Jon Foster stars as Zack on ABC's sitcom, Accidentally on Purpose.  Zack is the young cub that accidentally impregnantes the beautiful cougar, Billie, after a one night stand goes wrong.

Zack Quotes

Zack: You know, I bet my buds I could go a whole day eating and drinking only things that end in 'tos.' Mojitos, burritos, taquitos.
Billie: I did that once, but with things that end in 'oni.' Pepperoni, spumoni, calzone. But there wasn't a bet involved. My sorority was just full of bulimics

I'm running out of charming. I think I have some more back in my apartment.


Accidentally on Purpose Quotes

There's all kinds of weird fetishes, like people are into weird costumes or... feet or... monogamy.


Were you using my grandmother's urn as a water pipe?