.D. straps a camera to his head as he makes a video postcard for his mother.

Scrubs Quotes

J.D. [to Cox]: you won't admit this, but you're in love with Carla.
Carla: No, he's not.
Dr. Cox: Actually, I am.
Carla: You're starting again.
J.D.: And Carla, you're mad that Turk didn't trust you enough to tell you.
Turk: See? Trust, woman, trust!
J.D.: Whatever. The point is that Turk is sorry.
Turk: Not anymore!
Carla: I can't believe you thought he was a threat.
Dr. Cox: I'm a threat!
Carla: You're not in love with me, you idealize me.
J.D.: Can we just try and stay focused...
Turk: You're mad 'cause I'm scared of losing you?
Carla: Yes, because we're stronger than that!
Dr. Cox: Apparently not!

Dr. Kelso: Ahhh! Dr. Turkleton!
Turk: Actually, sir, it's Turk.
Dr. Kelso: That's your first name.
Turk: You think my name is Turk Turkleton?