Want to know who Alex is yelling at to get on a plane now?
Mer and Der look really worried about something, don't know if it is Janet walking behind Derek and Cris but sure does look like her. Believe Der's look is more of a case that Cristina has gone to find him when Amelia arrive's at the hospital.
Mer is apparently taken under Callie's wing with her studies so must be to do with the meat grinder SL.
Anyone else feel that by the end everyone is going to be fighting to have Mer on their service cos she ace's her boards.
90secs to save Erica that's all they have, of course they will with 1sec remaining :-0 come on this is team Shepherd.
Going to be an interesting/intense 2 hours.

Callie and Arizona Image

I think Callie has taken her back to where they got married and set up a lovely surprise dinner. Would also be nice if it was a house too.
Mer/Der will be moving into the dreamhouse before season's end so it's not their house.

Arizona, Callie Pic


The Loving Parents and the Sitter

Coming home or leaving for the their night out?


Wooo Hooo sexy time for MerDer, but i'm trying to figure out if they are laughing while he carries her to the lounge or if he is kissing her neck.


It's as simple as this NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! don't want an ungrateful person back, KH only want's to return to try resurrect her movie career which is in the toilet still and cos Grey's is back at the top of the game.
Too much time has past, everyone has grown up and moved on.


Actually we will get our Zola bit, but only all of 5 seconds probably as the opening is Mer putting Zola to bed then falling asleep thinking What/If?
I'm personally looking forward to the bar scene with Derek (McDreary) and Mer. Never did like Addison and Derek together, and don't think i'm gonna like Mer/Alex together they have always had a brother/sister relationship nothing more, phew this is only AU.


1. Adele stole all the scene's she was in, from being bought to the hospital, to being scared Richard had left, to seeing Richard and Mer working together and confusing Mer with Ellis. Heartbreaking
2. Well looks like the choice is heading towards General Surgery, but i still think Derek is going to get sick of Lexie at some point ask his wife back to Neuro. (fingers crossed)
3. Maybe not fully retire, but i think he need's to be at home more caring for his wife and not relying on carer's.
4. Only seen Julia a few times and well she is easy to like, but too soon even for Mark.
5. Duh Mer/Der all the way.
6. Divorce coming at season's end, and i got a feeling Xtina will be the one to fail boards and end up leaving SGMW.

Grey's Anatomy Review: One Step At A Time

The look as Lexi walked away said it all. Will we see a scene between them very soon mmmm maybe valentine's episode will Lexi be the babysitter for Sofia and Zola? while the adults have some *FUN*!
Webber in this episode was a butt, didn't like what he did to Alex at all, it is a teaching hospital not a i'm gonna steal your ground breaking shining moment hospital. Arizona was a bully, Callie put her back in her place at the end was hilarious.
Teddy/Cris repetitively going over Henry's operation, god damn i was annoyed after the 1st one, and would of ranted outta the OR on the second day and told Teddy to go have time off and grieve. Time to blow up at Owen now.

Grey's Anatomy Review: One Step At A Time

Loved McFamily, sort of scene's that you watch over and over. Mer/Zola in the viewing while watching daddy work was gorgeous and when everyone clapped at the success, Zola clapping 2 great.
Ben and Bailey=Benley. B Squared=Bones. I would of snapped as well, would love to see a scene of Ben/Tuck now playing with transformer's.