Revenge Review: Hell Hath No Fury

My gosh that was sad... it was still a great episode though. But Jack...he broke my heart ! I wanted Ems to tell him the truth but it was not the right time. Daniel growing a conscious, very interesting. Like when he took the clock out ! Good move. The Graysons...they will pay !!!!!!! But poor Charlotte, she does not deserve to pay for the sins of her parents. Daniel on the other hand helped in many ways, so he'll have to pay !
I will miss Amanda...but the brother showing up at the end, what a nice Twist !!!!! Will he recognize the real Amanda?
Nolan...this was a BAD move ! I hope he won't regret it, though I doubt it.... Now back to work Ems, no more distractions ! Cannot wait for the rest !

Grey's Anatomy Review: Heart Of The Hospital

I'm a bit late but I loved it !! Owen, you're the man that I want !!! Avery, the Boss? er, something tells me, Richard did not know about that ! Yes, we saw the bump !!! Cute !
I really thought Karev and Jo were finally have the moment...oh well, next time then !
Cannot wait for next week !!!!

Revenge Review: I Love You, Too

find their way back...
NEXT WEEK please !!!!!!

Revenge Review: I Love You, Too

What a sad episode... I always thought Amanda was a nuisance, up until season 2. She was okay, and when Victoria pushed her from that balcony, I was on board for a good revenge ! I also hated sometimes how Ems used her...but for her to die like that, right after getting married, or having Carl...that's just mean... Yes she saved her husband, but he's not gonna forgive himself... And that laptop !!! I wanted to strangle her when she did that ! It was sooo stupid and clear that she was in all over her head ! Grief is a powerful thing. Ems' "I love u too" was just, no words for it... She DID care....
One thing I know for sure, some GOOD revenge is coming towards them Graysons, makes me think Charlotte did a good thing taking herself outta the equation lol.
And Daniel, now,is unforgivable ! He KNOWS everything, kinda, and still won't do shit about ! Such a Grayson !
Padma, I knew the Initiative had somethinhg on her, but to send her a finger...man how uncool... Hope Nolan and her find their way back...
NEXT WEEK please !!!!!!

Suits Review: Not Good Enough

OMG !!!! another GREAT episode ! Hardman's face when he saw his name missing from the wall, PRICELESS. Scottie...still don't know what to think of her...
Poor Rachel, that was painfull to watch... But Louis wanting to help her doesn't supprise me, after what Monica and Hardman did to him. Too bad it didn't work...
That 5th year associate... UGH !!!! She really pissed me off with Rachel, humiliating her like that ! Seriously !
Jessica is a very strange woman and I agree, she doesn't deserve Harvey and doesn't recognize him for his value as often as I'd like...

The Vampire Diaries Review: A Pierce to the Heart

Ok, the only things I liked about the episode: The hunter, Elena admitting she didn't want the Cure, the translating part, Caroline admitting she was better off as a vampire AND Katherine !
Now, I don't think Jer is dead, being killed by a supe and all BUT I haven't seen him wear the ring in a while... Why does Kat want the cure... Next episode ! lol

Grey's Anatomy Review: Deal or No Deal

I liked the episode. and yes, Derek, the car lights and the guy at the back, PRICELESS. Well, Owen won't forgive them, not just yet. The pill will be hard to swallow. But eventually it'll pass. Poor Cris, she felt REALLY bad. Cannot wait for next episode... Mo problem indeed...
April really found THE guy lol. And Karev looked disappointed...nice !

Suits Review: Something Wicked

All I can say is OMG.... my fav gems were : the bitchslaps x2 loooooool, Louis/Harvey moment, it was so sad...I hated that Monica woman and Daniel obviously, but to see his hand shake while holding the glass was too much and Mike/Rachel.
Donna, honey, that was AWESOME !! I LOVE HER !!!! Jessica, bitch much? Wow, that woman is fierce, but Daniel took a good piece of her...seriously, the man is evil and must die ! Luis careful now, I hope the walls don't have ears...
Donna's face when Harvey said "beautiful"...I felt bad for her...she DOES want Harvey that way...
The episode was epic. I hope Mike gets a BRILLIANT idea coz...they're screwed ! Only 2 eps left, WHYYYYYY??????

Grey's Anatomy Review: This Is a Family

I liked the episode, the trauma scene felt like old times !!! I like April's new boyfriend and please don't kill him thank you very much ! Like the interns , don't know why ppl are bitching about them.
I agree with Bailey. The hospital is in this position because they sued, insurance wouldn't pay coz too many attendings on the plane, so hospital gotta pay. Hospital don't have that much money. Viewers already raised the idea of them buying the hospital, obviously that was gonna happen. But God Derek didn't come up with the idea, what a shock ! Glad Callie did, though she was not on that plain. LOVED her and Webber spying, they're so great when they're together lol.
Jo and Alex, ah...go for it man ! You got the chemistry, the "bromance" , she's hot, you not too bad yourself, yeah, why not ! See where it goes. She's crazy, but a different kinda crazy, def not the kind he's used to lol.

The Vampire Diaries Review: A Dirty Rotten Shane

Matt I agree, where the hell did they hear that they would all be taking the cure, huh ?! Seriously ! And Caroline and Tyler, bringing them back for this...stunt ! WTF !!!! Oh and if they put blood in the well, who are gonna see ? Jenna, Alaric? I miss them...BUT enough with ghosts... I so knew they were coming back, ghosts...