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Ziva David is a character on NCIS. She is a probationary ("probie") NCIS agent pending U.S. citizenship.

David was a Mossad (Israeli secret police) operative who was sent to NCIS following the murder of Special Agent Caitlin Todd by rogue operative Ari Aswari.

She was Ari's control officer and half-sister; they shared the same father; Deputy Director of Mossad Eli David.

At one point NCIS Special Agent Gibbs was cornered by Ari, but Ziva emerged and kills Ari. After his death, she asked to be assigned as a liaison for Mossad at NCIS.

Ziva's liaison position was later terminated under the orders of Director Vance following the death of Director Shepard.

Ziva went on to work undercover in Morocco after her liaison position was terminated, however it was later learned that Vance had deliberately sent Ziva back to Israel in order to help uncover a mole within NCIS.

Believed dead, Ziva was rescued by Tony, McGee and Gibbs, who killed her terrorist captor himself.

Little is revealed about Ziva’s personal life, but she is close with Special Agent Tony DiNozzo.

Ziva is Jewish, and is always seen wearing the Star of David, though attention is rarely drawn to this.

Ziva David Quotes

Tony: Don't worry McScout; We got our Mossad hunting dog. Bark once for yes.
Ziva: Grrrr!

Tony: (on the phone) Hey Probie, what I am looking at?
Vance: A career in the fast food industry.
Tony: Director Vance. How are you, sir?

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Ziva's departure from the show leaves us with a void as her character is awesome ad with unrequited love connection, as I don't think I am the only one pulling for a more mature Tony, to get the girl (Ziva).
Well, since I'm here, I would just like to say that with the show having run so long, we begin to brace ourselves for the inevitable news that the plug will be pulled on our show. My 2 cents worth on the finally is this. Everytime a beloved series ends, they break up the team or family or move them to places unfamiliar. No one ever wants to watch the re runs of the final episode of say The Sever Family or The Taylors because it's depressing. They don't go off into tv land somewhere while we could imagine tey still live on, in their secure unchanged happy little world. No, we see Rosanne and we think "man, Dan dies young and Rosie has a long time to live on without her perfect companion" Tim the Tool Man Taylor is out of work and has to leave his friends, his hardware store and most sadly his best friend, English teacher and psychotherapist neighbor behind. Please consider giving us a happily ever after ending in which nothing changes. Give us Ziva and Tony, do a regular show that re caps fan favorite moments, in fact maybe Ziva needs a rescue, The team find her unconsious and they take turns talking to her in a coma and reminding her of their special moments together, when she comes back she agree's to come back on the team. She and Tony kiss and say I Love You forever type of a thing, and the show ends with them heading out on another case together. Then you could steal a page from the live shows and have the cast, past and present, all you can get to come, come out one at a time to an applaud, a group bow and a Goodnight. Thank you for your consideration.


I am so sorry that Cote has left the show. It surely does lose alot without her. I do hope she will return. She really added to the fun and I loved how tough she was. Please, please bring her back.


I find it hard to believe that you will ever find a replacement for Cote with the same zest and incredible talent she has given the show. I have seen every show since the beginning and continue to watch the re-runs. The show will not be the same without her. I will surely miss her! What are her future plans?


Hey dont go i love you your pretty sweet and one heck of a kick butt queen i love you oh dont go dont go tony is just little he loves you so much he is so sweet and will if i were you id date him#usaloves ziva


I hate to Ziva leave NCIS. She gave the guys something to run for. I think they should keep Ziva on so she can give Tony a run for his money and evently hook up (smile). She is he apple of any woman who desires to be the woman she is.


Character come and go in a series, you are sorry or glad whatever
Your feelings are toward the part they play. Your character is one
That not only you grew into but everyone who watches this fabulous
Show also grew with, became part of. There will be a large hole left
When Ziva leaves, it will never be the same. You brought a beautiful
Part of the Judaism customs your part became endearing. And tony
Well he became a man, a good man, a loving man and
His character grew right sling with Ziva. We who are in love with love
Will never get over the two of you. Adios


One of the most beautiful women in the world and they let her contract lapse. How stupid is that. Good bye Cote we will miss you. Love and Kisses


We just purchased a new puppy, a chiweenie, cross between chiwawa and dachsund. We named her Ziva for our favorite show and actress. God bless to all.


hey what are you doing today and tomorrow and so how is it going


Ziva... so cool, calm and collected around the jerks... love ya! Take care Cote... keep the lads on their toes!

@ Dave

The show has lost it's spark with Ziva leaving, of all the characters on NCIS that has left, Ziva can't be replaced....With Gibbs she brought out the leader in him, with Tony she gave him someone to love and want to grow up for, she provoked him to give his best, she makes Abbey live more in reality, She can't be replaced!!!!

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